The Imperial Gazetteer of India, 9권

Trübner & Company, 1886

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145 페이지 - Its dimensions are 42 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 25 feet high. Externally it seems to have been completely carved, but internally only partially excavated, the works being apparently stopped by an accident. It is cracked completely through, so that daylight can be seen through it, and several masses of the rock have fallen to the ground. This has been ascribed to an earthquake and other causes. My impression is...
53 페이지 - Possession for fifty years was decided to give a good title. In the case of personal grants, the holder was offered the alternative of retaining the land subject to the liability of lapse, and without the power of alienation ; or of enfranchising it by the payment of a moderate quit-rent or a lump sum. Service tenures, where the service was still performed, and religious endowments, were continued on the existing terms : where the services were no longer required, the holders were granted the same...
23 페이지 - Musalman element from the north, together with descendants of converts made during the period of Muhammadan supremacy. Pathdns, numbering 15,401, and Mughals 1229, are also descended from the invaders.
384 페이지 - Sardhana in the north, and ruled a large estate. The southern tract, however, remained in its anarchic condition under Mahratta exactions until the fall of Delhi in 1803, when the whole of the country between the Jumna and the Ganges was ceded by Sindhia to the British. It was formed into a separate district in 1818. In the British period it has become memorable for its connexion with the Mutiny of 1857.
408 페이지 - From the notices of early travellers it appears that Mergui, when under Siamese rule, before it passed to the Burmese, was a rich and densely peopled country. On its occupation by the British in 1824-1825 it was found to be almost depopulated — the result of border warfare and of the cruelties exercised by the Burmese conquerors. At that time the entire inhabitants numbered only 10,000.
522 페이지 - In this kingdom also are made the best and most delicate buckrams, and those of the highest price ; in sooth they look like the tissue of a spider's web. There is no king or queen in the world but might be glad to wear them.
522 페이지 - Queen, a lady of much discretion, who for the great love she bore him never would marry another husband. And I can assure you that during all that space of forty years she had administered her realm as well as ever her husband did, or better; and as she was a lover of justice, of equity, and of peace, she was more beloved by those of her kingdom than ever was Lady or Lord of theirs before.
527 페이지 - Ghorpdde, which is said to have been acquired by one of the family who managed to scale a fort previously deemed impregnable, by fastening a cord around the body of a ghorpad or iguana. All that is authentically known of the history of the family is that it held a high position at the court of Bijapur, from which it received the lands it still holds. The Mudhol chiefs were the most determined opponents of Sivaj1 during his early conquests ; but on the overthrow of the Muhammadan power they joined...
51 페이지 - ... improved means of communication have to be reckoned. Finally, a table is framed showing the yield of each class of soil, and this yield is commuted into money by an average struck on twenty years' market prices, after allowing various abatements. From the value of the gross produce thus determined, the cost of cultivation is deducted, and then the remainder or net produce is divided into two equal moieties, ot which one is taken as the Government demand on the land.

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