A History of Matrimonial Institutions Chiefly in England and the United States: With an Introductory Analysis of the Literature and the Theories of Primitive Marriage and the Family, 3권

University of Chicago Press, Callaghan & Company, 1904

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177 페이지 - Whatever the form of ceremony, or even if all ceremony was dispensed with, if the parties agreed presently to take each other for husband and wife, and from that time lived together professedly in that relation, proof of these facts would be sufficient to constitute proof of a marriage binding upon the parties, and which would subject them and others to legal penalties for a disregard of its obligations. This has become the settled doctrine of the American courts...
195 페이지 - She was present at the organization of the New York Committee for the Prevention of State Regulation of Vice, in 1876, and was appointed one of the vice-presidents, which office she still holds.
138 페이지 - Habitual intemperance is that degree of intemperance from the use of intoxicating drinks which disqualifies the person a great portion of the time from properly attending to business, or which would reasonably inflict a course of great mental anguish upon the innocent party.
150 페이지 - A subsequent marriage contracted by any person during the life of a former husband or wife of such person, with any person other than such former husband or wife is illegal and void from the beginning, unless: 1.
54 페이지 - Confirmed habit of drunkenness on the part of the husband of not less than one year's duration, accompanied with a wasting of his estate, and without any suitable provision for the maintenance of his wife or children.
80 페이지 - ... in which case, the bond of matrimony shall be deemed not to be dissolved as to any future marriage of such party, or in any prosecution on account thereof.
67 페이지 - If any husband shall maliciously either abandon his family, or turn his wife out of doors, and by cruel and barbarous treatment endanger her life, or offer such indignities to her person as to render her condition intolerable, or her life burdensome, and thereby force her to withdraw from his home and family; when the husband commits adultery.
153 페이지 - Commonwealth ; but if an inhabitant of this Commonwealth goes into another State or country to obtain a divorce for a cause which occurred here, while the parties resided here, or for a cause which would not authorize a divorce by the laws of this Commonwealth, a divorce so obtained shall be of no force or effect in this Commonwealth.
5 페이지 - All marriages which are prohibited by law on account of consanguinity or affinity between the parties, or on account of either of them having a former wife or husband then living...
15 페이지 - Divorces from bed, board, and future cohabitation, until the parties be reconciled, may be granted for any of the causes for which by law a divorce from the bond of marriage may be decreed, and for such other causes as may seem to require the same.

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