General Regulations and Orders for the Army: Adjutant General's Office, Horse-Guards, 12th August, 1811

W. Clowes, 1811 - 326페이지

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34 페이지 - Act, if any person or persons shall receive, have, or take any money, fee, reward, or profit, directly or indirectly, or take any promise, agreement, covenant, contract, bond, or assurance, or by any way, means, or device, contract, or agree to receive or have any money, fee, gratuity, loan of money, reward, or profit, directly or indirectly, for any interest, solicitation, petition, request, recommendatio'n, or...
12 페이지 - ... .When General officers, or persons entitled to a salute, pass guards while in the act of relieving, both guards are to salute, receiving the word of command from the senior officer of the whole.
156 페이지 - Arrival at the Place of final Destination, with One hot Meal in each Day, the Meal to consist of such Quantities of Diet and Small Beer as may be fixed by Her Majesty's Regulations, not exceeding One Pound and a Quarter of Meat previously to being dressed, One Pound of Bread, One Pound of Potatoes or other Vegetables, and Two Pints of Small Beer...
110 페이지 - ... to visit the guards of the camp, and the outposts (unless the latter are put under the command of some particular officer); he is to call out and inspect the inlying piquets as often, and at...
110 페이지 - The ground in front of the encampment is to be cleared, and every obstacle to the movement of the artillery and troops is to be removed. Commanding officers of regiments must take care that their communications with the nearest great routes are open, • and free from any impediments.
3 페이지 - Officers employed as majors of brigade, as town, or fort majors, if under the rank of captains, will take rank and precedence as the junior captains, in the brigade or garrison, in which they are serving.
297 페이지 - Gallant Services and Meritorious Conduct in Engagements with the Enemy, have been distinguished with Titles, Medals, or other Marks of His Majesty's gracious favour. The Names of all such Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates as may have specially signalized themselves in Action. And, The Badges and Devices which the Regiment may have been permitted to bear, and the Causes on account of which such Badges or Devices, or any other Marks of Distinction, have been granted.
10 페이지 - To colonels, the guards of their own regiments turn out and present their arms, once a day; after which, they only turn out with ordered arms. "To lieutenant- colonels and majors, their -own guards turn out with ordered arms once a day.
103 페이지 - In the positions here indicated, the soldier will remain silent and motionless ; and it is particularly enjoined upon all officers to cause the commands above given, on the part of the soldier, to be executed with great briskness and spirit. 326 .... Officers on all duties under arms are to have their swords drawn, without waiting for any words of command for that purpose. I. DRESS PARADE.

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