Diaries of Sir Daniel Gooch, Baronet

K. Paul, Trench Trübner & Company, Limited, 1892 - 254페이지

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182 페이지 - The Queen has been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed under the great seal, granting the dignity of a baronet of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, unto the Right Hon.
66 페이지 - By his death the greatest of England's engineers was lost, the man with the greatest originality of thought and power of execution, bold in his plans but right. The commercial world thought him extravagant; but although he was so, great things are not done by those who sit down and count the cost of every thought and act.
139 페이지 - Our shore-end has just been laid, and a most perfect cable, under God's blessing, has completed telegraphic communication between England and the continent of America.
141 페이지 - The Queen congratulates the President on the successful completion of an undertaking which she hopes may serve as an additional bond of union between the United States and England.
35 페이지 - I had to begin in a measure to rebuild one half of the stock I had to work with. For many weeks my nights were spent in a carriage in the enginehouse at Paddington, as repairs had to be done to the engines at night to get them to do their work next day. The
245 페이지 - Bessborough met me there, and we inspected the surface work, and after lunch went below. It fortunately happened that the headings were just meeting, and, by the time we had finished lunch, the men had got a small hole through, making the tunnel open throughout. I was the first to creep through, and Lord Bessborough followed me. It was a very difficult piece of navigation, but by a little pulling in front and pushing behind we managed it, and the men gave us some hearty cheers. I am glad I was the...
46 페이지 - D engine I was on and running back to Box Station with my train as quickly as I could, when the mail came down behind me. The policeman at the top of the tunnel had made some blunder and sent the mails on when they arrived there.
32 페이지 - Foundry; their wheels were 6ft. diameter, and the gearing 2 to 1,' but the cylinders were small. I felt very uneasy about the working of these machines, feeling sure that they would have enough to do to drive themselves along the road.
139 페이지 - ... performed the anxious and arduous duties they in their several departments have had to perform. Their untiring energy and able and watchful care, night and day for the period of two weeks, required to complete this work, can only be fully understood and appreciated by one who, like myself, has seen it. All have faithfully done their duty, and glory in their success, and join with me in hearty congratulations to our friends in England who have in various ways laboured in carrying out this great...
251 페이지 - ... and so plentiful had money become, that the farmers had everywhere paid off their mortgages, and contemplated the extension of their properties. Hamilton, as a place of import and export for the western country, was participating in the general prosperity, and in a state of excitement on account of the opening of the first portion of the Great Western Railway, which took place the day before my departure. Since that time, the line has been completed to Windsor, on the St Clair river...

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