The Teaching of Civics

Houghton Mifflin Company, 1914 - 145페이지

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102 페이지 - The said bureau shall investigate and report to said department upon all matters pertaining to the welfare of children and child life among all classes of our people, and shall especially investigate the questions of infant mortality, the birth rate, orphanage, juvenile courts, desertion, dangerous occupations, accidents and diseases of children, employment, legislation affecting children in the several States and Territories.
131 페이지 - ... should not take any active part in political management or in political campaigns for precisely the same reasons that a judge, an army officer, a regular soldier, or a policeman is debarred from taking such active part.
12 페이지 - Study, member — of each political group that does work for him It should help him to realize as concretely and vividly as possible : 1. What the most important things are that are done for its members by each political unit. 2. The general way in which the members of each group do their work — in other words, learn about the officers, laws, elections, taxations, etc., of each unit as merely the machinery by which needed work is done.
102 페이지 - It was the opinion of the commmittee that the duty devolves primarily upon the States to legislate upon this important subject, and the States can more effectively deal with it. But it seemed to the committee that there was a duty upon the part of the National Government to aid in getting information and data with a view of assisting in this work, and that the National Government could get such information and data more effectively than the respective States.
5 페이지 - ... degree of success will depend, of course, upon the natural etuff we have to work with. Personalities will vary in strength and quality, but the aim is self-realization to the fullest possible degree for every one, and that for the purpose of service — that, with the social aim, constantly dominant. The education of the individual for himself alone has had its day ; there must be the individual brought to as high a degree as possible of self-realization; but more than that, the individual must...
92 페이지 - Duties of Officers. Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Board of Directors.
viii 페이지 - The child who has tried to participate in any given situation will have a sense of reality about it that can never be had from conversation or books.
5 페이지 - December 1916. CIVIC EDUCATION. 1800. Burgeon, AL Civil government and citizenship. Wyoming school journal, 13:80-85, November 1916. The writer says that if the nation at large Is to enter upon a civic awakening, and the majority is to take part in the betterment movement, it behooves the public school world to develop a course in civics which in a measure will correspond to the college courses in political and social science. Gives some suggestions for a course in civics that aims at the awakening...

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