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THE MONTHLY wishes the teachers all a pleasant, restful vacation which will be a very important factor in the success of the coming








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months, $1.50. MONEY should be sent by express, draft, money

order or registered letter. Make all remit.

tances payable to 0. T. Corson. THE MONTHLY is mailed the first week of each

month. Any subscriber failing to receive a copy by the tenth should give notice promptly, and another will be sent. Any person wishing his address changed must send notice not later than the twenty-fifth of the month, and must give both the old and the new address. Notice will be given to each subscriber of the time his subscription ex pires.


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Advertisements, to insure insertion in any month's issue, should be sent in not later than the twentieth of the month preceding.

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ONE indication of lack of fitness on the part of a person to fill any position in life is a constant complaint of the poor work done by his predecessor, accompanied by constant boasting of what is to be done by himselt. Such complaints and boasting are always indicative of weakness, and lack of good breeding. The teacher or superin

tendent, whose predecessor has on day and night in the midst of failed should be charitable enough inconveniences and discourageto keep silent regarding such fail- ments which would absolutely disure, and so far as his own work is hearten many of our friends in the concerned, he can well afford to town and city; but they are doing wait and let that speak for itself. a work which will be appreciated to To be constantly telling the public a greater extent in the future than of the bad condition in which he at present. found the schools on taking charge

IN reply to the oft-repeated of them is neither gentlemanly,

question, "What do you intend to wise, nor politic on the part of a

do after going out of the commisnew superintendent.

sioner's office?", we reply, “Give We shall gratefully appreciate

our whole time and attention to the the help of our friends in securing management of the Ohio EDUCAa large subscription list at the com

TIONAL MONTHLY and educational ing session of the county institutes. work of a general character, espeIf you believe in the MONTHLY

cially institute work." which is our State Educational Pa

We hope thereby not only to be per, please help us by telling your

fully occupied, but also to keep in friends.

close touch with the educational It is impossible to overesti

progress of Ohio and other states. mate either the difficulty or the im- It will be our most earnest enportance of the work which is be- deavor to merit the support of the ing done by the township superin- teachers in the management of the tendents in Ohio. In many in- MONTHLY which has, for so many stances they are compelled to battle years, been our state organ. With against prejudice of long standing this number the third year of the on the part of both parents and present management ends, and it is teachers in their attempt to give to a pleasure to report a steady, if not the schools such system and organi- a rapid, increase in the subscription zation as is absolutely necessary to list in that period. This short exeffective work. With a very large perience has taught the lesson that amount of criticism and a very the life of the editor, like all other small amount of salary they work lives, has both its encouragements and discouragements, its joys and make yourself at home in every parits sorrows. The needs of the teach- ticular. ers are so various, that it is very difficult many times to know what ought to be published, and what omitted. It will be our aim, however, in the future, as it has always been in the past to make the Monthly as helpful as possible to just as many of its readers as possible. In this work we ask your coöperation, suggestion, criticism, and subscription.

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ABOUT two hundred persons to whom this number is mailed still owe for a year's subscription. If

THE NORMANDIE, WASHINGTON, D, C, Ohio you know that you are one of that

HEADQUARTERS, X. E. A., ROOM 144. number, please pay the amount due

Copy for the Geography Syllabus at once, and thus make it unneces

prepared by the committee apsary for us to do what we dislike

pointed for that purpose last tall, to do more than anything else in connection with the management

was presented for publication the

first of May, and was sent at once of the paper dun a teacher for his subscription.

to the state printer. The proof has

been read, and twenty thousand We desire to call attention again copies, printed at the expense of the to the Hotel Normandie as liead

state, will soon be ready for distriquarters for Ohio at the N. E. A. bution to the institutes through the By permission of State Manager chairmen of the different executive Dyer, the MONTHLY presents Room committees. The chairman of the 144 in this beautiful hotel as the committee on geography, F. B. meeting place for Ohio Teachers Pearson, fully agrees with the sugand their friends during the ses- gestion here made that the syllabus sions of the Association. Do not be distributed at the institutes for fail to call, register your name, and 1898 to be used by the teachers as a guide in their reading and study commencements and creating of geography the following year, among them that healthy educaand as a basis for institute work in

tional sentiment which is absolutely 1899.

necessary to good schools. In this

work the county examiners can be INFLUENCE OF COUNTY EXAMINERS. and ought to be leaders.

Then the Ohio Teachers' ReadThe county examiners are either leaders in the educational work of ing Circle which is such a positive their county or absolute hindrances

factor in the educational work of to educational progress. They can

the state also furnishes great oppornot occupy neutral ground. If

tunities for effective work on the they are progressive, earnest, ener

part of the examiners. It is almost getic, and enthusiastic, their influ- impossible to make it a success ence will be felt either directly or

without their help, while an active indirectly in the betterment of the interest on their part in its welfare schools through the uplifting of the

insures its success. In this connecbetter class of teachers and the

tion it is in place to call attention compulsory retirement of the in- to the fact that in the annual report competent, and ignorant. On the of State Secretary Burns, one of the other hand if the county examinersi

counties (Hamilton) reports as are indifferent to the welfare of the county secretary, the “County schools, their example serves to

Board of Examiners." We comproduce carelessness on the part of

mend this plan to other counties. the teachers which in turn soon

If the board of examiners in each manifests itself in inferior work on county in Ohio would take up this the part of the pupils and in the important work and lead the teachlack of proper educational senti- ers in it, the good results would ment among the people.

fully repay them for the extra effort Within the past few years the opportunities for usefulness on the In the county institutes and assopart of county examiners have ciations, at the Boxwell Commencegreatly increased. The Boxwell ments, in the reading circle workExaminations with their accom- everywhere that an opportunity panying township and county com- presents itself to help the teachers mencements furnish not only the and through them the schools, the means of determining the scholar- county examiners should be the edship of pupils and through that ucational leaders. It is too true that medium, to a certain extent, the the small amount allowed them unsuccess of teachers, but also the der the law for their services is no means of reaching the people at the compensation for the work just

put forth.

suggested, but the leader in any L. Doane, Columbus, O.; Eldredge department of educational work & Brother, Philadelphia, Pa.; Ellis would cease to lead if he were to do Publishing Co., Battle Creek, only that for which he is paid. May Mich.; The Ellsworth Co., New all the county examiners of Ohio York, N. Y.; Ginn & Co., Columrealize their opportunities and re- bus, O.; Goodyear Publishing Co., sponsibilities, and act accordingly. Chicago, Ill.; Harper & Brothers,


Co., Chicago, Ill.; Henry Holt & LISHERS AUTHORIZED TO OFFER SCHOOL BOOKS FOR ADOP. Co., New York, N. Y.; Houghton, TION IN OHIO.

Mifflin & Co., Boston, Mass.; InIn accordance with the provis- diana Publishing Co., Danville, ions of the school book law, the Ind.; The Inland Publishing Co., State School Commissioner has is- Terre Haute, Ind.; Frank V. Irish, sued his circular for 1898 to boards Columbus, O.; The Laning Printof education, notifying them that ing Co., Norwalk, O.; Leach, Shethe following publishers of school well & Sanborn, Boston, Mass.; books have complied with the pro- 'Leach, Shewell & Co., Boston, visions of the law, and are therefore Mass.; Lee & Shepard, Boston, entitled to offer for sale, to boards Mass.; S. H. Lightner, Youngsof education, for use by the pupils town, O.; J. B. Lippincott Co., in the schools, such books of their Philadelphia, Pa.; Little, Brown & publication as have been authorized Co., Boston, Mass.; Longmans, by the school book commission: Green & Co., New York, N. Y.; A.

Ainsworth & Co., Chicago, Ill.; Lovell & Co., New York, N. Y.; Allyn & Bacon, Boston, Mass.; J. D. Luse, Columbus, O.; The American Book Co., Cincinnati, Macmillan Co., New York, N. Y.; 0.; A. S. Barnes & Co., New York, Maynard, Merrill & Co., New N. Y.; Becktold Printing and York, N. Y.; The Melodia Co., ToBook Mfg. Co., St. Louis, Mo.; ledo, O.; The Morse Co., New Victor C. Bell & Co., New York, York, N. Y.; Mound City PublishN. Y.; The Biglow & Main Co., ing Co., St. Louis, Mo.; Normal New York, N. Y.; The S. Brain- Publishing House, Indianapolis, ard's Sons Co., Chicago, Ill.; Cen- Ind.; The Penn Publishing Co., tral School Supply House, Chicago, Philadelphia, Pa.; Herman R. I11.; The John Church Co., Cincin- Postle, Columbus, O.; Potter & nati, O.; 'Columbia Book Co., Phil- Putnam, New York, N. Y.; 0. M. adelphia, Pa.; The Creamer Pub- Powers, Chicago, Ill.; Practical lishing Co., Washington C. H., O.; Book-Keeping Co., Chicago, Ill.; D. W. Crist, Moultrie, O.; Letitia The Practical Text-Book Co.,

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