The Plays of Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Macmillan, 1925 - 411페이지

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23 페이지 - Then, sir, she should have a supercilious knowledge in accounts; and as she grew up I would have her instructed in geometry, that she might know something of the contagious countries ! — but above all, Sir Anthony, she should be mistress of orthodoxy, that she might not mis-spell and mis-pronounce words so shamefully as girls usually do; and likewise that she might reprehend the true meaning of what she is saying.
23 페이지 - Observe me, Sir Anthony — I would by no means wish a daughter of mine to be a progeny of learning; I dont think so much learning becomes a young woman ; for instance — I would never let her meddle with Greek, or Hebrew, or algebra, or simony, or fluxions, or paradoxes, or such inflammatory branches of learning...
234 페이지 - Ay, and when my cousin Sophy -has called you a stiff, peevish old bachelor, and laughed at me for thinking of marrying one who might be my father, I have always defended you, and said I didn't think you so ugly, by any means. Sir P. Thank you. Lady T. And I dared say you'd make a very good sort of a husband.
46 페이지 - Nay, but, Jack, such eyes! such eyes! so innocently wild! so bashfully irresolute ! not a glance but speaks and kindles some thought of love! Then, Jack, her cheeks! her cheeks, Jack! so deeply blushing at the insinuations of her tell-tale eyes!
214 페이지 - No, no, madam, you shall throw away no more sums on such unmeaning luxury. 'Slife ! to spend as much to furnish your dressing-room with flowers in winter as would suffice to turn the Pantheon into a greenhouse, and give a fete champetre at Christmas.
64 페이지 - Ay, i' the name of mischief, let him be the messenger. For my part, I wouldn't lend a hand to it for the best horse in your stable. By the mass ! it don't look like another letter ! It is, as I may say, a designing and malicious-looking letter ; and I warrant smells of gunpowder like a soldier's pouch ! Oons ! I wouldn't swear it mayn't go off ! Acres. Out, you poltroon ! you han't the valour of a grasshopper. Dav. Well, I say no more — 'twill be sad news, to be sure, at Clod Hall ! but I ha
22 페이지 - It is not to be wondered at, ma'am, — all this is the natural consequence of teaching girls to read. Had I a thousand daughters, by Heaven ! I'd as soon have them taught the black art as their alphabet ! Mrs Mai.
240 페이지 - Chorus* Let the toast pass, — Drink to the lass, I'll warrant she'll prove an excuse for the glass, Here's to the charmer whose dimples we prize ; Now to the maid who has none, sir : Here's to the girl with a pair of blue eyes; And here's to the nymph with but one, sir.
222 페이지 - I would have law merchant for them too; and in all cases of slander currency, whenever the drawer of the lie was not to be found, the injured parties should have a right to come on any of the indorsers.
61 페이지 - Come, come, there must be no passion at all in the case — these things should always be done civilly. Acres. I must be in a passion, Sir Lucius — I must be in a rage. — Dear Sir Lucius, let me be in a rage, if you love me. — Come, here's pen and paper. [Sits down to write.] I would the ink were red!

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