Report of forest administration, 1862/63-1946/47


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86 페이지 - May of the tenth year following that of the sale, may be realised in the same manner as an arrear of interest outstanding on that date. The proceeds of the sale shall be applied, in the first instance, to the payment of the costs of sale and to the satisfaction of the demand of Government ; the surplus shall be payable to the late registered proprietor or proprietors on their joint receipt.
86 페이지 - ... Commissioner. A list of these lands is under preparation, and will be published hereafter in the Gazette of India. Rule XX. — Lands for the purchase of which application has been made under the Resolution of the 17th October 1861, will, if such applications were duly registered, be dealt with in accordance with the terms of the said resolution so far as the law allows. Rule XXI. — From and after the date of the promulgation of these rules, no fresh applications for grants of Waste Lands under...
85 페이지 - The survey need only be in sufficient detail to ensure the ready identification of the boundaries of the lot, and to ascertain its gross area. If, on completion of the survey, it shall appear that the area of the lot applied for exceeds the prescribed maximum, the excess shall be excluded.
83 페이지 - This dkya cultivation is practically a substitute for ploughing, and a device for saving the trouble of that operation. It is resorted to by hill people, who are averse to labour, and have little or no agricultural capital. The method is in this wise : — A piece of ground on a moderate slope is selected, clothed with trees, brushwood and grass, the trees are cut down in November, the brushwood and grass are set fire to in May, the charred ground is left covered with ashes ; in the beginning of...
86 페이지 - Rule-9, or, if any claim to right of proprietorship, occupancy, or use in any part of the lands, be established to the satisfaction of the Commissioner, with a special reservation of such right, or exclusive of the area in which such right exists. If the application for purchase of the land be rejected, the amount deposited as cost of survey will be forfeited.
84 페이지 - Perhaps even they might resort to a soit of rebellion. And if they fled the country, the last state of the forests would be worse than the first. For then, the traces of human habitation, settlement and clearance would disappear. The foresters and the woodmen could no longer live in, or even enter into, the wilderness, rank and malarious with uncleared jungle, and overrun with wild beasts. These animals are already so destructive as to constitute a real difficulty. The only check upon their becoming...
84 페이지 - Now, it is unfortunate that the best ground for this peculiar cultivation is precisely that where the finest timber trees like to grow. The damage thus done during ages is incalculable ; but to stop this cultivation now would be a serious, indeed a lamentable undertaking. It may be hoped that, by degrees, these hill people will learn a better mode of cultivation. But to prohibit the dhya cultivation altogether would be to drive this widely scattered population to despair.
85 페이지 - If, before the day of sale, a claim of proprietary or occupative right in any part of the land be preferred, the Deputy Commissioner shall investigate the claim, and if satisfied that it is groundless, shall reject it and proceed with the sale.
85 페이지 - ... actually incurred for advertisement, survey, and the like. Rule IV. — Applications for the purchase of Waste Land shall be made to the Deputy Commissioner of the district, and every application shall contain the following particulars : — 1st. — The estimated area of the land applied for. 2nd. — The situation of the land and its boundaries, as accurately as can be ascertained. Rule V. — If the Deputy Commissioner is able to satisfy himself that the land applied for is available for purchase...
84 페이지 - All unassessed Waste Lands in which no right of proprietorship or exclusive occupancy is known to exist, or to have existed and to be capable of revival, are available for purchase under these Rules, unless specially reserved under Rule 21.

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