Our servants, their duties to us and ours to them


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164 페이지 - HAYDN'S DICTIONARY; OF DATES, relating to all Ages and Nations. For Universal Reference. Edited by BENJAMIN VINCENT, Assistant Secretary and Keeper of the. Library of the Royal Institution of Great Britain ; and Revised for the Use of American Readers.
164 페이지 - It has the merit of condensing into the smallest possible compass the leading events in the career of every man and woman of eminence. ... It is very carefully edited, and must evidently be the result of constant industry, combined with good judgment and taste.
2 페이지 - Were cherished and rewarded, and a period Set to their sufferings ; when they did not press Their duties or their wills beyond the power And strength of their performance!
163 페이지 - Beeton's Every-Day Cookery and Housekeeping Book. Comprising Instructions for Mistresses and Servants, and a Collection of over 1,650 Practical Recipes. With Hundreds of Engravings and 143 Coloured Figures, showing the modern mode of sending Dishes to Table.
163 페이지 - BEETON'S ENGLISHWOMAN'S COOKERY BOOK. An Entirely New Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Containing upwards of 600 Recipes, 100 Engravings and Four Coloured Plates. With Directions for Marketing, Diagrams of Joints, Instructions for Carving, the Method of Folding Table Napkins, &c., and Descriptions of Quantities, Times, Costs, Seasons, for the various Dishes. Post 8vo, cloth, price is, ; cloth gilt, price is.
163 페이지 - THE PEOPLE'S HOUSEKEEPER. A Complete Guide to Comfort, Economy, and Health. Comprising Cookery, Household Economy, the Family Health, Furnishing, Housework, Clothes, Marketing, Food, &c., &c. Post 8vo, cloth, price is. THE ECONOMICAL COOKERY BOOK, for Housewives, Cooks, and Maids-of-all-Work ; with Advice to Mistress and Servant.
164 페이지 - MD, FRS, assisted by Distinguished Physicians and Surgeons. New Edition, including an Appendix on Sick Nursing and Mothers
164 페이지 - HAYDN'S BIBLE DICTIONARY. For the use of all Readers and Students of the Old and New Testaments, and of the Apocrypha. Edited by the late Rev. CHARLES BOUTELL, MA New Edition, brought down to the latest date. With 100 pages of Engravings, separately printed on tinted paper. In One Vol., medium 8vo, cloth gilt, 7*.
164 페이지 - VINCENT'S DICTIONARY OF BIOGRAPHY, Past and Present. Containing the Chief Events in the Lives of Eminent Persons of all Ages and Nations. By BENJAMIN VINCENT, Librarian of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, and Editor of ** Haydn's Dictionary of Dates.
164 페이지 - BIBLE DICTIONARY" WHISTON'S JOSEPHUS. An entirely New Library Edition of WILLIAM WHISTON'S translation of the Works of FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS. Comprising '' The Antiquities of the Jews," and

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