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820 페이지 - Goods, Wares, and Merchandize, being either in part or wholly manufactured, and not being enumerated or described, nor otherwise charged with Duty, and not prohibited to be imported into or used in Great Britain or Ireland, for every 100/.
777 페이지 - Your Lordships must be aware of the immense advantages the British manufacturers derive from their skill in constructing and using machinery, which enables them to undersell the unscientific manufacturers of Bengal in their own country ; and although your Petitioners are not sanguine in expecting to derive any great advantage from having their prayer granted, their minds would feel gratified by such a manifestation of your Lordships...
910 페이지 - An Act to consolidate and amend the several Laws now in force with respect to Trade from and to Places within the Limits of the Charter of the East India Company, and to make further Provisions with respect to such Trade, and to amend an Act of the present Session of Parliament for the registering of Vessels, so far as it relates to Vessels registered in India...
776 페이지 - That the fabrics of Great Britain are consumed in Bengal, without any duties being levied thereon to protect the native fabrics. "That the fabrics of Bengal are charged with the following duties when they are used in Great Britain — "On manufactured cottons, 10 per cent.
645 페이지 - That these evils, in the second place, are wholly attributable to the nature and character of the Chinese Government, and not to any want of proper spirit and firmness in the agents of the East India Company...
777 페이지 - Lordships' goodwill towards them ; and such an instance of justice to the natives of India, would not rail to endear the British Government to them. They, therefore, confidently trust, that your Lordships' righteous consideration will be extended to them as British subjects, without exception of sect, country or colour. And your Petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.
777 페이지 - Your Petitioners most humbly implore your Lordships' consideration of these circumstances, and they feel confident that no disposition exists in England to shut the door against the industry of any part of the inhabitants of this great empire. "They therefore pray to be admitted to the privilege of British subjects, and humbly entreat your Lordships to allow the cotton and silk fabrics of Bengal to be used in Great Britain 'free of duty,' or at the same rate which may be charged on British fabrics...
669 페이지 - ... business. They had of course a great many friends and acquaintances in their respective services, and from those gentlemen they received their accumulations. They lent them to others, or employed them themselves, for purposes of commerce ; they were, in fact, at first the distributors of capital rather than the possessors of it.
1038 페이지 - LETTER from the Secret Committee of the Court of Directors to the Governor-general in Council at Bengal, dated 14th March 1831.
1043 페이지 - As to the executive part, there is but one opinion ; there are no serious natural difficulties, not a single mountain intervenes, scarcely what deserves to be called a hillock ; and in a country where labour can be had without limit, and at a rate infinitely below that of any other part of the world, the expense would be a moderate one for a single nation, and scarcely worth dividing between the great kingdoms of Europe, who would be all benefited by the measure.

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