A Short History of Barbados, from Its First Discovery and Settlement: To the End of the Year 1767

J. Dodsley, 1768 - 121페이지
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93 페이지 - ... adopted by all the colonies. The governor, befides his falary of two thoufand pounds fterling, payable out of the four and half per cent, is intitled to...
99 페이지 - Barbados is divided into five precincts, though there are eleven parifhes ; a judge and four adtftant* prefrde in each precinct. They hold a court of common pleas for trial of all caufes once every month, from the laft Monday in January to the latter end of September. From thefe courts appeals lie in all caufes above ten pounds value to the governor and council $ and from them in all caufes above five hundred pounds to the king and council of Great Britain. The chief judges of the courts of common...
24 페이지 - ... that the public revenue thereof may be in fome meafure proportioned to the public charges and expences ; and alfo well •weighing the great charges that there...
93 페이지 - In the abfence of a governor, the fenior member of courfcil adls as commander in chief; but he cannot diflblve an aflembly : nor can he remove or fufpend any officer, civil or military, without the confent of feven members of council. In other rsfpcfts he has the fame power as a governor.
25 페이지 - ... in maintaining the honour and dignity of his Majesty's authority here ; the publick meeting of the sessions, the often attendance of the Council, the reparation of the forts, the building...
96 페이지 - ... months for recovery of health. They have power to try and determine all controverted elections, and can adjourn themfelves from day to day ; all longer adjournments are made by the commander in chief, or wi h his leave.
101 페이지 - ... confent of the council ; which commiflion is generally iflued foon after the appointment of a governor. The governor, by and with the advice of the council, appoints a chief juftice of the court of grand feflions, or general gaol delivery; which court is appointed by law to be held twice in every year.
104 페이지 - The other part of the coalt the inhabitants have at a very great expence fortified, by erecting forts and batteries within gun-ihot of each other; the repairs and maintenance of which amount to a great charge : an expence fo heavy to the country, that it is to be hoped the government of Great Britain will fome time or other by their affillance alleviate.
107 페이지 - Thus, notwithftanding the uncertainty of profit, the unavoidable expence attending an eftate is certain, and is inconceivably great. Suppofe, for inftance, an eftate of only two hundred and fifty acres: to work this properly...
108 페이지 - Some fpots afford a heavy clay foil, others a light fand ; fome a dark heavy, others a light red earth ; fome parts wet and fwampy, others dry and gravelly : but the land, almoft every where for the produ¿tion of fúcar, requires rich manure ; the preparation of which mews the (kill of the planter, as fome part« of lite ifland require a light, others a heavy manure; and fometimes both in the fame cítate.

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