The Critic: Or, A Tragedy Rehearsed: a Farce

J.M. Dent, 1897 - 94페이지

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26 페이지 - The newspapers! Sir, they are the most villainous — licentious — abominable — infernal — Not that I ever read them — no — I make it a rule never to look into a newspaper.
84 페이지 - Why, by that shake of the head, he gave you to understand that even though they had more justice in their cause, and wisdom in their measures — yet, if there was not a greater spirit shown on the part of the people, the country would at last fall a sacrifice to the hostile ambition of the Spanish monarchy.
29 페이지 - Ha! Sneer. In short, that even the finest passages you steal are of no service to you; for the poverty of your own language prevents their assimilating; so that they lie on the surface like lumps of marl on a barren moor, encumbering what it is not in their power to fertilise!
50 페이지 - ... his own interest, he will take advantage of it ; so, sir, I call my tragedy The Spanish Armada; and have laid the scene before Tilbury Fort.
63 페이지 - Ay, this is always the way at the theatre: give these fellows a good thing, and they never know when to have done with it.
45 페이지 - But the Puff collusive is the newest of any ; for it acts in the disguise of determined hostility. It is much used by bold booksellers and enterprising poets. An indignant correspondent observes — that the new poem called "Beelzebub's...
24 페이지 - Believe me, Mr. Sneer, there is no person for whose judgment I have a more implicit deference. But I protest to you, Mr. Sneer, I am only apprehensive that the incidents are too crowded. My dear Dangle, how does it strike you ? Dang.
27 페이지 - Well, and pray now — not that it signifies — what might the gentleman say ? Sneer. Why, he roundly asserts that you have not the slightest invention or original genius whatever, though you are the greatest traducer of all other authors living. Sir Fret.
38 페이지 - ... their phraseology with variegated chips of exotic metaphor ; by me, too, their inventive faculties were called forth — yes, sir, by me they were instructed to clothe ideal walls with gratuitous fruits ; to insinuate obsequious rivulets into visionary groves; to teach courteous shrubs to nod their approbation of the grateful soil ; or on emergencies to raise upstart oaks, where there never had been an acorn; to create a delightful vicinage without the assistance of a neighbour ; or fix the temple...

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