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of Antrim, Esq.—24. Mr. C. Crichton, to Mrs. D. Pearson, relict of the late Mr. J. Pearson; J. Marshall. Esq. Surgeon, on the Bengal Establishment, to Mrs. E. Lyons, relict of the late Capt. D. Lyons, H. C. Military Service; J. D. Herklots, Esq. to Miss M. C. Gibson.—25. D. M. N. Liddell. Esq. to M ss I. Davidson, third daughter of J. Davidson, of Murrayshire, Ksq.—20. Mr. J. J.Carapiet, to Anna, widow of the late Arratoon Caspar, Ksq

Deaths.—Dec. 28. Mis. L. Carrow, relict of thelate Capt. J. Carrow.—31. Mrs, R. Linsledt,. widow of the late W. Linstedt, Bengal Military Estab.— Jan. 1, 182o. 11. M. Elliott, Esq. fourth son of the Right Hon. H. Eiliol. late Governor of Fort St. Geoige.—2. Mis. R. H. Money, relict of the late H. W. Money, Esq. aged 25.—3. Mrs. J Williams, relict of the late Mr. C. Wiilums, house builder, aged 42.—6. At his hou^e at Garden Reach. Col. Hea Ing, foimeily attached to the army of Maha Rajah Scindeah. aged 44.— 8. Tiie Rev. J. B. Warden, Missionary, from the London Missionary Society, aged 26.—12. Robert Fulton, Esq. late of My niensing, aged 55—13. Mr. A. Jewell, junior, aged 28.—15. Miss E. E. Swaine, daugh er of Thomas Swaine, l:sq. aged 18.—20. Julia, infant daughter of W. H. Oakes, Esq.— 23. Mr. C. Jansen, late an indigo planter, aged 49.


Births.—Dec. 7. The lady of W. S. Binny, Esq. of a son.—27. The lady of Cap . Mauerly, of a son.

Marriages.—Dec. 19. Capt. R. S. Wilson, Fort Adj. of Fort St. George, to Catherine Alicia, fourth daughter of J. Ewart, Esq.—Jan. 5, 1820. At S. Thomas's Mount, Lieut. Midcllecoat, Artil'eiy, to Miss Hampton.—25. S. Crawford, Esq. of the Civil Service, to H. P. Dyer, eldest daugh'er of S. N. Dyer, Esq. M.D.—Capt. H. Rouison, Nizam's Service, to Mrs. Thomson.


Births.—11. At Colabah, the lady of Capt. Maclean, Queen's Royals, of a son.—31. At ditto, the lady of J. Morley, Es^. of a son. i

Deaths.—Dec. 20. Mrs. R. D. Pinto, third daughter of Sir Roger de Faria.—.Ian. 3. At Bycullah, Lieut.-Col. John Ford, C.B. Madras N. I. OUT STATIONS.

Births.—D 'c. 1. At Saugor, the lady of Doctor Urquhart, 43d N. I. of a daugh'er—7. At Bellary, the lady of J. Burton, Esq. Garrison Surg, of a son.—8. At Rutnagurry, the lady of Dr. Shaw, of a son.—13. At Vellore, the lady of T. V. Stonhouse, Esq. Civil Service, of a daughter.—17. At Poonah, the lady of Maj. Hardy, Artillery, of a son.—18. On board the H. C. ship Java, the lady of Professor Craven, Bishop's College, of a son.—19. At Masulipatam, the lady of Lieut. Codrington, 40th N. I. of a daughter.—25. At Futtyghur, the lady of Lieut.-Col. S. Nation, Commanding 23d N. I. of a son.—26. At Malda, the lady of J. W. Grant, Esq. of a daughter.—28. At Delhi, the lady of Lieut. Quart.-Mast. Griffin, 24th N. I. of a daughter.—At Meerut, the lady of Capt. D. Bruce, Assist. Com. Gen. of a daughter.—29. At Poonah, the lady of C. Dacat, Esq. Civil Surgeon, of a son.—30. At Bhewndy, the lady of Maj. Roome, of a daughter—Jan. 1. At Cawnpore, the lady of J. Wemyss, Esq. of a daughter.—2. At Trichinopoly, the lady of Brig. Maj. Maeneill, of a son.—4. At Jessore, Mrs. J. B. Lomoss, of a son and heir.— 11. At Barrackpore, the lady of C. Govan, Esq. M. D. of a daughter.—At Nagpore, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Urlson, Rifle Corps, of a daughter; at Burdwan, the lady of Henry Ricketts, Esq. Civil Service, of a daughter.—14. At Chandernagore, the lady of J. Bluett, Esq. Planter at Hanskalle, of a daughter.—23. At Trichinopoly, the lady of Maj. Malandainc, 35th N. I. of a daughter.—25. At Midnapore, the lady of Lieut. Shortland, Fort Adj. of Fort William, of a son.

Marriages.—Dec. 20. At Palmacotah, Ens. L. E. Duval, 27th N. I., to Miss J. A. Lutter.—27. At Vellore, Lieut. O. F. Sturr, 16th N. I. to Harriet Thompson, fourth daughter of the late J. D. White, Esq. of the Med. Board. —Jan. 8, 1826. At Chandernagore, Mr. C. F. Pinnetz, to Miss F. Bouchez, daughter of Capt. Bouchez, French Naval Service.—8. At Cbinsorah, Mr. S. Oglvy, of Kishnagur, Indigo Planter, to Miss Jane Ben bow, of Chandernagoie.—U. At Chandernagore, G. E. Hudson, Esq. Attorney at Law, to Miss J. E. De Chall; and on same day and at same place, E. W. Hudson, Esq. to Miss A. R. De Chall.

Deaths.Not. 9. At Prome, Ens. G. P. Smithwaife, 24th N. I.—Dec. 1. At D poblee, Southein Concan, the lady of Lieut. W. F. Allen, 24th N. I.; near Prome, Lieut. Southeiland, H. M. 41st Regt.—11. At Prome, Capt. W. F. Lewis, Madras Horse Artillery; on board the H. C. frigate Hastinjs, off Low Island, Lieut. Charles Boye, aged 22.—12. At Arracan, Assist. Surg. Hai tison in medical charge of H. M.'s 54th regt.—13. At Wallajahbad, John Anthony, i fant son of Lieut. G. Brady, 33d N. I.—17. At Broach, Lieut. H. W. Hardie, Regiment of Artillery, aged 21.—18. At Royapooram, Harriet Lydia, daughter of the Rev. J. Kindleuger; t Sea, on board the ship Carnatic, on his passage to Penang, Capt. H. B. Scarborough, 0'ountiy Service.—20. At Anantapoor, G R. Gosling, Esq. acting head assistant to collector and magistrate of Bellary.—27. At Cuttack, Lieut. J. G. Gordon, 3Oth N. I. son of A. Gordon, Esq. of Belfast.—29. At Colapore, in the southern Mahr.tta country, Lieut. W. Lewis, 4th Regt. L. C.—31. At Dacca, John Carter, Esq.—Jan. 2,1826. At Ti ichinopoly, Anne Caroline, eldest daughter of Lieu;.-Col. Wahab, aged 21 months.


Births.—May 4. At Wimbledon, the lady of Capt. D. M. Daniell, Hon. E. I. Company's service, of a daughter.—5. On board the H. C. ship Princess Charlotte of Wales, on her passage from Bengal, the lady of Captain R. If. Sneyd, of a daughter.—June 10. At Jersey, the lady of Maj. Gen. Sir C. Halkett, of a son.—On the 16 h March, at sea, on board the H. C. sh:p the Farquharson, the lady of Cloud Queiros, Esq. of Singapore, of a daughter.

Marriages.— * pril 24. At Carlisle, Sir G. G. Aylmer, bart., of Donadie Castle, county Kildare, to Maria, eldest aughterof the late Col. J. Hodgson, Bengal estab.—25. At Paris, H Harvey, Esn. of St. Audrie's Somersetshire, to Agnes, daughter of A. Ramsay, Esq. formerly of the E. I. Company's Civil Service.—May 11.—At Sou'h Brent, Capt. E. Herring. 57 h B-nstal N. I. to Charlotte, 2d daugher of W. Lee, Esq. of Glazebrook house, Devon.— 17. Capt. l\. Carleton, of the Bengal army, to Eliza, 2d daugh er of J. Cos.sart. Esq.—June 1. At the new ctiuich, St. Mary-le-bone, Capt. G. Probyn, of the E. I. Company's service, to Alicia, daughter of Sir F. \\. Maenagh en, late one of his Majesty's judges of the Supieme Court in Calcutta.—10. At St. Pancras new church, Mr. ('. Ingram, of the Hon. E. 1. Company's service, to Miss A. E. Biidges of Hlghg ite.—15. At West Lodge, Elgin, Capt. C. A. Munro, of the Hon. East India Comp iny's Military service, to \Mcy FA'zaj, eldest aughter of Maj. .1. Jones, of the same service.—17. At Cheshunt, H rts, Mr. F.Joyce, 'o Jane, SddaugVerof he lite J. Hill, Esq. of 'he past In l!a House.—Lately, at R istol. Lieut. Thomas Clendon, E. I. N. 8., to Fa my, youngest daugh er of the late Thomas Bower, Esq. of that c ty.

Deaths.—Maich21. At St. AuMn's Jersey, Maj. John Morin, 2d Gr. Regt. Bombay estab.—April 16. At Nanihill, covnty of Fife, John Bruce, Esq. au'hor of "Annals of the E. I. Company's Plans for the government of British India," &c. &c.—May 23. At Warfield, Berks, Sa.ah, relict of the late S'muel de Castro, Esq. formerly of Madias.—June 15. Charlot'e, only daugh er of the la'e John Moriison, Esq. of the Bombay Civil service.—21. In Slrilford Place. Maj. Gen. Haldane. C. B., in the service of the Hon. E. I. Company.—Lately, at sea, on board the MaiUand, on her passage rom Bombay, Lieut. Col. Tucker, Deputy Adjutant General o the Bombay army; At Wa erloo, Jean Dacosta. t e peasant who was compelled to act as guide to Napoleon in the memorable battle of the 18th June ;—At Belew. the Empress Elizabeth, relict of the late Emperor Alexander;—At Bimbourg, in France, Catherine, eldest daughter of the late Lieut Gen. Desborough.—On the ftth. April, at sea, on board the H. C. ship the Farquharson, Helen, the Infant daughter of Claude Queiros, Esq. of Singapore.



1826. May 27 May 27 May 29 May 29 June 3 June June June June June June June June June June June 15 June 15 Jnue 17 June 19 June 19 June 19 June 19 June 20 June 20 June 20 June 21 June 21

Pate. 1828. Jan. 9 Jan. 30 Feb. 6 Feb. 10 Mar. 23 April I April 5


1826. May 27 May 27 June 6 June 6 June 7 June Q June 8 June 10 June 10 June 13 June 14 June tli

Port of Arrival. Ship's Nunc Commander. Place of Depart. Date.






Mow us



OH' the Start



Liv rpool ..


Liverpool ..

Off Dover ..

Off Biighion

Off Dover ..

Liveipool ..






Off t.of Wight


Portsmou h

Off Brighton

Prin. Charlotte
Guildford ..
Wilhelmina ..
Coldstream ..
Palembeng ..
Duke of York
M. Wellngton
David Scott..
Sa ah

War. Hastings
War. Hastings

Bi It'll

Haviside ..
Talbert ..
Charritie ..
Chapman ..
Newman ..










Weller ..

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Batavia ..
Bengal ..
Bengal ..
China ..
Bengal ..

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Jan. 22BombavDec.28,1826 Bengal Dec. 29,1825ARRIVALS IN EASTERN PORTS. Port of Arrival. Ship's Name. Commauder.

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Tort of Depart.







Madras and Bengal





N.S.Wales* China

Madras and Bengal


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No. 32.—AUGUST 1826.—Vol. 10.


In reviewing the various features by which England is distinguished from all other nations of the earth, there is not one more striking or more important than the vastness of her distant possessions, and the successive conquests and complete control which the little island we inhabit has established over separate portions of the globe, each exceeding in size and population the country on which it is dependent, and forming, in the whole, much more than sufficient for the colonies of every nation in Europe. If, therefore, it be an object of importance to any people, to understand clearly the relative duties and interests of Mother Countries and Colonies, it is pre-eminently so to the people of England. And yet, it is no exaggeration to say, that there is no country in Europe where the true policy on this subject is so imperfectly understood; nor any country, either in ancient or modern times, that ever behaved practically towards its foreign dependencies with so little wisdom or so little justice as England. This will be considered, no doubt, a bold assertion by some. But we think it will be satisfactorily supported by the evidence of fact and reasoning, before we conclude. And that we may reach this conclusion through the progressive stages of patient inquiry and legitimate deductions, we will begin at the fountain head. '"'"' V*

The universal passion—the love of power—which shows itself at every stage of human life, from infancy to old age, and in every state and condition of man, from the lowest extreme of barbarism to the highest pinnacle of refinement, is alone sufficient to account for that thirst of foreign conquest which has, at different periods of the world, led men in large bodies, first to explore, and then to enslave and bring under their dominion, countries weaker than their own. The " glory" of subduing millions to the will of one, has been the only avowed motive of nearly all the great invaders who, from time to time, have quitted their own countries to overrun, if possible, the whole habitable earth. Alexander of Macedon, though achieving more than most of his successors, was but a

Oriental Herald, Vol. 10. P

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