False Colours: A Comedy, in Five Acts, as Performed at the King's Theatre in the Haymarket, by His Majesty's Company from the Theatre-Royal, Drury Lane

T. Cadell, 1793 - 64페이지

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56 페이지 - Pray, what is the case ? I ask no names. Acres. Mark me, Sir Lucius : I fall as deep as need be in love with a young lady; her friends take my part; I follow her to Bath; send word of my arrival; and receive answer that the lady is to be otherwise disposed of. This, Sir Lucius, I call being ill-used.
82 페이지 - My father loved you, Faulkland! and you preserved the life that tender parent gave me; in his presence I pledged my hand— joyfully pledged it— where before I had given my heart. When, soon after, I lost that parent, it seemed to me that Providence had, in Faulkland, shown me whither to transfer without a pause my grateful duty, as well as my affection: hence I have been content to bear from you what pride and delicacy would have forbid me from another. I will not upbraid...
94 페이지 - Sir Lucius — I doubt it is going — yes — my valour is certainly going! — it is sneaking off! — I feel it oozing out as it were at the palms of my hands ! Sir Luc.
44 페이지 - Ah! Julia, that last word is grating to me. I would I had no title to your gratitude! Search your heart, Julia; perhaps what you have mistaken for love, is but the warm effusion of a too thankful heart.
82 페이지 - After such a year of trial, I might have flattered myself that I should not have been insulted with a new probation of my sincerity, as cruel as unnecessary!
25 페이지 - I'm not sorry that she has been happy — no, no, I am glad of that — I would not have had her sad or sick...
15 페이지 - ... geometry, that she might know something of the contagious countries ; — but above all, sir Anthony, she should be mistress of orthodoxy, that she might not mis-spell, and mis-pronounce words so shamefully as girls usually do ; and likewise that she might reprehend the true meaning of what she is saying. This, sir Anthony, is what I would have a woman know ; — and I don't think there is a superstitious article in it.
28 페이지 - Spoke like a man! But pray, Bob, I observe you have got an odd kind of a new method of swearing Acres. Ha! ha! you've taken notice of it — 'tis genteel, isn't it! — I didn't invent it myself though; but a commander in our militia, a great scholar, I assure you, says that there is no meaning in the common oaths, and that nothing but their antiquity makes them respectable; because, he says, the ancients would never stick to an oath or two, but would say, by Jove!
39 페이지 - Why then, Jack, my dear Jack, I will now inform you who the lady really is. Nothing but your passion and violence, you silly fellow, prevented my telling you at first.
57 페이지 - No, by my soul, they drew their broad-swords, and left the lazy sons of peace to settle the justice of it. Acres. Your words are a grenadier's march to my heart.

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