Transactions of the Bombay Geographical Society ..., 15권

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137 페이지 - on the inside, and the whole covered with brown hair or down. As soon as this plague appears, and its buzzing is heard, all the cattle forsake their food and run wildly about the plain, till they die, worn out with fatigue,
91 페이지 - Now if the Nile should choose to divert his waters from their present bed into the Arabian Gulf, what is there to hinder it from being filled up by the stream within, at the utmost, 20,000 years? For my part, I think it would be filled in half the time. How then should not a gulf
14 페이지 - on foot, besides children : and a mixed multitude went up also with them; and flocks and herds, and very much cattle
84 페이지 - in going from the Nile to Abydus, you ride through the grove of acacia once sacred to Apollo, and see the rising Nile traversing it by a canal similar to that which conveyed the water thither when the geographer visited that city, even then reduced to the condition of a small village;
91 페이지 - It seems to me, therefore, that, if the land goes on rising and growing at this rate, the Egyptians who dwell below Lake Moeris in the Delta (as it is called), and elsewhere, will one day, by the stoppage of the inundations, suffer permanently the fate which they told me they expected would some time or other befall the Greeks.
137 페이지 - for when once attacked by this fly, his body, head, and legs swell out into large bosses, which break, and putrify to the certain destruction of the creature. Even the elephant and rhinoceros • * * are obliged to roll themselves in mud
94 페이지 - from the land, if you let down a sounding line, you will bring up mud and find yourself in 11 fathoms water, which shows that the soil washed down by the stream extends to that distance.
82 페이지 - as marine productions have not been met with in boring to the depth of 40 feet in the Delta, it is evident that its soil was deposited from the very first on a space already above the level of the Mediterranean.
137 페이지 - in modern or vulgar Arabic : it has not been described by any naturalist. It is in size very little larger than a bee, of a thicker proportion, and the wings, which are broader than those of a bee, are placed separate, like those of a fly; they are of pure gauze, without colour or spot upon them. The head is large, the upper jaw or lip is
128 페이지 - parts of Londa, over which we have travelled, resembles them in its conformation. They report swampy steppes, some of which have no trees, where the inhabitants use grass, and stalks of native corn, for fuel. A large, shallow lake is also pointed out in that direction, named Tanganyenka

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