The Development of Self-government in India, 1858-1914

University of Chicago Press, 1922 - 248페이지

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20 페이지 - And it is our further will that, so far as may be, our subjects, of whatever race or creed, be freely and impartially admitted to offices in our service, the duties of which they may be qualified, by their education, ability, and integrity duly to discharge.
199 페이지 - If I were attempting to set up a Parliamentary system in India, or if it could be said that this chapter of reforms led directly or necessarily up to the establishment of a Parliamentary system in India, I, for one, would have nothing at all to do with it.
133 페이지 - I would ask, then, how could any reasonable man imagine that the British government would be content to allow this microscopic minority to control the administration of that majestic and multiform empire, for whose safety and welfare they are responsible in the eyes of God and before the face of civilization ! It appears to me a groundless contention that it represents the people of India.
209 페이지 - I am as firmly convinced, as I believe you to be, that any electoral representation in India would be doomed to mischievous failure which aimed at granting a personal enfranchisement regardless of the beliefs and traditions of the communities composing the population of this continent.
203 페이지 - Act; or (b) affecting the public debt of India, or the customs duties, or any other tax or duty for the time being in force and imposed by the authority of the GovernorGeneral in Council for the general purposes of the government of India...
79 페이지 - It is not primarily with a view to improvement in administration that this measure is put forward and supported. It is chiefly desirable as an instrument of political and popular education.
41 페이지 - The village communities, each of which is a little republic, are the most abiding of Indian institutions. Holding the position we do in India, every view of duty and policy should induce us to leave as much as possible of the business of the country to be done by the people.
54 페이지 - Local interest, supervision, and care are necessary to success in the management of funds devoted to Education, Sanitation, Medical Charity, and Local Public Works.
80 페이지 - Government is to induce the people themselves to undertake, as far as may be, the management of their own affairs ; and to develop, or create if need be, a capacity for self-help in respect of all matters that have not, for imperial reasons, to be retained in the hands of the representatives of Government.
209 페이지 - Muslims vote by themselves; they have nine votes and the non-Muslims have three or the other way about; so in Bohemia where the Germans vote alone and have their own register; therefore we are not without a precedent and a parallel for the idea of a separate register. Secondly, they want a number of seats in excess of their numerical strength. These two demands we are quite ready and intend to meet in full.

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