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1294 페이지 - King, . . . and until the end of the next session of parliament after a demise of the crown, shall, within the realm or without, compass, imagine, invent, devise, or intend death or destruction, or any bodily harm tending to death or destruction, maim or wounding, imprisonment or restraint...
782 페이지 - Malice in common acceptation means ill-will against a person, but in its legal sense it means a wrongful act, done intentionally, without just cause or excuse. If I give a perfect stranger a blow likely to produce death, I do it of malice, because I do it intentionally and without just cause or excuse.
822 페이지 - no action shall be brought whereby to charge any executor or administrator upon any special promise to answer damages out of his own estate ; or whereby to charge the defendant upon any special promise to answer for the debt, default, or miscarriage of another person...
1067 페이지 - ... rates and taxes, and tithe commutation rentcharge (if any), and deducting therefrom the probable average annual cost of the repairs, insurance, and other expenses ,if any) necessary to maintain the same in a state to command such rent...
1063 페이지 - A meeting shall not be competent to act for any purpose, except the election of a chairman, the proving of debts, and the adjournment of the meeting, unless there are present, or represented thereat, at least three creditors, or all the creditors if their number does not exceed three.
1320 페이지 - And therefore on a feoffment to A and his heirs, to the use of B and his heirs...
1110 페이지 - Properly speaking, a representation is a statement, or assertion, made by one party to the other, before or at the time of the contract, of some matter or circumstance relating to it.
808 페이지 - Corn, fish, salt, fruit, flour, and seed are warranted free from average, unless general, or the ship be stranded — sugar, tobacco, hemp, flax, hides and skins are warranted free from average, under five pounds per cent., and all other goods, also the ship and freight, are warranted free from average, under three pounds per cent, unless general, or the ship be stranded.
1008 페이지 - Prima facie evidence is that which, not being inconsistent with the falsity of the hypothesis, nevertheless raises such a degree of probability in its favor that it must prevail if it be accredited by the jury, unless it be rebutted, or the contrary proved.
910 페이지 - All goods and chattels being, at the commencement of the bankruptcy, in the possession, order, or disposition of the bankrupt, being a trader, by the consent and permission of the true owner, of which goods and chattels the bankrupt is reputed owner, or of which he has taken upon himself the sale or disposition as owner...

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