The lost solar system of the ancients discovered. [With] Appendix


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377 페이지 - lady of kingdoms," has become a " desolation," " without an inhabitant," and its temple a vast heap of rubbish ! Daniel ii. vi., Isaiah xiii. xlv., Jeremiah 1. li. " Birs Nemroud/' as the ancient tower of Babel is called, Mr. Rich says, " is a mound of an oblong form, the total circumference of which is 762 yards. At the eastern side it is cloven by a deep furrow, and is not more than 50 or...
101 페이지 - With this single alteration, it serves as exactly for all the purposes of the Popish as it did for the Pagan worship for which it was built. For as in the old temple every one might find the...
377 페이지 - In the north side may be seen traces of building exactly similar to the brick pile. At the foot of the mound a step may be traced, scarcely elevated above the plain, exceeding in extent by several feet each way the true or measured base ; and there is a quadrangular inclosure round the whole, as at the Mujelibe, but much more perfect and of greater dimensigns.
215 페이지 - It is a hundred and seventeen feet wide, and eighty-six feet high ; the height from the top of the cornice to the top of the door being sixty-six feet six inches, and the height of the door twenty feet. There are four enormous sitting colossi, the largest in Egypt or Nubia, except the great Sphinx at the pyramids, to which they approach in the proportion of near two-thirds.
429 페이지 - But the object which most attracts attention consists in the sculptures which cover the east wing of the northern front. They contain, on a great scale, a representation of a victory, gained by one of the ancient kings of Egypt over their Asiatic enemies. The number of human figures introduced amounts to 1500, 500 on foot and 1000 in chariots.
318 페이지 - Before the great inundation, which took place four thousand eight hundred years after the creation of the World, the country of Anahuac was inhabited by giants (tzocuillixeque).
102 페이지 - ... best ; and one may see here different services going on at the same time, at different altars, with distinct congregations around them, just as the inclinations of the people lead them, to the worship of this or that particular saint.
463 페이지 - The construction of a route over the Simplon was decided upon by Napoleon immediately after the battle of Marengo, while the recollection of his own difficult passage of the Alps by the Great St. Bernard (at that time one of the easiest Alpine passes) was fresh in his memory. The plans and surveys by which the direction of the road was determined, were made by M.
27 페이지 - Earthquakes have heaved it, but its cope-stone has not fallen ; rain floods have deluged it, but failed to sweep it from its station ; the burning sun has flashed upon it, but neither split nor crumbled it ; and time, stern old time, has rubbed it with his iron tooth, and with what effect let those who view it declare. There it stands, and he who wishes to study the literature, the learning, and the history of the ancient Celt and Cymbrian, may gaze on its broad covering, and glean from that blank...
371 페이지 - SE or highest angle, one hundred and forty-one feet. The western face, which is the least elevated, is the most interesting, on account of the appearance of building it presents. Near the summit of it appears a low wall, with interruptions, built of unburnt bricks, mixed up with chopped straw or reeds, and cemented with claymortar of great thickness, having between every layer a layer of reeds : and on the north side are also some vestiges of a similar construction.

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