United States and Venezuelan Claims Commission. 1899-1890: Opinions Delivered by the Commissioners in the Principal Cases. To which is Prefixed a Copy of the Conventions Between the Two Governments and of the Rules of the Commission

Gibson Bros., Printers, 1890 - 554페이지

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307 페이지 - We are led to the general rule of law, which has always prevailed, and become consecrated almost as a maxim in the interpretation of statutes, that where the enacting clause is general in Its language and objects, and a proviso is afterwards introduced, that proviso is construed strictly, and takes no case out of the enacting clause which does not fall fairly within Its terms.
24 페이지 - And whereas the said convention has been duly ratified on both parts, and the ratifications of the two Governments were exchanged in the city of Washington, on the...
95 페이지 - It is the express intention of the contracting parties not to extend the benefit of the present convention to reclamations of American citizens, who shall have established houses of commerce in France, England, or other countries than the United States, in partnership with foreigners, and who, by that reason, and the nature of their commerce, ought to be regarded as domiciliated in the places where such houses exist.
iii 페이지 - In testimony, whereof I, Rutherford B. Hayes, President of the United States of America, have caused these Letters to be made Patent, and the Seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed.
29 페이지 - America, have caused the said convention to be made public to the end that the same and every article and. clause thereof may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United States of America and the citizens thereof.
308 페이지 - In order to terminate all differences on account of the losses sustained by the citizens of the United States, in consequence of their vessels and cargoes having been taken by the subjects of his Catholic Majesty, during the late war between Spain and France...
68 페이지 - It is by this tribunal that statesmen who abuse their power are accused by statesmen and tried by statesmen, not upon the niceties of a narrow jurisprudence, but upon the enlarged and solid principles of state morality.
iii 페이지 - Law; and to have and to hold the said Office, with all the Powers, Privileges, and Emoluments to the same of Right appertaining, during the Pleasure of the President of the United States for the Time being.
166 페이지 - Foreign judgments are authenticated, 1. By an exemplification under the great seal ; 2. By a copy proved to be a true copy ; 3. By the certificate of an officer authorized by law, which certificate must itself be properly authenticated. These are the usual, and appear to be the most proper, if not the only modes of verifying foreign judgments. If they be all beyond the reach of the party, other testimony, inferior in its nature...
307 페이지 - The office of a proviso, generally, is either to except something from the enacting clause, or to qualify or restrain its generality, or to exclude some possible ground of misinterpretation of it, as extending to cases not intended by the legislature to be brought within its purview.

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