Our Land Revenue Policy in Northern India

Thacker, Spink, 1876 - 203페이지

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48 페이지 - Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world, Like a Colossus ; and we petty men Walk under his huge legs, and peep about To find ourselves dishonourable graves.
171 페이지 - This union of the village communities, each one forming a separate little state in itself, has, I conceive, contributed more than any other cause to the preservation of the people of India, through all the revolutions and changes which they have suffered, and is in a high degree conducive to their happiness and to the enjoyment of a great portion of freedom and independence.
106 페이지 - ... modes of judicial process, under the same government; the one, summary, and efficient, for the satisfaction of its own claims; the other, tardy, and uncertain, in regard to the satisfaction of the claims due to its subjects ; more especially in a case like the present, where ability to discharge the one demand necessarily depends on the other demand being previously realized.
110 페이지 - ... of their children, in religious and other festivals, personal servants, and hereditary retainers. They fall into balance, incur heavy debts, and estate after estate is put up to auction, and the proprietors are reduced to poverty. They say, that four times more of these families have gone to decay in the half of the territory made over to us in 1801, than in the half reserved by the Oude sovereign; and this is, I fear, true.
21 페이지 - Still the people generally, or a great part of them, would prefer to reside in Oude, under all the risks to which these contests expose them, than in our own districts, under the evils the people are exposed to from the uncertainties of our law, the multiplicity and formality of our Courts, the pride and negligence of those who preside over them, and the corruption and insolence of those who must be employed, to prosecute or defend a cause in them, and enforce the fulfilment of a decree, when passed.
72 페이지 - Punjab, is a tax-gatherer and nothing more ; he is compulsory jack -of • all-trades whose days are spent in inditing countless reports on all miscellaneous matter of great or small importance upon which the local government of the day sets, or is forced to set, great store ; he has to draw up portentous memos on conservancy, municipalities, drains, and self-government all the morning ; his afternoons are occupied with his appellate work ; and an odd half -hour or so, as leisure permits, is with...
118 페이지 - Oh it is excellent To have a giants' strength ; but it is Tyrannous to use it like a giant.
106 페이지 - who submits it,' he says, to your consideration, ' whether or no it can be possible for him to discharge his duties to Government, with that punctuality which the Regulations require, unless he be armed with powers as prompt to enforce payment from his renters, as Government...
21 페이지 - The members of the landed aristocracy of Oude always speak with respect of the administration in our territories, but generally end with remarking on the cost and uncertainty of the law in civil cases, and the gradual decay, under its operation, of all the ancient families. A less and less proportion of the annual produce of their lands is left to them in our periodical settlements of the land revenue, while family pride makes them expend the same sums in the marriage of their children, in religious...
105 페이지 - The government had given denies it to the pcoplo to themselves the benefit of summary process with regard to the Zemindars. But they left the Zemindars to the tedious progress through all the technical forms of the courts in extracting payment from...

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