Department of Justice Appropriation Bill for 1948: Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Eightieth Congress, First Session, on the Department of Justice Appropriation Bill for 1948

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1947 - 364페이지
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149 페이지 - If there are any questions I shall be glad to answer them. Mr.
26 페이지 - B. tu being the amount of heat required to raise 1 pound of water 1° F., and 12,000 B.
163 페이지 - ... burglary, robbery, mayhem, rape, assault with a dangerous weapon, or extortion accompanied by threats of violence, or attempt to commit any of the foregoing...
55 페이지 - I know something — the State of New York and the city of New York. And...
203 페이지 - ... to hold appointment and the territory which each shall serve, after he has made a careful study of conditions throughout the country as a whole, and of local conditions, including the estimated amount of funds available for salaries, the areas and the...
360 페이지 - January 1, 1945, on account of damage to or loss of property or on account of personal injury or death, where the total amount of the claim does not exceed $1,000, caused by the negligent or wrongful act or omission of any employee of the Government...
233 페이지 - Chairman, may I call the attention of the committee to the fact that the...
125 페이지 - Act," in Crime, Courts, and Probation by Charles L. Chute and Marjorie Bell of the National Probation and Parole Association (now NCCD). Provisions of the Probation Act The Act to provide for the establishment of a probation system in the United States courts...

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