Noontide Leisure: Or, Sketches in Summer, Outlines from Nature and Imagination, and Including a Tale of the Days of Shakspeare, 2권

T. Cadell, 1824

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323 페이지 - Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee; for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge. Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God. Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried. The Lord do so to me, and more also, if aught but death part thee and me.
10 페이지 - And took a long farewell, and wished in vain For seats like these beyond the western main, And shuddering still to face the distant deep, Returned and wept, and still returned to weep.
25 페이지 - Mandela bibit, rugosus frigore pagus, 105 quid sentire putas? quid credis, amice, precari? sit mihi quod nunc est, etiam minus, et mihi vivam quod superest aevi, si quid superesse volunt di ; sit bona librorum et provisae frugis in annum copia, neu fluitem dubiae spe pendulus horae.
280 페이지 - What things have we seen. Done at the Mermaid !' heard words that have been So nimble. and so full of subtile flame, As if that every one from whence they came Had meant to put his whole wit in a jest. And had resolved to live a fool the rest Of his dull life...
11 페이지 - To new-found worlds, and wept for others' woe ; But for himself, in conscious virtue brave, He only wish'd for worlds beyond the grave. His lovely daughter, lovelier in her tears, The fond companion of his helpless years, Silent went next, neglectful of her charms, And left a lover's for a father's arms.
22 페이지 - ... male necne Lepos saltet ; sed quod magis ad nos pertinet et nescire malum est agitamus : utrumne divitiis homines an sint virtute beati ; quidve ad amicitias, usus rectumne, trahat nos ; 75 et quae sit natura boni summumque quid eius.
11 페이지 - O luxury! thou cursed by heaven's decree, How ill exchanged are things like these for thee! How do thy potions, with insidious joy, Diffuse their pleasures only to destroy! Kingdoms by thee, to sickly greatness grown, Boast of a florid vigour not their own: At every draught more large and large they grow...
142 페이지 - The first is not known anywhere else, which leaves all their dry walks in other countries, very unpleasant and uneasy. The other cannot be found in France or in Holland as we have it, the soil not admitting that fineness of blade in Holland, nor the sun that greenness in France, during most of the summer...
7 페이지 - Est ut viro vir latius ordinet Arbusta sulcis, hie generosior Descendat in campum petitor, Moribus hie meliorque fama Contendat, illi turba clientium Sit major: aequa lege necessitas Sortitur insignes et imos: Omne capax movet urna nomen.
124 페이지 - Le pourpre, l'orangé, l'opale, l'incarnat, De leurs riches couleurs étalent l'abondance. Hélas ! tout cet éclat marque leur décadence. Tel est le sort commun. Bientôt les aquilons Des dépouilles des bois vont joncher les vallons De moment en moment la feuille sur la terre En tombant interrompt le rêveur solitaire. Mais ces ruines même ont pour moi des attraits. Là, si mon cœur nourrit quelques profonds regrets, Si quelque souvenir vint rouvrir ma blessure, J'aime à mêler mon deuil au...

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