The bibliographical miscellany [signed A.C.] 2 vols


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104 페이지 - THE ILIADS OF HOMER, Prince of Poets, never before in any language truly translated, with a "Comment on some of his chief Places. Done according to the Greek by GEORGE CHAPMAN, with Introduction and Notes by the Rev.
216 페이지 - An Help for the more Easy and Clear Understanding of the Holy Scriptures, after the following method : 1.
137 페이지 - THE SATIRES of Decimus Junius Juvenalis. Translated into ENGLISH VERSE BY Mr. DRYDEN, AND Several other Eminent Hands. Together with the SATIRES OF Aulus Persius Flaccus. Made English by Mr. Dryden. With Explanatory Notes at the end of each SATIRE. To which is Prefix'da Discourse concerning the Original and Progress of SATIRE.
72 페이지 - The Image of Governance Compiled of the Actes and Sentences notable, of the most noble Emperour Alexander Severus, late translated out of Greke into Englyshe by Syr Thomas Eliot Knight, in the favour of Nobylitie.
237 페이지 - Essay towards a new Edition of the Elegies of Tibullus, with a Translation and Notes, (by the Rev.
58 페이지 - they are the most sacred of the canonical books of the New Testament ; " for " these sacred Christian laws or constitutions were delivered at Jerusalem, and in Mount Sion, by our Saviour to the eleven apostles there assembled after His resurrection." Krabbe, who wrote an elaborate treatise on the origin and contents of the Apostolical Constitutions, tried to show that...
149 페이지 - Book ; the latter Part of the third Book against the Fear of Death ; the latter Part of the fourth Book , concerning the Nature of Love ; from the fifth Book. By John Dryden.
16 페이지 - History of the Seventy-two Interpreters : to which is added, the History of the Angels, and their Gallantry with the daughters of Men, written by Enoch, the Patriarch : published in Greek by Dr. Grabe, made English by Ed. Lewis, of Chr. Church Coll., Oxon, 1715.
30 페이지 - History of the Church of England, compiled by Venerable Bede, Englishman, translated out of Latin into English by Thomas Stapleton. Student in Divinitie, 4to, Antwerp, 1565.
163 페이지 - The Mystical Initiations ; or, Hymns of Orpheus. Translated from the original Greek ; with a Preliminary Dissertation on the Life and Theology of Orpheus. By Thomas Taylor.

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