The Phytologist: A Popular Botanical Miscellany, 3권,파트 2

George Luxford, Edward Newman
J. Van Voorst, 1849

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720 페이지 - is from the sea. Where the sea organism, by self-elevation, succeeds in attaining into form, there issues forth from it a higher organism. Love arose out of the sea-foam. The primary mucus (that in which electricity originates life) was, and is still, generated in those very parts of the sea where the water is in contact with earth and air, and thus upon the shores. The first creation of the organic took place where the first mountain summits projected out of the water, — indeed, without doubt,...
729 페이지 - ... edge from where it leans against the Castle Hill to beyond the quarries at Joppa ? The reasoning brain would have been wholly at fault in a scene of things in which it could neither foresee the exterminating calamity while yet distant, nor control it when it had come ; and so the reasoning brain was not produced until the scene had undergone a slow but thorough process of change, during which, at each progressive stage, it had furnished a platform for higher and still higher life.
728 페이지 - ... after. Fishes and reptiles were the proper inhabitants of our planet during the ages of the earth-tempests ; and when, under the operation of the chemical laws, these had become less frequent and terrible, the higher mammals were introduced. That prolonged ages of these tempests did exist, and that they gradually settled down, until the state of things became at length comparatively fixed and stable, few geologists will be disposed to deny. The evidence which supports this special theory of the...
725 페이지 - ... vessels, ranged in length from thirty-six to forty-seven feet It seems strange to one who derives his supply of domestic fuel from the Dalkeith and Falkirk coal-fields, that the Carboniferous flora could ever have been described as devoid of trees. I can scarce take up a piece of coal from beside my study fire without detecting in it fragments of carbonized wood, which almost always exhibit the characteristic longiuidinal fibres, and not unfrequently the medullary rays.
723 페이지 - ... have been apposite to the case in a degree far from usual. The necessity for a simpler cause is obvious, and it is found in the hypothesis of a spread of terrestrial vegetation from the sea into the lands adjacent. The community of forms in the various regions opposed to each other, merely indicates a distinct marine creation in each of the oceanic areas respectively interposed, and which would naturally advance into the lands nearest to it, as far as circumstances of soil and climate were found...
617 페이지 - For Hudibras wore but one spur, As wisely knowing could he stir To active trot one side of 's horse, The other would not hang an arse. A Squire he had, whose name was Ralph, That in th
579 페이지 - A Manual of Botany : being an Introduction to the Study of the Structure, Physiology, and Classification of Plants.
729 페이지 - What could man have done on the globe at a time when such outbursts were comparatively common occurrences ? What could he have done where Edinburgh now stands during that overflow of trap porphyry of which the Pentland range forms but a fragment, or that outburst of greenstone of which but a portion remains in the dark ponderous coping of Salisbury Craigs, or when the thick floor of rock on which the city stands was broken up, like the ice of an arctic sea during a tempest in spring, and laid on...
608 페이지 - It was also valuable as being a powerful absorbent, as it would absorb about 80 per cent, of water, and keep it for the benefit of the soil which might surround it, while it took up the greater portion of the obnoxious gases inherent in night-soil and sewage matter, and thereby did away with any bad effect which might result from them. It therefore was capable of being converted into a manure of the greatest value, the proportions being two-thirds of night-soil to onethird of charcoal. It was impossible...
645 페이지 - THE RUDIMENTS OF BOTANY. A familiar Introduction to the Study of Plants. By ARTHUR HENFREY, FLS , Lecturer on Botany at St.

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