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158 페이지 - I go to war. I am sent. I go to fight. I am sent. Clothe me with an iron breastplate. Give to me the iron shield. I am not strong. May I take on strength. I am weak. May I attain vigor.
112 페이지 - ... The king of Burma favoured us early this year with the obliging requisition that we should cede to him Moorshedabad and the provinces to the east of it, which he deigned to say were all natural dependencies of his throne.' And at the time of the disputes on the frontier of Arakan, in 18231824, which led to the war of the two following years, the Governor of Arakan made a similar demand. We may therefore reasonably conclude that at the close of the 1 3th century of the Christian era the kings...
130 페이지 - Each village, with its scant domain, is an independent State, and every chief a prince ; but now and then a little Napoleon arises, who subdues a kingdom to himself, and builds up- an empire. The dynasties, however, last only with the controlling mind.
162 페이지 - There is a hint on this subject in Dr. Richardson's account of the red Karens, who, he says, represent themselves as having come from the north west. Malte Brun, too, arguing from the accounts of Marco Polo, confirms this tradition. He concludes, " Thus the country of Caride is the southeast point of Thibet, and perhaps the country of the nation of the Cariaines ; which is spread over Ava.
lxxii 페이지 - Abstract of the results of the hourly meteorological observations taken at the Surveyor General's Office, Calcutta, in the month of April 1855.
147 페이지 - Lord of heaven and earth, God of the mountains and hills. I have destroyed the productiveness of the country. Do not be angry with me, do not hate me ; but have mercy on me and pity me. I now repair the mountains. I heal the hills and the streams with my hands. May there be no failure of crops, no unsuccessful labor, or unfortunate efforts in my country. Let them be dissipated on the distant horizon. Make the paddy fruitful and the rice abundant. Cause the vegetables to flourish.
91 페이지 - ... this religion are called the thirty great Arees and their disciples. Their doctrines are represented as a complete subversion of all moral law. They taught, it is said, whosoever shall commit murder he is freed from his sins by repeating a prayer or invocation ; whosoever shall kill his parents, by repeating a prayer he is freed from the punishment due to the five greatest sins.
161 페이지 - ... and having drunk it they said, "Now that we have made peace, if any one breaks the engagement, if he does not act truly, but goes to war again and stirs up the feud again, may the spear eat his breast, the musket his bowels, the sword his head; may the dog devour him, may the hog devour him, may the stone devour him!
67 페이지 - Bijipur, wished to enter into a matrimonial alliance with Akbar, and offered his daughter to Prince Danyal. To settle matters, Akbar despatched the Mir to the Dekhan, who, in AH 1013, after making, near Pattan, the necessary preparations for the marriage feast, handed over the bride to Prince Danyal. After this he repaired to Agra,:]: in order to lay the tribute and the presents before the emperor, the best oi all which up to that time had come from the Dokhan.
153 페이지 - The visitor next kills a hog or fowl, and performs the same rites on the other. On consulting thy fowl's bones, he says, " If the fowl's bones are unfavourable we will die separate, we will go separate, we will work separate, we will not visit each other's houses, we will not go up each other's steps, we will never see each other but for a short time." If the response is favourable, the two have entered into the relations of Do, and consider themselves pledged friends, bound to help each other as...

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