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RACTICAL; Economical; Thorough. Abreast of the times! First-class instruc

tion in all departments. Good table board per week $1,50. Rooms furnished

25 cents to 50 cents per week. Other expenses moderate.

The College embraces Academic and Collegiate courses of study, besides the following schools: School of Pedagogy, School of Commerce, Shorthand, Music, Oratory, Art. The College is unsectarian in name and spirit, and is conducted on the presupposition that all men are free and equal, and that all Christians are essentially one. Hence the College knows no denominational lines. Students and faculty recognize but one MASTER; they are all brethren.

THE COLLEGE Site is one of the most beautiful in Ohio. The building is modern, well built, commodious, and convenient. It is on the east side of North Clinton street, Defiance, Ohio, not far from two most beautiful streams, the Maumee and the Auglaize, at whose confluence is Old Fort Defiance of historic renown. Lovely shade trees dot the fine ten-acre campus, and withal no more delightful place for study could well be found.

Every student receives personal attention and recites every period of each day. The place is healthful, moral and religious influences are among ihe very best. Students can enter at any time. We teach school all the year, except three hot weeks in August.

First quarter begins Aug. 31.

Fourth quarter begins April 4.
Second quarter begins Nor. 8.

Fourth quarter ends June 9.
Holiday vacation. Dec. 24-Jan 4, 1898. Commencement week June 2-9.
Second quarter ends Jan. 21,

Summer School 8 weeks? June 13-Aug. 5.
Third quarter begins Jan. 24.

Send for special announcement.
For particulars address, JOHN R. H. LATCHAW, D. D., President.

Or, Prof. Ed. M. Mills, A. M., See'y, Defiance, O. * Preparation for admission to our best colleges and universities is made a specialty. Students prepared for admission to West Point Military Academy and Civil Service examinations.

Lehigh University, South Bethlemem, Pa,

THOMAS MESSINGER BROWN, LL.D , PRESIDENT. Courses in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Mining Engineering, Metallurgy, Chemistry. Also Classical and Literary Courses. For further information, and for Registers, address,

The Secretary of Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa.

A Primary Teacher

of much experience and very marked success, who has been resting for a couple of years, is now open to engagements. First year work preferred.

Address, DR. SAMUEL FINDLEY, Akron, Ohio.


for ALL POINTS EAST- Buffalo, Albany and New York. Fine Road-bed, Fast Time, Excellent Accommodations.

A. J. SMITH, Gen. Pass. Agent, Cleveland, Ohio.

Reading Circle


The following books required by the Ohio Teachers' Reading Circle for

Teachers and Pupils in 1898 are published by Houghton,

Miffin & Co., at the prices to members as given below: In this list R. L. S. means Riverside Literature Series; R. S. L. means Riverside School Library, half leather; Rolfe means Roise's Students' Series, cloth. Single Copy, Postpaid. Ten or more at one time, express not paid,

those marked [+] postpaid.

TEACHERS' COURSE. Fiske's Civil Government, $1.00; 850. Tennyson's Princess R. I.. S.. paper, 30c: 280. 1; Rolse) in

any quantity, cloth, prepaid, 53c., not prepaid, 47c. Bolles's Blomidon to Smoky, $1.06; 83!;. Torrey's Spring Notes from Tennessee, $1.06; 83'ac.

PUPILS' COURSE. FOURTH YEAR-A PRIMARY. Scudder's Fables and Folk Stories (R. L. S., paper, 300 ; 280 1 ;

Cloth, 400; 34c ; (R. S. L. 500, 42%2C. FIFTH YEAR - D GRAMMAR. Wiggiu's Birds' Christmas Carol, 43c: 3:31.c. Whittier's Child

Life, Selections, two parts, each, R. L. S. paper, 15c; Hc. Ii in one volume, R.S. I.., 600.; 51c. SIXTH YEAR-C GRAMMAR Hawthorne's Wonder Book, R. L. S. paper, 300; 28c. I: Cloth

40c; 31c; (R. S. I.), TOC: 59460. Cary's Ballads for Little Folks, $1.20 : $100; Hawthorne's Tanglewood Tales (R. L. S.) paper, 30c; 280 $: Cloth 400; 31c; the two bound together,

R. Š. I.. 70c; 592c. SEVENTH YEAR - B GRAMMAR. Burroughs's Birds and Bees, R. I. S.) paper, 15c; 140 I,

Bound with Sharp Eyes, etc., R. L. S. cloth, f0c; 31c. Longfellow's Evangeline, and the Courtship of Miles Standish, each poem, RLS paper 150, 14c 1: Cloth, 25c: 21!4c: Bound together, RS. 1.., 606; 51c. Scudder's Life of washington, R. L. S.

paper, 300 : 280 : Cloth, 400; 340 ; R. S. L. 60c: 5lc. Larcom's New Eugland Girlhood, cloth, 600; 50:

R. S. L., 60c: 51c. EIGHTH YEAR - A GRAMMAR. Whittier's Snow-Bound, Among the Hills and Songs of Labor,


R. L. S.: paper, 150; 11c 1: Cloth, 2.1c: 21'16. Fiske's War of Independence, RI S.; cloth, 10c; 31c; (RS 1.1, 60c; jlc. Longfellow's Hiawatha, R. I, S. paper, 306; 20: Cloth, 100; 34c; Bound with Evangeline and Miles Standishi; R. S. I, 60c: c. Burroughs's Sharp Eyes and Other Papers, R. I S. paper, lje: 11c 1: Bound with Birds and Bees, R. L. S.) cloth, 40c: 34c. Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare, R. I S. paper, 15c: 120 1: Cloth, 50c; 4240; (R. S. L.), 600; 51c. Dickens's Christmas Carol and The Cricket on the Hearth, each,

RLS paper, 150; 140 I; Bound together, R L S cloth, 400; 31c. Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, R. L. S. paper, 50c; 440 ; Cloth, 60c: 51c; R. S. L.;, 70c; 59.c.

HIGH SCHOOL COURSE. FIRST YEAR. Burroughs's Riverby. $1.06; 83?. c. Tennyson's Enoch Arden, R. L. S. paper, 150;

140 l: (R. S. L.), 50c; 4240; Rolfe, In any quantity, cloth, prepaid, 5c, 110t prepaid, 17c.

Whittier's Poems, (Household Edition , $1.20, $1.00, SECOND YEAR. Morse's Life of Jefferson, (Statesmen Series, $1,00; 83!... Lodge's Alexander

Hamilton, (Statesmen Series ; ; $1.00 ; 83? C. King's Ohio, Commonwealth Series;. $1.00 ; 83!. THIRD YEAR. Morse's John Quincy Adams, Statesmen Series $1.00; 83',. Thackeray's Vanity

Fair, two vols.), per set, $2.40; $2.00; per set, not prepaid $2.23. Lowell's Vision of Sir Launfal, Etc. R. L. S.) paper, 150: 11c 1; cloth. 21c: 21'4. Thoreau's Successiou of Forest Trees, Etc. (R. L. S. paper, 150: 140 $ : Bound with Birds and Bees, and Warner's A - Hunting of the Deer (R. I S., 500 ; 42'2c. Hawthorne's House of the Seven Gables R. I. S.), paper, 50c; 440 I; cloth, 600; 51c; (R. S. L. , 70c; 591,C. Tennyson's Poems Household Edition, $1.20; $1.00. Schurz's Henry Clay, 'two vols., per set, $2.00; $1.6623. Fiske's Civil Govern

ment, $1.00; 85c. Much of the other material on the Ohio Reading Circle list is also published by Houghton, Mifflin & Co., in editions especially prepared for school use.

Descriptive circulars giving the table of contents of each number and
volume of the Riverside Literature Series, Riverside School Library
and Rolfe's Students' Series will be sent to any address on application.

4 Park St., Boston.

11 East 17th St., N. Y.

378-388 Wabash Ave., Chicago. take work by mail. Do you? Send for our 36-page catalogue. We have a large enrollment and everybody delighted. Say where you saw this ad. and when you enroll we will send you the "Modern Educator one year free.

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Making it the Latest, Most Accurate and Best Cyclopædia on the market at any price.

Our new illustrated sample pages free on application. B Sold on easy payments. Chicago. DODD, MEAD & COMPANY, New York.


Over 4,000 vacancies - several times as many vacancies as members. Must have more members. Several plans; two plans give free registration ; one plan GUARANTEES positions. 10 cents pays for book, containing plans and a $500.00 love story of College days. No charge to employers for recommending teachers. SOUTHERN TEACHERS' BUREAU. REV.DR.O.M. SUTTON, A.M., SUTTON TEACHERS' BUREAU, 8.W.COR MAIN & 30 STS., LOUISVILLE,KY. Northern vacancies Chicago office, Southern vacancies Louisville office. One fee registers in both offices.



The Teachers' Inter-State Mutual Relief Association.

Provides Death Benefits, Sick Benefits and Accident Benefits to Teachers only.

$2500.00 The cost is very

have been paid to teachers for time lost through sickness.

low. Write for particulars to MRS. CLEMENTINE BENTLEY,



NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO. This is the Klondike for the busy person. Progressive and aggressive teachers

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Science Readers



Vol. I. . . Price, 25 ceo.
Vol. II. Price, 25 cents
Vol. III.

Price, 40 cenk
Vol. IV.

Price, 40 cents Vol. V. Price, 50 cents Vol. VI. .. Price, 50 cents

R05164and aviap?ed for use in Schoo's, with a

preface, by
Phiadeiphia Normal School.


" There are no better graded school readers made. none that give more valuable information, none better adapted in fact, fancy and phrasing to the taste and needs of pupils. They are made by a thorough master of the art of school - book making, and they are adapted with a skilful hand by a brilliant American teacher of teachers. They are not marle in a regulation fashion, but there is genius in the method of presenting the facts for the delight and benefit of the children. The first three books are focused for the third and fourth years in school, and the fourth to the fifth grade. Books Vaid VI, are adapted to the upper grammar grades. American school leaders are quick to appreciate anything that is for the special advantage of teacher and pupils, as these certainly are, and their introduction must be speedy and very general.”

- Journal of Education.

Nature Study for Elementary Schools.


In Two Volumes. MRS. L. L. W. WILSON, Ph. D., Vol. I. Reader. Vol. 11. Teacher's Manual. Philadelphia Normal School.

Price, go Cents.

“I am charmed with the Nature Study. It is a gem.”

Eva KELLOGG, Editor Primary Educator.


New York



San Francisco



It has been adopted in Hiram and Scio Colleges, in the Normal Universities of Ada, Lebanon, and Fayette, also in the High Schools of Cleveland, and in a large number of smaller cities in Ohio and other states. Many other High Schools will introduce it at beginning of the new year. Examine this book before you begin your next term. For specimen pages and descriptive circulars, address the author,

Frank V. Irish, Columbus, Ohio.


(From Irish's American and British Authors)

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