Annual of Scientific Discovery: Or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art


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135 페이지 - The result was, that when the parties saw the index, it remained very steady ; when it was hidden from them, or they looked away from it, it wavered about, though they believed that they always pressed directly downwards ; and when the table did not move, there was still a resultant of hand force in the direction in which it was wished the table should move, which, however, was exercised quite unwittingly by the party operating. This resultant it is which, in the course of the waiting time, while...
214 페이지 - A Verb Passive expresses a passion or a suffering, or the receiving of an action ; and necessarily implies an object acted upon, and an agent by which it is acted upon : as, to be loved ;
294 페이지 - We all, with one accord, stopped and gazed with wonder and admiration upon a panorama which was now for the first time exhibited to the eyes of civilized man. Occasionally might be seen a good representation of the towering walls of a castle of the feudal ages, with its giddy battlements pierced with loopholes, and its projecting watch-towers standing out 'in bold relief upon the azure ground of the pure and transparent sky above. In other places our fancy...
268 페이지 - The author then instituted experiments to test this method. From these it appeared that distilled water to which a known quantity of ammonia had been added, furnished more ammonia than had been mixed with it ; so that, apparently, all distilled water contains ammonia. The water employed in the following experiments was distilled first with sulphate of alumina, and afterwards over potash, to remove any ammonia and carbonic acid that might be contained in it. In the following table the first column...
136 페이지 - ... only or obliquely, then all effects of table-turning cease, even though the parties persevere, earnestly desiring motion, till they become weary and worn out. No prompting or checking of the...
81 페이지 - Metropolis (although a Steam Engine be not used or employed therein), shall in all cases be constructed or altered so as to consume or burn the Smoke arising from such Furnace...
295 페이지 - This extensive belt of woodland, which forms one of the most prominent and anomalous features upon the face of the country, is from five to thirty miles wide, and extends from the Arkansas river in a southwesterly direction to the Brazos, some four hundred miles.
59 페이지 - ... in which c, was the maximum economical evaporation in feet of water per foot of grate per hour; h, was the total heating surface in square feet, measured inside; and g, was the gratearea in square feet:— A 2 c= •00222— 9 From this it followed :—1st.
226 페이지 - ... when a salt of the one class, as chloride of potassium, decomposes a salt of the other, as sulphate of silver, the result is exactly in conformity with what must occur on the supposition of the compound radical ; and in like manner, the electrolytic decomposition of a sulphate moves the group S O4 to the positive pole, where it either combines with a metal or undergoes decomposition.
133 페이지 - Then, the table turner placed the hands upon the upper card, and we waited for the result. Now, the cement was strong enough to offer considerable resistance to mechanical motion, and also to retain the cards in any new position which they might acquire — and yet weak enough to give way slowly to a continued force.

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