Brittische bibliothek, 4권

Carl Wilhelm Mueller (of Leipzig)
Bay J. Wendler, 1759

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121 페이지 - Unblam'd thro' Life, lamented in thy End. Thefe are thy Honours ! not that here thy Buft Is mix'd with Heroes, or with Kings thy Duft ; But that the Worthy and the Good fhall fay, Striking their penfive Bofoms— • Here lies GAY?
378 페이지 - Nor will 1 fear even death, to save Her dearer beauties from the grave. Lydia, My heart young Calais inspires, Whose bosom glows with mutual fires, For whom I twice would die with joy, If death would spare the charming boy. Horace. Yet what if Love, whose bands we broke, Again should tame us to the yoke; Should I shake off bright Chloe's chain, And take my Lydia home again?
238 페이지 - Ask you what Provocation I have had? The strong Antipathy of Good to Bad. When Truth or Virtue an Affront endures, Th' Affront is mine, my friend, and should be yours.
372 페이지 - A Poetical Translation of the Works of Horace, with the original text, and critical Notes collected from his best latin and french Commentators, by the Rev.
378 페이지 - I shake off bright Chloe's chain, And take my Lydia home again? Lydia. Though he exceed in beauty far The rising lustre of a star ; Though light as cork thy fancy strays. Thy passions wild as angry seas, When vex'd with storms ; yet gladly I With thee would live, with thee would die.
273 페이지 - BedingfieJd in relation thereto. 2) Copies of the faid pretended Letters fent him by Sir Henry Bedingfield , and of a fubfequent Affidavit made by Mr. Bower of their not being wrote by him, or with his Privity. With iome fhort Obfervations on thofe pretended Letters, proving them to be fpurious. gvo. biefer fieme...
153 페이지 - Catalogue. \ the Criterion, or Miracles examined, with a view to expofe the pretenfions of Pagans and...
226 페이지 - The time of danger, and The means of safety; to which is added, The way of holiness. Being the substance of three sermons, preached on the late public fast-days ... By James Hervey . . . London printed: Boston re-printed: and sold by Edes & Gill, in Queen-street, 1758. 80 p. 2o«m. Sigs.: [A]-K'.

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