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lxiv 페이지 - Councillors. Chancellor of the Exchequer. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench.
lxxiv 페이지 - The King has been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal, granting the dignity of a Baron of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, to the Right Hon.
34 페이지 - DECAY, and will- be found very superior to any teeth ever before used. This method does not require the extraction of roots, or any painful operation, and will give support to and preserve teeth that are loose, and is guaranteed to restore articulation and mastication.
27 페이지 - There is no Proprietary to divide with the Assured the profits of this Institution, which is one of the very few purely Mutual Insurance Offices. In addition, however, to the entire profits of the Society, persons now effecting Insurances will be entitled to participate in the Benefits to be derived from, the Reserved Fund, now amounting to £209,610 8».
27 페이지 - Insurances are granted by this Society on buildings, goods, merchandise, and effects, ships in port, harbour, or dock, from loss or damage by fire in any part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
lxix 페이지 - Osnaburg, was created Duke of York and Albany in Great Britain, and Earl of Ulster in Ireland.
685 페이지 - Pro rege et patria. For my king and country, e Leven and Melville. Pro rege, lege, grege. For the king, the law, and the people, e Bessborough ; v Ponsonby ; 1 Brougham ; and l de Mauley.
lxvi 페이지 - GCMG Grand Cross of St. Michael and St. George. KCMG Knight Commander of St. Michael and St.
237 페이지 - Gladstone, he was created a peer of the United Kingdom by the title of Baron Acton of Aldenham.
49 페이지 - Baron Herbert of Ragland, Chepstow, and Gower, and Baron Beaufort of Caldecot Castle, in the Peerage of England...

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