A sailing directory for the Ethiopic or south Atlantic ocean


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281 페이지 - The town is fortified with an entrenchment, salient angles, and redoubts, which inclose about half a mile in length, and a quarter of a mile in width.
541 페이지 - Norway, well knew that extreme cold, especially when joined with fatigue, produces a torpor and sleepiness that are almost irresistible. He, therefore, conjured the company to keep moving, whatever pain it might cost them, and whatever relief they might be promised by an inclination to rest. ' Whoever sits down,' said he, ' will sleep ; and whoever sleeps, will wake no more.
298 페이지 - I concluded that what we had seen, which I named Sandwich Land, was either a group of islands, or else a point of the continent. For 1 firmly believe that there is a tract of land near the Pole which is the source of most of the ice that is spread over this vast southern ocean.
296 페이지 - A quantity of fur seal skins were usually brought along with a cargo of oil; but formerly the furriers in England had not the method of dressing them, on which account they were of so little value, as to be almost neglected. At the same time, however, the Americans were carrying from Georgia cargoes of these skins to China, where they frequently obtained a price of from 5 to 6 dollars a-piece.
93 페이지 - Who would have thought (says he) that an island of no greater extent than seventy leagues in circuit, situated between the latitude of 54° and 55", should in the very height of summer be, in a manner, wholly covered, many fathoms deep, with frozen snow; but more especially the SW coast ? The very...
280 페이지 - I know few things more surprising than to see this plant growing and flourishing amidst those great breakers of the Western Ocean, which no mass of rock, let it be ever so hard, can long resist.
76 페이지 - The weather had been fine and clear, and in the morning the air was full of patches of the flocculent web, as on an autumnal day in England. The ship was sixty miles distant from the land, in the direction of a steady though light breeze.
303 페이지 - ... 10 or 12 feet high, riven and splintered in every direction, to an extent of 200 or 300 yards from its edge. At a distance of 3...
140 페이지 - There is every reason to consider it established, that an earthquake is simply " the transit of a wave or waves of elastic compression in any direction, from vertically upwards to horizontally in any azimuth, through the crust and surface of the earth, from any centre of impulse or from more than one, and which may be attended with sound and tidal waves, dependent upon the impulse and upon circumstances of position as to sea and land.
269 페이지 - But even suppose we had, it would have been no proof of the existence of Cape Circumcision ; for I am well assured that neither seals, nor penguins, nor any of the oceanic birds, are indubitable signs of the vicinity of land. I will allow that they are found on the coasts of all these southern lands ; but are they not also to be found in all parts of the southern ocean ? There are, however, some oceanic or aquatic birds which point out the vicinity of land ; especially shags, which seldom go out...

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