The Life and Actions of Alexander the Great

Harper & bros., 1843 - 351페이지

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342 페이지 - A set of dependents, servants, and attendants are annexed to each of these situations. When the king wishes to dismiss or appoint any person, whosoever is placed in the seat of the one dismissed is immediately attended and obeyed by the whole establishment of dependents, servants, and retainers annexed to the seat which he occupies. Nay, this rule obtains even as to the royal throne itself.
235 페이지 - Hnniman, as naked and almost as hairy as the animal whom he represented, was gamboling before them, with a long tail tied round his waist, a mask to represent the head of a baboon, and two great painted clubs in his hands. His army followed, a number of men with similar tails and masks, their bodies dyed with indigo, and also armed with clubs. I was never so forcibly struck with the identity of Rama and Bacchus. Here were before me Bacchus, his brother Ampelus, the Satyrs, (smeared with wine-lees,)...
346 페이지 - Alexander to lie conveyed to tlie temple, and to supplicate the god, and be healed by him. The answer forbade his removal, declaring that it would be better for him to remain where he was. The companions reported this answer, and Alexander not long after expired, as if, under all circumstances, that were the better fate.
53 페이지 - If deed of honour did thee ever please, Guard them, and him within protect from harms. He can requite thee, for he knows the charms That call fame on such gentle acts as these, And he can spread thy name o'er lands and seas, Whatever clime the sun's bright circle w,arms. Lift not thy spear against the Muse's bower; The great Emathian conqueror bid spare The house of Pindarus, when temple and tower Went to the ground ; and the repeated air Of sad Electra's poet had the power To save the Athenian walls...
294 페이지 - Bacchanalian procession. His chariot, which was very magnificent, was drawn by eight horses. Upon it was placed a lofty platform, where he and his principal friends revelled day and night. This carriage was followed by many others, some covered with rich tapestry and purple hangings, and others shaded with branches of trees, fresh gathered and flourishing. In these were the rest of the king's friends and generals, crowned with flowers, and exhilarated with wine. In this whole company there was not...
124 페이지 - The eunuch protesting, with solemn oaths, that she was as pure as when she parted from Darius, and adding that Alexander was the best and most honourable of men, .Darius raised his hands towards heaven and exclaimed, ' O Great God, who disposest of the affairs of kings among men, preserve to me the empire of the Persians and Medes, as thou gavest it ; but if it be thy will that I am no longer to be king of Asia, let Alexander, in preference to all others, succeed to my power.
342 페이지 - ... servants, and retainers annexed to the seat which he occupies : nay, this rule obtains even as to the royal throne itself. Whoever kills the king, and succeeds in placing himself on that throne, is immediately acknowledged as king ; all the amirs...
342 페이지 - ... soldiers and peasants, instantly obey and submit to him, and consider him as being as much their sovereign as they did their former prince, and obey his orders implicitly. The people of Bengal say, ' We are faithful to the throne ; whoever fills the throne we are obedient and true to it.
351 페이지 - ... fallible as of mankind, only what may be blameworthy; but, putting together all his deeds, consider how comparatively insignificant, in whatever situation of high fortune placed, he himself has been, engaged through life in comparatively little matters, and not even in those doing always well. My opinion therefore I will profess, that not without especial purpose of the Deity such a man was given to the world, to whom none has ever yet been equal.
21 페이지 - The eye and ear of the child should be most watchfully and severely guarded against contamination of every kind, and unrestrained communication with servants be strictly prevented. Even his amusements should be under due regulation, and rendered as interesting and intellectual as possible.

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