Transactions of the Bombay Geographical Society ..., 6권

Bombay Geographical Society, 1844
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45 페이지 - ... and their hands, noses, ears and feet ornamented with a profusion of bracelets of gold and silver and jewels, are ranged in a line commencing with the youngest and increasing to the rear according to their size and age. At the head of this file, which is composed of all sexes and ages from six to sixty, walks the person who owns them. Behind and at each side two or three of his domestic slaves, armed with swords and spears, serve as a guard. Thus ordered, the procession begins and passes through...
xxi 페이지 - GERMANY; THE SPIRIT OF HER HISTORY, LITERATURE, SOCIAL CONDITION, AND NATIONAL ECONOMY; illustrated by Reference to her Physical, Moral, and Political Statistics, and by Comparison with other Countries. By BISSET HAWKINS, MD, Oxon., FRS, &c.
135 페이지 - It is the curse of kings, to be attended By slaves, that take their humours for a warrant To break within the bloody house of life ; And, on the winking of authority, To understand a law ; to know the meaning Of dangerous majesty, when, perchance, it frowns More upon humour, than advis'd respect.
46 페이지 - Women with children newly born hanging at their breasts and others so old they can scarcely walk are sometimes seen dragged about in this manner. I observed they had in general a very dejected look ; some groups appeared so ill fed that their bones appeared as if ready to penetrate the skin.
xiii 페이지 - RESEARCHES INTO THE CAUSES, NATURE, and TREATMENT of the more prevalent DISEASES of INDIA, and of WARM CLIMATES generally.
19 페이지 - Suggestions Received by the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India for extending the cultivation and Introduction of Useful and Ornamental Plants with a view to the Improvement of the Agricultural and Commercial Recources of India (Calcutta 1851), iii.
46 페이지 - ... in Europe. The intending purchaser, having ascertained there is no defect in the faculties of speech, hearing, etc., that there is no disease present, and that the slave does not snore in sleeping which is counted a very great fault, next proceeds to examine the person : the mouth and teeth are first inspected, and afterwards every part of the body in succession, not even excepting the breasts etc. of the girls, many of whom I have seen handled in the most indecent manner in the public market...
46 페이지 - Thus ordered, the procession begins and passes through the market-place and principal streets, the owner holding forth in a kind of song the good qualities of his slaves and the high prices that have been offered for them. 'When any of them strikes a spectator's fancy, the line immediately stops, and a process of examination ensues which for minuteness is unequalled in any cattle-market in Europe.
63 페이지 - The country inhabited by the Doko is clothed with a dense forest of bamboo, in the depths of which the people construct their rude wigwams of bent canes and grass. They have no king, no laws, no arts, no arms ; possess neither flocks nor herds ; are not hunters, do not cultivate the soil, but subsist entirely upon fruits, roots, mice, serpents, reptiles, ants, and honey — both of which latter they lick like the bear from off their arms and hands.
53 페이지 - Decedents," and to repeal said original sections, -and to repeal sections one (1), two (2), three (3), four (4), five (5), six (6), seven...

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