Energy: A Continuing Bibliography with Indexes, 7043권

Scientific and Technical Information Branch, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1974

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20 페이지 - Program Solicitation for Research on Subsystems and Systems for the Application of Solar Energy to the Heating and Cooling of Buildings was given wide distribution in FY 1974 and nearly 500 formal proposals for innovative research were received and evaluated by the Foundation . After careful screening of...
29 페이지 - ... min) near the annealing point. The two glasses have similar compositions, but differ greatly in their phase separation characteristics. Electron micrographs are used to analyze the development of microstructure during the suspected phase separation. In both glasses, it is found that the structure development is primarily responsible for the viscosity increase. An analysis of the data, and a theoretical interpretation of the effect are presented.
14 페이지 - States during 1972 are reported in accordance with a cooperative agreement between the American Petroleum Institute and the Bureau of Mines of the United States Department of the Interior.

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