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Dr. On Cubist spoke at some length in explanation. We had feared, at the hon. Chaii man had declined on a I miner occasion to give him an answer to a question on this sul ject, that it was the intention of the Court of Directors to put an end to this institution, without reference to the office of superintendent. .—He had never accused the Court of Directors of not expending a sufficient sum lor education; I ut Lord .Amherst, in h:s address, says, "1 he endowments (for the puipose of e iiication.) that h 'd accumulated through succes ive yeais, have been wholly swept away by pu. lie disorganization, and diverted from the proper course." Now this charge showed at least, that formerly a great deal of money was expended to very little pnrpo^e. Feihaps, said he. Col. Lvshi' gton will say whether the sub-assistant surgeons, spoken of by the hon Chairman, an I the Nitive doctors are the same? (To which Col. L. replied they were not.) Then have I and the hon. Ch iim&n been sreaking on two riiflfeieut points. I cannot help repeating my opinion, that if a superintendent is not appoin ed to the institution, it will speedily sink to nothing, because wha is every body's lusiness is nobody's. The Madras esta' l'shment does not tear the slightest analogy to the Medical Institut on at Calcutta. ) very regiment has three or four Nitive doctors attached to it, and these cannot I e properly educated, unless schools for them are » stablishe.l. Except a fe young me:i who have gone through my hands, there is not one, sav Dr. Breton, who can explain to the N tives, in their own langragi-. the tenns of a.iatomy and jhysic. If Lord Amherst had given too large a salary, that did not afford a sufficient reason for getting rid of the office of supeiintendeit. It does not give me much concern to find that my motion is to be met by a direct negative. The Chairman has endeavoured to persuade the Court that I wish to cast a censure on the Court of Directors. I have no such intention. My only o'ject is to preseive the credit and character of the Company, and I am therefore desirous that this Court should act in such a way as to induce the people of India to look upon them as a liberal and eiligh ened tody of men. I was happy to hear what had been said in explanation to day. A few years ago I might have expected such an explanation in vain, and therefore on that account, at least, I have reason to be satisfied.

The original motion was then negatived, and the amendment unanimously agreed to.

The Court then broke up.



Civil Appointments.

Fort William, Dec. 8.—The Hon. F. J. Shore, Assistant to the Commissioner in Kamaoon.—16. Capt. Alex. Davidson, 13lh N. I. Assitant to the Agent to the Governor General on the North East Frontier; Capt. A. White, fiOh N. I. di to di'to.—29. Mr. J. J. Harvey, Register of the Zillah Court of Ghazeepore.—Jan. 5. Mr. J. Sanford, Senior Judge of the Provin lal Courts of Appeal and Circuit for the Division of Calcut a; Mr. R. Walpole, Third Judge of itto ditto; Mr. M. Oakcly, Fourth Judge of ditto ditto; Mr W. M. Fleming, Second Judge of the Provincial Court of Appeal and Circuit for the Division of Patna; Mr. J. B. Elliott, Third Judge of uitto ditto.

Militaby Appointments. Fort William, Dec. 26.—Lieut. E. F. Spencer, 32d N. I. transferred, at his own request, to the InvatiJ Estab.—30. Lieut. Col. Com. M'Innes, 61st N. I. to have the command of he South F.astern Division, r. Riig. Richards, who ha. resigned his command.—Jan. 20. Lieut. Col. Com. W. Richards, to be Commandant of the Fortress ol Agra, in the room of Lieut. Col. Com. D. M'Leod. C.B., who hasobt tined Furlough to Kurope; Lieu . G.H. Cox, 62dN. I., to officiate as Super ntendent of Gentlemen Cadets at Fort William, v. Blake, permitted to proceed to Europe.


Infantry—Maj. H. W. Wilkinson to be Lieut. Col. in sue. to Collyer retired.

SlhRegt. S. 1.—Cap'. William Kennedy to be Maj.; Lieut. Ir. B. Henderson to be Capt. of a company, and Ens. T. S. Price to be Lieut, in sue. to Wilkinson prom.

2Uh Reyt. N. I.—Ens. H, Maynardto be Lieut., v. Wilson placed on halfpay.

27tA Regt. N. I.—Ens. A. B. Ogilvy to be Lieut., in sue. to Robe, dec. 32rf Regt. ti. I.—Ens. J. Woods to be Lieut, in sue. to Spencer, transferred to the Invalid Estab.; Ens. A. P. Graham to be Lieut, v. Boileau, dec.

33rf Regt. N. I.—Lieut. G. Barker, to be Capt. of a company, and Ens. A. F. Tytler to be Lieut, in sue. to Agnew, dec.

48th Regt. N. I.—Lieut. G. F. Agar to be Capt. of a comp. in sue. to Mackintosh, dec.

65th Regt. N. I.—Ens. R. H. De Montmorency to be Lieut, in sue. to Lawe, dec.

Regt. of Artillery.—1st Lieuts. F. S. Sotheby, R. C. Dickson, E. W. Huthwaite, G. R. Crawford, and H. Delafosse, to have rank of Capt. by Bre vet.

Medical Appointments. Dec. 26.—Assist. Surg. J. Stewart, lately attached to service of the King of Oude, placed at the disposal of his Exc. the Commander in Chief.—Jan. 6. Messrs. Hart and A. Rennick, surgeons, appointed, temporarily, to do duty as Assist. Surg, on this Estab.—20. Assist. Surg. J. Innes, to be Residency Surg, at Malacca; Assist. Surg. F. S. Matthews, to have Medical Charge of the Civil station of Balasore, v. Barker ; Mr. F. Malcolm admitted to the service as an Assist. Surg.; Assist. Surg. T. Luxmoor, to Le Surg, in sue. to Hardtman, dec.

Retirements From The Service. Dec. 26.—Lieut. Col. J. Clark, 41th N. I. on the pension of his rank.— Jan. 13.—Lieut. Col. J. J. Leith, 55th N. I. ditto ditto.


Dec, 26.—Mr. F. S. Burt, for Eng. and prom, to 1st. L'eut.—30. Mr. J. P, Middleton, forInf., and prom, to Ens.—Jau. 20. Mr. G. lieid for Cavalry, and prom, to Cornet; Messrs. A. F. Macpherson and H. Spottiswoode for Inf., and prom, to Ens.


To Europe.—Dr. Walter Ogilvy, 1st Member Medical Board, on account of his health; Assist. Surg. C. B. Francis, on ditto; Lieut. A. W. W.Frazer, 8th L. C. on ditto; Lieut. R. Steward, 6th N. I. on ditto; L:eut. J. Donnelly, I8th N. I. on ditto ; Superintend. Surg. Jas.M'Dowell, on ditto; Maj. J. CGrant, 22d N. I. on ditto.

To the Cape of Good Hope.—Capt. W. Cunningham, Garrison storekeeper, for the recovery of his health, for twelve months; Lieut. Col. Com. Penny, 23d N. I. ditto ditto; Capt. T. Williams, 2d Extra N. I. ditto ditto; Maj. J. P. Boileau, Principal Dep. Com. of Ordnance, and Maj. F. Sackville, 55th N. I. ditto ditto.



Bombay Cattle, Dec. 22, 1825.—Lieut. Col. Wilson, H. M. 4th Light Drags, to command Northern Districts of Uuzcrat.—Jan. 2. Ens. Gilbeme, 23d N. I. ta have command of Local Corps in Candeish, v. Lieut. Marjoriba..ks, dec.


Artillery.—Lieut. T. E. Cotgrave, Adj. to 2d Bat. to be Maj. of Brigade to Artillery, v. Foy dated 19th Dec.

lnjantry.—Sen. Maj. N. C. Maw to be Lieut. Col. v. F. F. Staunton deceased, date 26th June 1825.

lit Europ. Regt.—Sen. Capt. J. Elder, to be Maj. v. Maw dec.; and Lieut. C. Walter te be Capt. v. Taylor, placed on Pension List.


Dec. 16.—Acting Assist. Surg. Black to officiate as Assistant to Civil and Garr'son Surg, at Surat, in lieu of Mr. Ormand.—17. Assist. Surg. Power, attached to 4ith Madras N. I., to execute duties of Civil Surg, at Sholapore.— $1. Sub. Ass st. Surg. Dickson to have charge of med. duties of Company's cruizer Teruate, in room of Ass'st. Surg. Fallon, reported to be sick.—Jan. %. Surg. J. Bird to be Residency Surg, at Sattara.—3. Assist. Surg. W. Ecskine to be Civil Surg, in Ratty war; and Assist. Surg. H. Johnstone to be Civil Surg, at Bussora.



Fort St. Gearge. Jan. 2, 1826.—The hon. the Governor In CoaneH having resolved that four extra regiments of Native I fantry shall tie raised for the service of this Presidency, is pleased to request that the officer commanding theaimy in chief will give the necessary ordeisfor their immediate formation.

Each reg meat to consist of ten companies of the same strength and establishments in all respects (excepti g the European officers and subidar major) as •' regiment of Nat ve Infantry of the line.

Each regime it will be commanded by a Captain Commandant, with one Adjutant, oi.e Quarter-Master, Interpreter, and Paymaster, being subaltern offlc rs.

The extra regiments will be raised at the following stat'ons,—viz. 1st extra regt. at Palau cottah; 2d extra regt. at Bangalore; 3d extra regt. at Cuddapah; 4th Extra regt. at Elloie.

The hon. the Governor in Council alsod'rects, that the extra regts. shall be paid, clothed, and equipped in the same manner as the regular regts. of this establishment, and that the commanding officers and staff shall draw the same

st ft pay and allowances as the officer commanding and the regimental commissioned staff of a regular regt. of Native Infantry.


Ut Extra Rtgt.N. I— Capt. J. Leighton, 27th N. I. to command; Lieut F. J. Warre.i, 39.h N. I., to be Adj.; and Lieut. H. L. Harris, lfiih N. („ to be Quart. Mast., Interp., and Paymaster.

2d Ditto.—Capt. W. Stewart, 2d Kuropean regt., to command; Iveut. G. Hammond. 50th N. I. to be Adj.; and Lieut. W. G. t. Lewis, 46th N. I., te be Quart. Mast., Interp., and Paymast.

3d Ditto.—Capt. A. M'Parlane, 16th N. I., to command; Lieut. G. Lagan, 41st N. I., to be Adj.; and Lieut. J. Fitzgerald to be Quart. Mast., Interp., and Paymast.

Uh Ditto.—Capt. H. Kyd, 2d Europ. regt., to command; Lieut. W. R- A. Freeman, 48th N. I., to be Adj. j and Ens. F. Ensor, 47th N.I. to be Vuart. M.st., Interp., and Paymast.

[From the Indian Gazettes.]

Head-qvartert, Campbefore Bak rfpoor, Dec. II.—Lieut. Ahrauty, 11th L. Drags, to be Aid-de-c nip to Brig.-Gen. Sleigh, v. Maxwell, proceeding on Sick Ceitiflcate,; and Lieut, the Hon. J. Amherst, to be Extra Aid-de-camp to Maj.-Gen. Nicolls.—31. Capt. Wetherall, 13 h L. Diags., to be Extra Aldde-canip to Maj.-Gen. Sir T. Pritzler.—Jan. 9. Lieut.-Col. M'Giegnr. 59,h Foot, to act as Adj.-Gen. of H. M. Forces. in India, until the arrival of Lieut.-Col. Macdonald; to take effect from the sailing of Maj.-Gen Sir T. M'Mahon, Bart

Brevet Rank.

The undermentioned subalterns of fifteen years' standinar, are to take rank of Capt. by Brevet, in the East Indies only :—Lieut. J. M'Dermot, 1+th Foot, from 13th Dec. 1825; Lieut. T. B. M. Sutherland, from 41st Foot, from 23d Aug. 1825; and Lieut. R. C. Newman, from 14.h Foot, from 28th Sept. 1825.

Promotions. [From the London Gazette.] 13'h Lt. Dragi.—W. J Hooper to be Cornet by puich. v. Evcrcd, prorm 16tA Ditto.—Corn. W, Van. from Cape Corps, to be Corn., v Brown, prom.; H. F. Bonham, to be Corn, by puich. v. Penlenze.

Itt Foot. Capt. C.S.Hopkins, to be Maj. by purch., v. Glover, prom.; Lieut. W. Carter to be Capt. by purch., v. Hopkins; Ens. H. W. Neville to be Li' ut. by purch., v. Cross, prom.; W. B. Johnston to be Ens., v. Wood, dec.

eth Ditto. L:eu'. W. H. Hill, from half-pay 14th Foot, to be Lieut., v. M-Queen, app. to ihh Foot.

I3rft Foot. St. G. Cromie to be Ens., by purch., v. Browne, prom, in 41th Foot.

1 If A Foot. J. May to be Ens., v. Liyard. prom.

41/A Foof. Lieut. S. M-Queen, from 6th Foot, to be Lieut., v. E. H. Clarke, who rethes on half-pay.

45/A Foot. Lieut. W. Trevelyan, from Engineers, to be Lieut, v. Kearney, app. to 88 h Foot.

47«A Fooi. Lieut. P. J. Douglas, from half-pay O h Foot, to be Lieut., v. Walker, whose app. has not taken plaoe; J. B. Wyatt to be Ens., v. Wyatt, who resigns.

bUk Foot. Capt. J. Arnaud, from half-pay 34th Foot, to be Capt., v. J. Gray, who exchanges.

67th Foot. Brer.-Col. N. Burslam, from half-pay 14th Foot, to be Lieut.- Col., v. R. Gubbins. who exchanges. 69tA Foot. Lieut. E. Hopwood, from half-pay, to be Lieut., v. the Hon.

B. King, who exch., rec. ditf.

S9th Foot. Lieut. T. G. Twigg. from half-pay 18th L. Drags., to be Lieut., replying diff., v. Peck, app. to 84th Foot. 07th Foot. Ens. T. R. Travers to be Lieut, by purch., v. Maires, prom.;C. Nagel to be Ens. I y purch., v. Travers.

Ceylon Regt. Lieut. A. Montresser, fiom 78:h Foot, to be Capt. by purch. v. Auier; Lieut. R. G. Davidson, fiom hilf-pay 9f).h Foot, to be Lieut., v. Nowlan, app. to 13th; J. Woodford to be 2d Lkut. by purch., v. Van Kempen, prom.

Alton ed to dispose of their Half-pay. Lieut. G. Hagar. 46th Foot; Lieu\Col. C. Maxwell, 30 h Foo': Muj. W. Stewart, ditio; Copt. D. Grahame. 6th Foot: Mai. n. Gregorson. 31 t Foot: Cipt. A. Piole, 83d Foot; Cap;. J. H. Holland, 69,h Foot'; Lieut.-Col. W. Percival, 67th Foot. Medical Appointments.

1st Foot. Assist.-Surg. W. Dillon, from 3d Royal Vet. Batt., to be Assist.Surg.

2d Foot. Hosp.-Assist. T. Atkinson to be Assist.-Surg., v. Campbell, prom.

13th Foot. Assist.-Surg. J. Paterson, from 46th Foot, to be Surg., v. H. Hamilton, who retires on half-pay.

Ceylon Regt. Hosp.-Assist. W. Lucas to be Assist.-Surg., v. Williams, app. to 2d Foot.


To Europe: Lieut. Donnithorne, 44th Regt., for one year, for the purpose of retiring on half-pay; Capt. Waring, Queen's Royals, for two years, on account of his health; Surg. Alexander, same Regt., for ditto; Brev.-Capt. Patience, 20ih Foot, ditto, ditto; Surg. Jackson, 14th Foot, for one year, on furlough.



Births.—Dec. 18. Mrs. L. Sweeting, of a still-born male child.—29. Mrs. J. D. Cruz, of a son and heir.—31. In London Buildings, the lady oi H. P. Russel, Esq. of the Civil Service, of a son.—Jan. 7, 1826. At Chowringhee, the lady of H. Shakespear, Esq. of a daughter.—10. In Fort William, the lady ofthe late'Capt. D. Thomas, Superintendent of Government.Cadets.'of a daughter.—12. At St. James's School, Mrs. Platts, of a daughter.—13. The wife of Mr. T. Lawrence, of a daughter.—14. At Chowringhee, the lady of Lieut.Col. Com. J. A. Paul MicGregor, Deputy Military Auditor-General, of a son.—15. At Chowringhee, the lady of Dr. W. P. Birmingham. H. M. 87th Foot, of a son.—18. The lady of Colin Lindsay, Esq. of a son.—19. The lady of A. Landale, Esq. of a daughter; in Harrington-street, the lady of John Lewis, Esq. of a daughter.—21. The lady of Wclby Jackson. Esq. of the Civil Service of a son.—29. The lady of W. T. Berry, Esq. of a son.

Marriages.—Jan. 7. George, eldest son of W. Wood, Esq. to Charlotte Evans, youngest daughter of the late Col. Brietzoke, Bengal Military Service.—18. M. A. Lackerteen. Esq. of the firm of Messrs. Lackerteen and Co., to Miss J. Dissent.—H. C. Watts, Esq. second son of E. Watts, Esq. late of Calcutta, to Amelia, only daughter of the late Mr. J. Weldon, of the H. C. Marine.—21. Mr. L. De Almeyda, fourth son of the late J. B. De Almeyda, Esq. to Mrs. A. M. Rebeira.—23. E.Maxwell, Esq. of the Bengal Civil Service, to Rosina, youngest daughter of the late W. Hogg, of Lisburn, county

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