The University Studies

University Press, 1910 - 139페이지

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16 페이지 - Resolved, by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring herein, That our Senators in Congress be instructed, and our Representatives be requested, to use their best exertions to procure the passage of a law...
9 페이지 - An Act to apply a portion of the proceeds of the public lands to the more complete endowment and support of the colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts, established under the provisions of an Act of Congress approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two...
94 페이지 - Washington, to appropriate to each State in the Union an amount of public lands, not less in value than $500,000, for the liberal endowment of a system of Industrial Universities, one in each State in the Union, to co-operate with each other, and with the Smithsonian Institute at Washington, for the more liberal and practical education of our industrial classes and their teachers...
69 페이지 - ... fill the sphere of their own urgent industrial wants. They need a similar system of liberal education for their own class, and adapted to their own pursuits; to create for them an INDUSTRIAL LITERATURE, adapted to their professional wants, to raise up for them teachers and lecturers, for subordinate institutes, and to elevate them, their pursuits, and their posterity to that relative position in human society for which God designed them.
218 페이지 - Address delivered before the English section of the central division of the Modern language association of America, December 28, 1916.
95 페이지 - ... and industrial science ; and WHEREAS, it is impossible that our commerce and prosperity will continue to increase without calling into requisition all the elements of internal thrift arising from the labors of the farmer, the mechanic, and the manufacturer, by every fostering effort within the reach of the government; and WHEREAS, a system of Industrial Universities, liberally endowed in each state of the union, co-operative with each other, and with the Smithsonian...
8 페이지 - Congress, for the purpose of promoting 'the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions in life,' has turned out to be, in the course of time, the greatest endowment of higher education ever made at one time by the act of any legislature.
22 페이지 - ... and if possible, on a sufficiently extensive scale to honorably justify a successful appeal to Congress, in conjunction with eminent citizens and statesmen in other States, who have expressed their readiness to co-operate with us for an appropriation of public lands for each State in the Union...
96 페이지 - Resolved, That the Governor is hereby authorized to forward a copy of the foregoing resolutions to our Senators and Representatives in Congress, and to the Executive and Legislature of each of our sister States, inviting them to co-operate with us in this meritorious enterprise.
9 페이지 - College Instruction in agriculture Is given In the colleges and universities receiving the benefits of the acts of Congress of July 2, 1862, August 30. 1890, and March 4, 1907, which are now In operation In all the States and Territories except Alaska. The total number of these institutions is 69, of which 67 maintain courses of instruction In agriculture.

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