Applied Aerodynamics

Longmans, Green and Company, 1920 - 565페이지
Lærebogsagtig beskrivelse af og beregninger i f.m. aerodynamik med relation til flyvning og flykonstruktioner.

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xix 페이지 - For the superintendence of the investigations at the National Physical Laboratory and for general advice on the scientific problems arising in connection with the work of the Admiralty and War Office in aerial construction and navigation...
448 페이지 - Stability. — Bairstow has proposed the following definition of a stable machine : — "A stable machine is one which from any position in the air into which it may have got, either as a result of gusts or the pilot's use of controls, shall recover its correct flying position and speed when the pilot leaves the machine to choose its own course, with free or fixed controls, according to the character of the stability.
ii 페이지 - THE DESIGN OF SCREW PROPELLERS With Special Reference to their Adaptation for Aircraft.
369 페이지 - ... the time of efflux of a given volume of water is directly as the length of the tube inversely as the fourth power of the diameter and inversely as the difference of pressure at its ends.
255 페이지 - I is the distance from the centre of / gravity of the aeroplane to the tail load CP (assumed to be at 0.33 tail + elevator chord).
192 페이지 - ... 3. The resistances of the various parts taken separately may be added together to give the resistance of the complete aeroplane with good accuracy, provided the parts which consist of a number of separate small pieces (eg, the under-carriage) are tested as a complete unit. 4. Model tests form an important and valuable guide in aeroplane design. When employed for the determination of absolute values of resistance, they must be used with discrimination and a full realisation of the modifications...
354 페이지 - ... 2.2. Bernoulli's equation. In steady motion it is possible to obtain a simple relationship connecting the pressure and velocity at any point of a stream line. The dynamical equation for the motion of a small element of fluid forming part of a stream tube is 0 dv...
192 페이지 - ... views as shown to be necessary by the results of the latest published researches into this subject, and by the results of his own applications of model figures to full-scale design. In this connection the findings of a special committee appointed to consider this matter are of interest. They are : 1. For the purpose of biplane design model aerofoils must be tested as biplanes, and for monoplane design as monoplanes. The more closely the model wing tested represents that used on the full-scale...
96 페이지 - Sensibility of a balance. — This term is used to express the facility with which the index is turned from its position by a preponderating weight placed in either dish, and it is greater or less, according as the distance of the centre of gravity below the point of support is less or greater. Let AB (fig. 150) be the beam, c the point of support, and o the centre of gravity. If the beam be slightly turned from the horizontal position to the position A...
xix 페이지 - Airship Company, but was housed in the Gottingen University under the control of Professor Prandtl. Some particularly good work on balloon models was carried out and the results published in 1911, but in 1914 the German Government started a National laboratory in Berlin under the direction of Prandtl, of which no results have been obtained in this country.

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