United States Coast Pilot: Gulf Coast. Key West to the Rio Grande

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1936

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372 페이지 - ... so constructed as to show a uniform and unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of 10 points of the compass, and so fixed as to throw the light from right ahead to 2 points abaft the beam on their respective sides.
369 페이지 - ... shall have arrived within half a mile of such curve or bend, shall give a...
360 페이지 - On the near approach of or to other vessels they shall have their side lights lighted ready for use and shall flash or show them at short intervals to indicate the direction in which they are heading; but the green light shall not be shown on the port side nor the red light on the starboard side. A...
361 페이지 - Vessels when engaged in trawling, by which is meant the dragging of an apparatus along the bottom of the sea — First.
359 페이지 - ... in a vertical line one over the other, not less than six feet apart, and of such a character as to be visible all around the horizon at a distance of at least two miles...
359 페이지 - ... points abaft the beam on the starboard side, and of such a character as to be visible...
364 페이지 - Where, by any of these rules, one of two vessels is to keep out of the way, the other shall keep her course and speed.
360 페이지 - By day she shall carry in a vertical line one over the other, not less than 6 feet apart, where they can best be seen...
359 페이지 - ' steam vessel ' ' shall include any vessel propelled by machinery. A vessel is "under way" within the meaning of. these rules when she is not at anchor or made fast to the shore or aground.
359 페이지 - These two lights shall be so placed in line with the keel that one shall be at least 15 feet higher than the other, and in such a position with reference to each other that the lower light shall be forward of the upper one. The vertical distance between these lights shall be less than the horizontal distance.

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