Report on the Cotton department [of the Central provinces and Berar] 1867-68 by H. Rivett-Cernac

Education Society's Press, 1869

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245 페이지 - In Testimony Whereof, The said has hereunto set his hand and seal, this day of one thousand eight hundred and STATE OF .•ss.
58 페이지 - ... duties. To be able to furnish the citizens of this State with information as to rates, both between points in Georgia and from and to interstate points, promptly upon request therefor, and to give such inquirers reliable information — such as they can act upon with assurance of correctness, — is one of the most important services that can be rendered to the shipping and traveling public, especially so since the question of transportation charges has come to be such an important item in the...
238 페이지 - May of the tenth year following that of the sale may be realised in the same manner as an arrear of interest outstanding on that date. The proceeds of the sale shall be applied, in the first instance, to the payment of the costs of sale and to the satisfaction of the demand of Government ; the surplus shall be payable to the late registered proprietor or proprietors on their joint receipt.
235 페이지 - No lot will be sold unless previously surveyed and demarcated. The survey need only be in sufficient detail to ensure the ready identification of the boundaries of the lot and to ascertain its gross area. If, on completion of the survey, it shall appear that the area of the lot applied for exceeds the prescribed maximum, the excess shall be excluded.
244 페이지 - AND the said (A.8.) for himself his heirs personal representatives and assigns doth hereby covenant with the said Secretary of State in Council his successors and assigns in manner following (that is to say...
236 페이지 - Commissioner be satisfied as above, and if the land have not been surveyed, he shall cause it to be surveyed and its boundaries demarcated, the estimated cost of such survey and demarcation being first deposited by the applicant. On the completion of the survey, the advertisement of sale shall be published as above.
147 페이지 - ... Arkwright, Crompton, Cartwright, and others, that we have overcome all these difficulties — that neither the extreme cheapness of labour in Hindustan, nor the excellence to which the natives had attained, has enabled them to withstand the competition of those, who 1 Bunc8 Cotton, pp. 205, a '36. buy their cotton, and who, after carrying it 5,000 miles to be manufactured, carry back the goods to them/ 1 Linen.
242 페이지 - Government land revenue, but subject -j- [to the right of to occupy the said lands (or ''to occupy acres of land") situate within the limits of the said grant as delineated in the map or plan, drawn in the margin hereof, for the term of at the rent of (or "rent-free") and also subject] to all general taxes and local rates, now or hereafter to be imposed by law in respect thereof, and to all claims of the Govern* Where a right of proprietorship is established, the lands surveyed must be marked out...
214 페이지 - England might act in this manner ; being able, ought She so to act ? and if She ought, has She acted so ? In the wise, just and generous views of the Government of St.
237 페이지 - Eule 9, or, if any claim to right of proprietorship, occupancy, or use in any part of the lands be established to the satisfaction of the Commissioner, with a special reservation of such tight, or exclusive of the area in which such right exists.

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