Endymion; or, The man in the moon, by John Lyly. History of Antonio and Mellida; What you will; and Parasitaster, by John Marston

Whittingham and Rowland, 1814

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285 페이지 - Let me have men about me that are fat ; Sleek-headed men, and such as sleep o' nights. Yond' Cassius has a lean and hungry look ; He thinks too much : such men are dangerous.
236 페이지 - t had free will Or no, hot philosophers Stood banding factions, all so strongly propt, I...
27 페이지 - That is, Scintilla, as you list to take it. Sam. That, that. Scint. This it is to be matched with girls, who coming but yesterday from making of babies, would before to-morrow be accounted matrons.
200 페이지 - Scoff's artillery. • Shall he be crest-fall'n, if some looser brain, In flux of wit uncivilly befilth His slight composures? Shall his bosom faint, If drunken Censure belch out sour breath From Hatred's surfeit on his labour's front?
145 페이지 - Wouldst have me go unarm'd among my foes ? Being besieg'd by passion, entering lists To combat with despair and mighty grief ; My soul beleaguer'd with the crushing strength Of sharp impatience.
40 페이지 - I marvel, Corsites, that you being a captain, who should sound nothing but terror, and suck nothing but blood, can find in your heart to talk such smooth words, for that it agreeth not with your calling to use words so soft, as that of love.
39 페이지 - in both ; for she shall find examples infinite in either what punishment long tongues have. Eumenides, if either the soothsayers in Egypt, or the enchanters in Thessaly, or the philosophers in Greece, or all the sages of the world, can find...
224 페이지 - Phantasia incomplexa — is a function Even of the bright immortal part of man, It is the common pass, the sacred door, Unto the privy chamber of the soul ; That barr'd, nought passeth past the baser court Of outward sense ; by it th...
388 페이지 - Thou ^mother of chaste dew, night's modest lamp, Thou by whose faint shine the blushing lovers Join glowing cheeks, and mix their trembling lips In vows well kiss'd, rise all as full of splendour As my breast is of joy ! You genital...
133 페이지 - Whoop : fut f, how he tickles yon trout under the gills ! you shall see him take him by and by with groping flattery.

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