The Life of Charles Dickens, 2권

Chapman and Hall, 1873 - 1412페이지
First edition, the original text inlaid to folio sheets, extra-illustrated with ca. 2060 engravings, drawings, portraits, autographs, theater posters, wrappers of serial parts, periodical clippings and other material, including: 130 autograph letters, notes and documents; 178 portraits and caricatures of Dickens; 461 portraits of other persons; ca. 1200 book illustrations and views; and specimen wrappers from original serial parts.

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99 페이지 - Howe'er it be, it seems to me, 'Tis only noble to be good. Kind hearts are more than coronets, And simple faith than Norman blood.
92 페이지 - Who can listen to objections regarding such a book as this? It seems to me a national benefit, and to every man or woman who reads it a personal kindness. The last two people I heard speak of it were women. Neither knew the other, or the author ; and both said by way of criticism,
131 페이지 - Oh, my dear dear Dickens ! what a No. 5 you have now given us ! I have so cried and sobbed over it last night, and again this morning ; and felt my heart purified by those tears, and blessed and loved you for making me shed them ; and I never can bless and love you enough.
86 페이지 - Mrs. Gamp,' she says, in answer, ' if ever there was a sober creetur to be got at eighteen pence a day for working people, and three and six for gentlefolks — night watching,' " said Mrs. Gamp, with emphasis, " 'being a extra charge — you are that inwallable person.
218 페이지 - I really think I have an idea, and not a bad one, for the periodical. I have turned it over, the last two days, very much in my mind ; and think it positively good. I incline still to weekly ; price three halfpence, if possible ; partly original, partly select ; notices of books, notices of theatres, notices of all good things, notices of all bad ones ; Carol philosophy, cheerful views, sharp anatomization of humbug, jolly good temper ; papers always in season, pat to the time of year ; and a vein...
153 페이지 - Put me down on Waterloo Bridge at eight o'clock in the evening, with leave to roam about as long as I like, and I would come home, as you know, panting to go on. I am sadly strange as it is, and can't settle.
200 페이지 - It was no more my Rome : the Rome of anybody's fancy, man or boy : degraded and fallen and lying asleep in the sun among a heap of ruins : than the Place de la Concorde in Paris is.
25 페이지 - Cant as we may, and as we shall to the end of all things, it is very much harder for the poor to be virtuous than it is for the rich; and the good that is in them shines the brighter for it.
45 페이지 - I know nothing that is so affecting — nothing in any book I have ever read — as Mildred's recurrence to that " I was so young — I had no mother...
246 페이지 - The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, and Observation of David Copperfield the Younger, of Blunderstone Rookery, which he never meant to be published on any account.

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