Pickings up in Ireland, by an Englishman (J. Bury).


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95 페이지 - History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815.
51 페이지 - With deep affection And recollection I often think of Those Shandon bells, Whose sounds so wild would In the days of childhood Fling round my cradle Their magic spells. On this I ponder Where'er I wander, And thus grow fonder Sweet Cork, of thee; With thy bells of Shandon, That sound so grand on The pleasant waters Of the river Lee.
52 페이지 - Adrian's Mole" in, Their thunder rolling From the Vatican, And cymbals glorious Swinging uproarious In the gorgeous turrets Of Notre Dame ; But thy sounds are sweeter Than the dome of Peter Flings o'er the Tiber, Pealing solemnly : Oh!
109 페이지 - II. The Instructive Picture Book. Lessons from the Vegetable World. By the Author of 'The Heir of Redclyffe,' 'The Herb of the Field,
110 페이지 - SCENES in the CAMP and FIELD ; being Sketches of the War in the Crimea...
95 페이지 - Dunn (LR) The Mission of the Spirit ; or, the Office and Work of the Comforter in Human Redemption. By the Rev.
102 페이지 - The Cruise of the Betsey ; or, A Summer Ramble among the Fossiliferous Deposits of the Hebrides. With Rambles of a Geologist ; or, Ten Thousand Miles over the Fossiliferous Deposits of Scotland.
101 페이지 - Original Readings for a Year on subjects relating to SACRED HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY, GEOGRAPHY, ANTIQUITIES, and THEOLOGY. Especially designed for the Family Circle and Sabbath School Teachers.
52 페이지 - Of thy belfry, knelling Its bold notes free, Made the bells of Shandon Sound far more grand on The pleasant waters Of the river Lee. I've heard bells tolling Old Adrian's Mole...
95 페이지 - OF ALISON'S HISTORY OF EUROPE, From the Fall of Napoleon to the Accession of Louis Napoleon.

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