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235 페이지 - ... the First Lord of the Treasury, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the President of the Board of Trade.
407 페이지 - Napoleon in Exile ; or, a Voice from St. Helena. Being the Opinions and Reflections of Napoleon, on the most important Events in his Life and Government, in his own words. By BARRY E.
50 페이지 - That her Majesty's Ministers do not sufficiently possess the confidence of the House of Commons to enable "them to carry through the House measures which they deem of essential importance to the public welfare ; and that their continuance in office under such circumstances is at variance with the spirit of the Constitution.
149 페이지 - ... to enforce, separately and respectively, the laws, rights, and obligations of each of the two countries, for the suppression of the slave-trade ; the said squadrons to be independent of each other, but the two governments stipulating, nevertheless, to give such orders to the officers commanding their respective forces, as shall enable them most effectually to act in concert and cooperation, upon mutual consultation, as exigencies may arise, for the attainment of the true object of this article...
325 페이지 - See q/"Rome, so far only as the same imposes the Penalties or Punishments therein mentioned ; but it is hereby declared that nothing in this Enactment contained shall authorize or render it lawful for any Person or Persons to import, bring in, or put in execution within this Realm any such Bulls, Writings, or Instruments, and that in all respects, save as to the said Penalties or Punishments, the Law shall continue the same as if this Enactment had not been made...
149 페이지 - The parties mutually stipulate that each shall prepare, equip, and maintain in service on the coast of Africa a sufficient and adequate squadron or naval force of vessels of suitable numbers and descriptions, to carry in all not less than...
110 페이지 - ... until the people possess that power under which all monopoly and oppression must cease; and your petitioners respectfully mention the existing monopolies of the suffrage, of paper money, of machinery, of land, of the public press, of religious privileges, of the means of travelling and transit, and of a host of other evils too numerous to mention, all arising from class legislation, but which your honourable House has always consistently endeavoured to increase instead of diminish.
148 페이지 - ... that the government of The United States holds itself not only fully disposed, but fully competent, to carry into practice every principle which it avows or acknowledges, and to fulfil every duty and obligation which it owes to foreign Governments, their citizens or subjects.
240 페이지 - ... and send them to lead in a remote country a life which is a lingering death, a life about which the best thing that can be said is that it is sure to be short ; this does, I own, excite a horror exceeding even the horror excited by that slave trade which is the curse of the African coast. And mark : I am not speaking of any rare case, of any instance of eccentric depravity. I am speaking of a trade as regular as the trade in pigs between Dublin and Liverpool, or as the trade in coals between...
238 페이지 - I say gives offence and produces inconvenience, for that offence and for that inconvenience the government is responsible. I affirm, then, that there exists in the United States a slave trade, not less odious or demoralizing, nay, I do in my conscience believe, more odious and more demoralizing than that which is carried on between Africa and Brazil. North Carolina and Virginia are to Louisiana and Alabama what Congo is to Rio Janeiro. The slave states of the Union are...

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