The Present Practice and Costs in the High Court of Chancery: With Practical Directions and Remarks, for the Use of Barristers and Guidance of the Solicitor in the Conducting a Cause, from the Commencement to Its Conclusion: and in Conducting Proceedings in Lunacy ... Containing a Valuable Collection of Useful Precedents, with the Addition of Modern Cases, 1-2권

J. and W.T. Clarke, 1825

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764 페이지 - ... made, we bind ourselves and each of us, our and each of our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.
394 페이지 - ... if such tenant for life die on the day on which the same was made payable, the whole, or if before such day then a proportion, of such rent, according to the time such tenant for life lived of the last year or quarter of a year or other time in which the said rent was growing due as aforesaid, making all just allowances, or a proportionable part thereof respectively...
764 페이지 - Court shall think fit to award to the defendant on the hearing of the said cause or otherwise, then this obligation to be void, or else to remain in full force and virtue (/).
764 페이지 - The Condition of this obligation is such, that, if the abovebound CD, his heirs, executors, or administrators, do and shall well and...
285 페이지 - No will made within this state, except such nuncupative wills as are mentioned in the following section, shall be effectual to pass any estate, whether real or personal, nor to charge, or in any way affect the same, unless it be in writing, and signed by the testator, or by some person in his presence, and by his express direction, and attested and subscribed in the presence of the testator by two or more competent witnesses...
708 페이지 - Edwards his intended wife to be begotten, to be equally divided between them, (if more than one,) share and share alike, as tenants in common and not as jointtenants...
799 페이지 - ... or the hand of his attorney, agent, or solicitor, to be delivered before the money shall be brought into such Court of law, to the attorney or solicitor for the other side,) insist, either that the party praying a redemption has not a right to redeem...
217 페이지 - To preserve testimony, when in danger of being lost, before the matter to which it relates can be made the subject of judicial investigation.
258 페이지 - Judge, that tradition, generally, is evidence " even of pedigree : the tradition must be from persons having "such a connection with the party to whom it relates, that it " is natural and likely, from their domestic habits and connections, " that they are speaking the truth, and that they could not be "mistaken.
742 페이지 - Cause to stand over, with Liberty for the Plaintiff to amend his Bill, by adding Parties...

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