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Gustavus J. Luhn,
John Ingalls,
Henry J. Rose,
Joseph L. Lemberger,
William S. Thompson,
George Leis,

Charleston, S. C., Macon, Ga., Toronto, Can., Lebanon, Pa., Washington, D. C., Lawrence, Kan.,

1876–77 1877-78 1878-79 1879-80 1880-81 1881-82


C. Augustus Smith, Charles B. Guthrie, . Joseph Laidley, Henry F. Fish, llenry T. Kiersted, A. E. Richards, Robert Battey, Edwin 0. Gale, Theodore Metcalf, J. Faris Moore, George W. Weyman, Thomas Hollis, . Charles A. Heinitsh, John W. Shedden, Daniel Henchman, Albert E. Ebert, Joel S. Orne, Eugene L. Massot, Matthew F. Ash, Ilenry C. Gaylord, . Paul Balluff, Augustus R. Bayley, Christian F. G. Meyer, Jacob D. Wells, Emlen Painter, William H. Crawford, Philip C. Candidus, William Simpson, John F. Judge,

Cincinnati, Memphis, Tenn., Richmond, Va., . Waterbury, Conn., New York, Plaquemine, La., Rome, Ga., Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Pittsburg, Pa., Boston, Lancaster, Pa., New York, Boston, Chicago, Cambridgeport, Mass., St. Louis, Jackson, Miss., Cleveland, O., New York, Cambridgeport, Mass., St. Louis, Cincinnati, San Francisco, St. Louis, Mobile, Ala., Raleigh, N. C., Cincinnati, O.,

1852-53. 1853-54 1854-55 1855-56 1856-57 1857-58 1858-59 1859-60 1860-62 1862-63 1863-64 1864-65 1865-66 1866-67 1867-68 1868-69 1869-70 1870-71 1871-72 1872-73 1873-74 1874-75 1875-76 1876-77 1877-78 1878-79 1879-80 1880-81 1881-82



Alfred B. Taylor, Samuel M. Colcord, . James S. Aspinwall, . Samuel M. (oleord, . Azhel Boyden, . Henry Haviland, J. Brown Baxley, Charles A. Tufts,

Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Beston, Boston, New York, Baltimore, Dover, N. H.,

1852-54 1854-56 18,56-57 1857-59 1859-60 1860-63 1863-65 1865-82

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Appointed by the President, in compliance with the following resolutions :

Resolved, That the President be directed to appoint authorized agents, where needed in the different States, for the collection of dues, distribution of the Proceedings, etc. ; such agents to be designated by the Treasurer and Permanent Secretary of the Association, and a list of the agents to be published in the Proceedings. (Passed at Baltimore, 1870.)

Resolved, That the President of this Association be requested to appoint, in every locality where more than three members reside, a local agent, whose duty it shall be to aid the Treasurer in the collection of members' dues in his section, and to procure new members by placing before the pharmacists, and others eligible to membership, the great advantages that they will derive from associating themselves with this body. (Pasued at Indianapolis, 1879.)

Alabama, P. C. Candidus, cor Dauphin and Cedar sts., Mobile. Arkansas, Geo. W. Cabell, Congress and Bull streets, Hot Springs. California, James G. Steele, 521 Montgomery street, San Francisco. Dist. of Columbia, Jno. A. Milburn, 1101 F street, N. W., Washington. Connecticut, Charles A. Rapelye, 605 Main street, Hartford, Alonzo F. Wood, 2 Church street,

New Haven. Luzerne I. Munson, Apothecaries' Hall, Waterbury. Delaware, Linton Smith, cor. Seventh and Market sts., Wilmington. Georgia, Theo. Schumann, Whitehall and Hunter sts., Atlanta. Robert H. Land, 270 Broad street,

John Ingalls, cor. Fourth and Poplar sts., Macon.
Fleming G. Grieve,

Milledgeville. Illinois,

Henry W. Fuller, 24 Market street, Chicago.
David G. Plummer, 6 Main street,

Albert E. Ebert, sugar refinery,


George W. Sloan, 7 East Washington st., Indianapolis.
John F. Brandon,

Anderson. Jefferson S. Conner, 121 Pearl street, New Albany. Iowa,

Theodore W. Ruete, 379 Main street, Dubuque.
Olaf M. Oleson, Market street,

Fort Dodge. George H. Schafer, 129 Front street, Fort Madison. Kansas,

George Leis, 90 Massachusetts street, Lawrence. Kentucky, C. Lewis Diehl, cor. Third and Broadway, Louisville. Wm. H. Averill, 435 Main street,

Frankfort. Louisiana, Isaac L. Lyons, 42 Camp street,

New Orleans.
Joseph G. Thibodeaux, Main street, Thibodeaux.
Noah S. Ilarlow, 4 Smith's Block,

Edmund Lana, Jr., 373 Congress street, Portland.

Maryland, William S. Thompson, 8 W. Baltimore st., Baltimore.

Thomas W. Shryer, 103 Baltimore street, Cumberland. Massachusetts, S. A. D. Sheppard, 1129 Washington st., Boston. Joel S. Orne, 493 Main street,

Cambridgeport. B. Frank Stacey, 51 Vine street,

Frederick T. Whiting. Main street, Grt. Barrington.
Freeman H. Butler, 141 Central street,

Benjamin Proctor, 6 Healey's Arcade, Lynn.
Samuel 0. Daniels, Main and Summer sts., Natick.
James E. Blake, 64 North Second street, New Bedford.
Joseph J. Estes, cor. Union and Church sts., Rockland.
Thomas B. Nichols, 159 Essex street,

Charles P. Alden, 270 Main street,

Williarn Bush, 56 Front street,

Worcester, Michigan, Ottmar Eberbach, 12 South Main street, Ann Arbor. William Johnston, 153 Jefferson avenue,

Detroit. Missouri, James F. Hurt, Broadway,

Columbia. William T. Ford, 1305 Cherry street, Kansas City.

William II. Crawford, 800 Washington av., St. Louis. New Hampshire, Bayard T. Perry, 1088 Elm street,

Manchester, E. S. Russell, 69 Main street,

New Jersey,

Albert P. Brown, cor. Fifth and Federal, Camden.
John B. Drake, 132 Broad street,

Maxwell 'Abernethy, 188 Newark avenue, Jersey City.
Charles B. Smith, 831 Broad street,

Robert E. Parsons, 19 Main street,

William H. Voorhees, 21 West Front street, Plainfield.
G. A. Mangold, 4 East State street,

Trenton. New York, Daniel C. Robbins, 91 Fulton street, New York.

Charles A. Gaus, 202 Washington avenue, Albany.
G. C. Close, cor. Smith and Schermerhorn sts., Brooklyn.
Charles 0. Rano, 1872 Niagara street, Buffalo.
William L. Du Bois, 281 Main street, Catskill.
James T. King, cor. Main and South streets, Middletown.
H. S. Sherwood, 339 Main street,

G. H. Haass, 38 Main street,

John G. Bissell, 45 Dominick street, Rome.
Charles F. Fish, 114 Broadway,

George E. Duryee, 191 State street, Schenectady.
George S. Ballard, 198 Genesee street, Utica.
Robert J. Toplis, Getty square,

Yonkers. North Carolina, Addison S. Lee, 14 Fayetteville street, Raleigh. James C. Munds, Third street,

Wilmington. Ohio,

J. U. Lloyd, N. W.cor. Court and Plum sts., Cincinnati,
William K. Foltz, 1465 Howard street, Akron.
Walter H. Howson, Water street,

Henry C. Gaylord, 110 Monument square, Cleveland.
Charles Huston, 43 South High street, Columbus.
Thomas J. Casper, 41 East Main street, Springfield.
Charles Hohley, 248 South street,

Edgar M. Hatton, Fifth and Main streets, Zanesville.


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Pennsylvania, Rich. M. Shoemaker, cor. Fourth and Race, Philadelphia.
Edward T. Myers, 16 Main street,

Jacob A. Miller, cor. Second and Chestnut, Harrisburg.
Charles A. Heinitsh, 16 East King street, Lancaster,
Joseph L. Lemberger, 8 North Ninth street, Lebanon.
Francis W. Walker, Jr.,

New Brighton.
James B. Cherry, 23 Fourth avenue, Pittsburg.
Philip M. Ziegler, 526 Penn street, Reading.

Edward A. Cornell, Tenth and Pine streets, Williamsport.
Rhode Island, James H. Taylor, 104 Thames street, Newport.

Albert L. Calder, 163 Westminster street, Providence.
South Carolina, Gustavus J. Luhn, Post-office box No. 582, Charleston.
Tennessee, Jas. S. Robinson, cor. Third and Madison, Memphis.
John C. Wharton, 38 Union street,

Lewis M. Connor, 502 Main street,

Thomas W'. Powell, 10 Houston street, Fort Worth,
Virginia, Frederick H. Masi, cor. Main and Granby, Norfolk.
T. Roberts Baker, 919 Main street,

West Virginia, Edmund Bocking, 1 Odd Fellows' Hall, Wheeling.
Wisconsin, John R. Drake, 255 South Water street, Milwaukee.
Edward B. Heimstreet,

Janesville. Prov. of Ontario, George Hodgetts, 365 Yonge street, Toronto. Prov. of Quebec, Henry R. Gray, 144 S. Lawrence Main st, Montreal.

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