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1502. Consideration of bill providing for appointment of female pilots and avia-

tion cadets in Army Air Forces.

1503. Relief of estate of Nelson Hawkins.

1504. Relief of J. G. Power and L. D. Power.

1505. Relief of Hugh A. Shiels.

1506. Reimburse Navy personnel and former Navy personnel for losses in fire at

Naval Operating Base, Newfoundland.

1507. Establishing Filipino Rehabilitation Commission.

1508. Consideration of bill to expedite payment for land acquired during war

period under condemnation proceedings.

1509. Safeguarding admission of evidence in certain cases.

1510. Conference report on bill to pay customs employees for inspectional services

on Sundays and holidays. *

1511. National war agencies appropriation bill, 1945.

1512. Temporary appointment as officers in Army of U. S. of members of Army

Nurse Corps and certain other females.

1513. Mileage allowances for Military Academy cadets.

1514. Relieving persons in military service from liability of double personal

property taxes.

1515. Limiting production of opium to amount required for medicinal and scien-

tific purposes.
1516. Extending time limit for immunity from court martial of any person con-

nected with Pearl Harbor catastrophe.

1517. Consideration of bill amending wartime sabotage law.

1518. Providing for additional circuit judge for 3d judicial circuit, etc.

1519. Extending for 2 additional years provisions of sugar act of 1937 and taxes

with respect to sugar.

1520. Accepting property for Moores Creek National Military Park.

1521. Conference report on Navy Department and naval service appropriation

bill, 1945.

1522. Conference report on Agriculture Department organic act of 1944.
1523. Providing for appointment of special committee to investigate campaign

expenditures of candidates for House.
1524. Labor Committee to investigate extent of aid given by Federal Govern-

ment, etc., to the physically handicapped.

1525. Disposal of certain obsolete Government publications.*

1526. Labor Department, Federal Security Agency, and related independent

offices appropriation bill, 1945.

1527. Printing additional copies of report on Congress of Industrial Organizations

Political Action Committee. *

1528. Consideration of bill abolishing Jackson Hole National Monument.
1529. Conservation, care, custody, protection, and operation of naval petroleum

1530. Relief of Taylor W. Tonge.

1531. Relief of Bishopville Milling Co.

1532. Relief of estate of Charles A. Straka.

1533. Relief of John T. Cooper.

1534. Relief of John M. O'Connell.

1535. Relief of John J. Beaton.

1536. Relief of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Nelson and Wensel E. Nelson.

1537. Relief of city and county of San Francisco.

1538. Relief of J. Ralph Datesman.

1539. Relief of L. M. Feller Co. and Wendell C. Graus.

1540. Removing limitation as to number of coal leases which may be held by any

common carrier railroad.

1541. Acquiring facilities owned by Olympic Recreation Co. and Olympic Chalet

Co. in Olympic National Park.

1542. Increasing annual appropriation for books for adult blind.

1543. Attendance of Marine Band at national encampment of Grand Army of the

Republic at Des Moines, Iowa.

1544. Conference report on independent offices appropriation bill, 1945.

1545. Relief of Iver M. Gesteland.

1546. Relief of Fermin Salas.

•Corrected print.


1547. Relief of Rebecca A. Knight and Martha A. Christian.

1548. Relief of Anne R. Lewis and Mary Lewis.

1549. Relief of J. M. Miller, James W. Williams, and Gilbert Theriot.

1550. Relief of Mrs. J. C. Romberg.

1551. Relief of Frank Henderson and Frances N. Henderson.

1552. Relief of Diemer A. Coulter and Frances A. Coulter.

1553. Relief of Elizabeth P. Long.

1554. Relief of James T. Wilson.

1555. Relief of Washington Asphalt Co:

1556. Relief of Michael Eatman, jr., and Mrs. Michael Eatman, jr.

1557. Relief of Mr. and Mrs. Cicero B. Hunt.

1558. Relief of Home Insurance Company of New York.

1559. Relief of Anne C. Watt.

1560. Relief of J. William Ingram.

1561. Relief of Lebanon Woolen Mills, Inc.

1562. Relief of Emily F. Reily.

1563. Relief of Victoria Cormier.

1564. Relief of Leo E. Day and Phillip Tamborello.

1565. Relief of Paul E. Brannen.

1566. Relief of Mr. and Mrs. John Cushman.

1567. Relief of legal guardian of William L. Owen.

1568. Relief of Dennis C. O'Connell.

1569. Relief of J. Fletcher Lankton and John N. Ziegele.

1570. Reimburse Coast and Geodetic Survey and Marine Corps personnel for

losses in fire at Marine Barracks, Quantico.

1571. Reimburse Navy and civilian personnel for losses in fire at Naval Air

Station, Norfolk, Va.

1572. Bridge across Mississippi River at Brainerd, Minn.
1573. Bridge across Missouri River near Nebraska City, Nebr.
1574. Bridge across Monongahela River at Dravosburg, Pa.
1575. Bridge across Monongahela River between boroughs of Rankin and Whita-

ker, Pa.

1576. Confirming claim of Robert Johnson and other heirs of Monroe Johnson

to lands in Adams County, Miss.

1577. Relief of Helene M. Murphy.
1578. Payment of compensation to claimants for taking by U. S. of private fishery

rights in Pearl Harbor, T. H.

1579. Relief of Sigfried Olsen, doing business as Sigfried Olsen Shipping Co.

1580. Relief of John D. McDonald.

1581. Appropriation of amounts received from services of conscientious objectors

for Selective Service System.

1582. Consideration of bill extending provisions of sugar act and taxes with

respect to sugar for 2 years.

1583. Consideration of bill relative to conservation, etc., of naval petroleum and

oil-shale reserves.

1584. Suspension of certain requirements relating to work on mine tunnel sites.

1585. Suspension of certain requirements relating to work on mine tunnel sites.

1586. Providing for management and operation of naval plantations outside con-

tinental United States.

1587. Purchase of improvements on Anderson Ranch reservoir site, Boise project,


1588. Amending Federal narcotic laws to apply to isonipecaipe.

1589. Consideration of bill extending time limit for immunity from court martial

re Pearl Harbor catastrophe.

1590. Contract settlement act of 1944.

1591. Foreign Economic Administration appropriation bill, 1945, including lend-

lease and participation in UNRRA.

1592. Amending Federal crop insurance act.

1593. Extending emergency price control act of 1942 and stabilization act of 1942.

1594. Printing Engineer Department report on Hungry Horse Dam, Mont., as


1595. Printing Engineer Department report on Youghiogheny River, Pa. and

Md., as document.
1596. Printing Engineer Department report on Cheat River and tributarios,

W. Va., as document. *

*Corrected print.


the duration of the present war." for six months thereafter. 78TH CONGRESS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES REPORT 2d Session


POST-OFFICE BRANCHES AND STATIONS APRIL, 24, 1944.-Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the state

of the Union and ordered to be printed Mr. BURCH, from the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads,

submitted the following


[To accompany H. R. 4517) The Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads, to whom was referred the bill (H. R. 4517), having considered the same, report favorably thereon with emendments and recommend that 'the bill as amended do pass.

The amendments are as follows:
In line 7 of the bill strike out "repealed” and insert "suspended for

section as follows: Sec. 2. This Act shall remain in effect for the duration of the present war and


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The purpose of this proposed legislation is to remove difficulties of administration which the Post Office Department is now experi, encing in communities having large populations which have developed since the beginning of the war because

of Government projects, war industries, etc. by permitting the establishment of post-office branches

stations in such communities, which it is unable to do in many instances under the present. law.

There is quoted herein a letter addressed to the Speaker of the House by the Postmaster General recommending this legislation and


explaining quite fully the conditions which necessitate its enactment, as follows:


Washington, D. C., March 23, 1944. Hon. Sam RAYBURN, Speaker, House of Representatives,

Washington, D. C. MY DEAR MR. RAYBURN: This Department is experiencing difficulty in administration because of the restriction upon establishing post-office branches and stations contained in the act of_June 9, 1896, entitled "An Act Making appropriations for the service of the Post Office Department for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven” reading as follows:

That hereafter no station, substation, or branch post office shall be established beyond the corporate limits or boundaries of any city or town in which the principal office to which such station, substation, or branch office is attached is located, except in cases of villages, towns, or cities of fifteen hundred or more inhabitants not distant more than five miles as near as may be from the outer boundary or ‘limits of such city or town in which the principal office is located.”

There are now many instances where Government housing projects are built near factories or other Government projects and these settlements have less than 1,500 population and exceed the limit of 5 miles from the corporate boundaries of the nearest town. In many other instances the needs of the armed forces must be met, thus making necessary the establishment of branches. In many of these cases the projects or camps are in localities which were previously fields or woodland and there being no residents who could qualify with respect to residence for the position of postmaster.

To permit of the furnishing of efficient postal service it is requested that the provision in the act above referred to be repealed. A tentative draft of bill to åcoomplish this purpose is submitted herewith with the request that favorable consideration be given thereto.

It has been ascertained from the Bureau of the Budget that this recommendation for legislation is in accord with the program of the President. Very truly yours,

FRANK C. WALKER, Postmaster General.

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