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in the battle which resulted in the capture of Burgoyne, and was one of those who took the account of the stores, etc., found in his camp, and also had charge of many prisoners. He was afterwards stationed at West Point and White Plains. When the American Army was retreating from Quebec, under Gen. Wooster, and the enemy close upon their heels, he saved the public chest, and lost his own baggage and wardrobe, as valuable as any officer's in the line. He was thus left destitute of clothing, not having sufficient to change his linen for thirty-five days. He received, on the settlement of his accounts as paymaster, — the total of which was $865,700.81, -a certificate from the paymastergeneral, wherein his conduct was highly approved, and, it is said, he was almost the only paymaster who had faithfully accounted for the public moneys. He was at the battle of Ticonderoga, and, when the army, under Gen. Sinclair, retreated from that place, he again saved the books and property intrusted to his care, and lost most of his own. He was soon after relieved, having settled his second accounts, amounting to $104,518.

“Nov. 5, 1778, he was honorably discharged, at his own request. When the militia of Boston was reorganized he was elected a major, and, soon after, a colonel." March 21, 1799, he was elected brigadier-general of the Legionary Brigade. In 1809, he was chosen major-general, but did not accept, and immediately resigned his office of brigadier-general. He was clerk of the Artillery Company in 1787; lieutenant in 1788; its captain in 1792 and 1798, and its treasurer from 1798 to 1810. He was for many years a fireward, and president of the board of health, assistant treasurer of the Cincinnati from 1794 to 1809, and treasurer from 1809 to 1811, and often representative to the General Court. In 1810, he lost his property by an unexpected failure, and his embarrassments continued during life. His integrity and honor were never questioned, and the people placed him, seven years successively, in the responsible office of county treasurer, until his decease, Nov. 29, 1819. The fidelity with which he discharged its duties induced his constituents to pronounce him the best treasurer that had ever filled the office.

“As a neighbor and friend, he was zealous and charitable, frequently employed by the rich to bestow their secret alms upon the virtuous poor. He was not, by talent or education, a great man, but formed by nature an upright one. The numerous instances of being guardian, referee, etc., prove his integrity. He was prompt, but prudent; rigid, but not austere; independent, yet popular; shrinking from public honors, yet deserving them; fearless in discharge of public, social, and moral duties, yet amiable and beloved by all. The composure with which he met his troubles, and even saw the approach of death, show the sterling value of his heart and mind. He never communicated his troubles, because it might disturb others; but rather suffered them to grow upon him in secret, while the world supposed him cheerful In his family, he was spotless, kind, and affectionate ; his fireside was the seat of hospitality; his home, the mansion of happiness. He was buried in the family tomb, near the centre of the Chapel Burial-Ground.”

At his funeral, the Society of the Cincinnati, the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, the light infantry company (called, in his honor, the “Winslow Blues”), were present to pay respect to his memory. His daughter, Mary Ann, who died in 1882, was buried in the same tomb.

* “Major John Winslow [1786) was appointed Bird [1787] was appointed major, vice Winslow Lieut.-Col. of the Boston regiment, vice Lieut.-Col. [1786] promoted.”—Massachusetts Centinel, March Farrington [1786) displaced, and Capt. William 12, 1788.

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The record of the Artillery Company for 1786 is as follows : — “After an Intermission of the Artillery Company's Assembling during the War of the United States with Great Britain, in which many of its members were engaged, and subsequent thereto were in a dispersed situation, until the year seventeen hundred & eighty-six, when they again Assembled under the Command of their last elected Officers and had the honor of leading in the Military duties of the then particularly important day [that is, the insurrection under Daniel Shays] under which Command they continued until the return of their anniversary Election in June, 1787, at which time, Maj. Gen. John Brooks [1786], Col. Josiah Waters [1769], and Capt. Ebenezer Torrey [1765] were elected officers, and His Excellency John Hancock, Esq., Governor and Commander-inChief of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was pleased, agreeable to ancient and usual form, to deliver the respective badges to the officers. “Boston, 4th August 1786. The Committee appointed by the members of the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company at their last meeting, in Faneuil Hall, take leave to report by recommending the following votes, vizt: “1st. Voted, That the Officers elected in June 1774, take charge of ye said Company and continue therein until the Election in June next. “2d. Voted, That Capt William Bell [1756] assemble the Members of the said Company at some convenient time & place, at least once every week, in order to learn ye Manual Exercise & evolution as directed by ye Captain General previously to turning out on ye Muster day in September next. “3d. Voted, That the Company turn out to do Military duty on the first Monday in September next, & the Capt. is requested to order provision to be made at Faneuil Hall on ye evening as usual. “4th. Voted, That the Expenses on ye evening for Exercise previous to ye Muster days of this year be paid out of ye Company Chest; as also for the provision mentioned in ye preceding Vote. “5th. Voted, That the Commission Officers provide such Military appendages as may be found wanting for the said Company, & ye Treasurer is hereby authorized & empowered to pay the same & lay the account so paid before the Company on ye evening of September, when ye Company will be assembled. “6th. Voted, That the Treasurer be requested to settle the Bond & Mortgage due from Mr Brown upon the best possible terms, and report his doings thereon to the said Company as soon as may be. “7th. Voted, That the Treasurer, with a Committee, wait upon His Excellency, Gov. Bowdoin with the Charter of the Company, & acquaint him with such of our proceedings as may be judged necessary. “8th. Voted, That the Treasurer be requested to exchange what monies he shall have on hand (after paying the aforementioned Expenses, & reserving one hundred Dollars for the use of the Company in June next) for the consolidated Securities of this Commonwealth, and report his doings thereon as soon as may be. “9th & lastly, it is recommended that as soon as convenient the Members of the said Company will furnish themselves with, & come into the following Uniform, vizt: a plain Hatt & Cockade, Blue Coat, white Waistcoat & Breeches & White Stockings. All which is submitted. Voted, that the Foregoing Votes be recorded in ye Company's Book. Attest: WILLIAM DAwes, Jr. Clerk.

* There seems to be no knowledge of the meetings of the Company in 1782.

“Friday evening, 1st Sept. [1786] Voted, to have ye Band of Musick to play on our Military Muster on ye 4th inst and ye expense of the same to be paid by ye Treasurer, Col. Josiah Waters [1769], Mr Daniel Rea [Jr., 1770], William Dawes Jr. [1768]

Committee to agree with them. Attest: William Dawes, Jr. Clerk.

“Monday, 4th September [1786]." Voted, the Clerk be directed to wait on ye gentlemen who have this day been admitted members of this Company in order that they may sign the Company's Book, & also to request their attendance with their firelocks & Bayonetts at Faneuil Hall, on Wednesday Evening next, & so from time to time as ye Company may meet for discipline. Voted, the Clerk be directed to inform all ye Members of ye foregoing, that they may govern themselves accordingly. “Attest: WM DAwes, Jr. Clerk.

“Wednesday Evening, 27th Sept. [1786] Voted, to have the Band of Musick on our next Muster day, being ye first Monday in October next, & ye expense be paid out of ye Company's stock. Attest. WM DAwes, Jr. Clerk.

“Monday, Muster day. 2d Oct. 1786. Voted, there be a Committee to join the Treasurer to settle with the debtors to ye Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company upon ye best possible manner; & also, to Revise the list of ye members & report their doings as soon as may be. Committee, Capt Wm Bell [1756], Col Thomas Dawes [1754], Col Josiah Waters [1769], Maj. Wm Dawes, Jun [1768], Capt John Winslow [1786], Capt J. Stutson [1765], Capt Amasa Davis [1786] “Attest. WM DAwes, Jun. Clerk. “October 11th, 1786. At Faneuil Hall, “Voted, the Company continue its Military exercise on Wednesday Evening; the Roll to be called at seven o'clock. Those members then absent to pay a fine of six pence; if absent the evening [to pay] one shilling, unless sick or out of town. Such members as attend without arms be considered as Absent & pay a fine of 1/. “Voted That the Clerk be directed to notify the Company of the above vote, & to call the Company together on Wednesday Evening next with their Arms & Accoutrements. “Voted, Col Josiah Waters [1769], Capt John Winslow [1786], & Mr. Thomas S. Boardman [1774] be a Committee to light the Hall for duty as above. “Attest, WILLIAM DAwes, Jun. Clerk.

“October 19th, 1786. The Committee appointed Oct. 2d, 1786, for the purpose of Revising the list of the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company, and for the purpose of Enquiring into the state of their finances beg leave to report so far as respects the Revision of the list, that the following Persons be considered as Members, & the Clerk be directed to enter their Names on the Book. That no Person be considered as a Member, whose name is not entered in the Company's New Book opened August

William DAwes, Jr. Clerk.

4th, 1786. Attest

* “On Monday last [Sept. 4, 1786] for the first time, since the commencement of the late Revolution, the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, commanded by Major Bell, paraded at the State house in this town, and, preceded by a band of musick, marched into the common, where they performed a number of military exercises—after which they marched to Faneuil Hall, discharged a volley of small arms and finished the day much to their honour, and the credit of the town.

“It was gratifying to the real friends of this country, to see our aged citizens, some of whom were near seventy years of age, equipped in the accoutrements of soldiers and setting an example to the younger part of the community, that should their country require their aid in the field, they might be found ready disciplined and fit for immediate service.” — Massachusetts Centinel, Seft. 6, 1786.


Capt. Samuel Barratt [ 1755].
John Deming [1756].
John Bartlett [1769]

Capt. William Bell [1756]. Col. Thomas Dawes [1754]. John Stutson [1765].

List of MEMBERs, 1786.

Col. Joseph Jackson [1738].
Capt. Daniel Jones [1754].
Col. Thomas Dawes [1754].
Capt. William Bell [1756].
Robert Jenkins [1756].
Col. Edward Proctor [1756].
Benjamin Edes [1760].
Col. Thomas Marshall [1761].
Capt. Caleb Champney [1762].
Capt. John Wells [1765].
Maj.-Gen. William Heath [1765].
Capt. Christopher Marshall [1765].
Maj. Ephraim May [1765].
Capt. John Stutson [1765].
Ebenezer Torrey [1765].
William Homes [Jr., 1766].
Maj. William Dawes, Jr. [1768].
Capt. Jacob Williams [1768].
Capt. Israel Loring || 1768].
John Fullerton [1768].
Capt. Joseph Pierce [1769].
Col. Josiah Waters [Jr., 1769].
Capt. Manasseh Marston [1769].
John Bartlett [1769].
Daniel Rea [Jr., 1770].
Capt. John Hinkley [1772].
Jeremiah Bumstead [1773].
Capt. Joseph Eaton [1773].
William Walker [1773].
Stephen Gore [1773].
William Todd, Jr. [1773].
Samuel Belknap [1773].
Samuel Wild [1773].
John Howe [1773].
Nathaniel Call [1774].
Joseph Spear [Jr., 1774].
Thomas S. Bordman [1774].
Jacob Gill [1774].
Maj.-Gen. John Brooks [1786].
Hon. Caleb Davis [1786].

John Lucas, Esq. [1786].
Col. John May [1786].
Maj. Robert Davis [1786].
Capt. John Winslow [1786].
Capt. William Cunningham [1786].
Capt. Joshua Farrington [1786].
Capt. Alexander Hodgdon [1786].
Isaac Davenport [1786].
William Brown [1786].
Capt. Amasa Davis [1786].
John Coolidge [1786].
Samuel Emery [1786].
Richard Gardner [1786].
Capt. William Bordman, Jr. [1786].
Andrew Oliver [1786].
Zechariah Hicks [1786].
Thomas Newell, Jr. [1786].
Samuel Greenough [1786].
James Lanman [1786].
Jonathan Balch [1786].
Capt. Henry Prentiss [1786].
Joseph Coffin Boyd [1786].
Pepperell Tyler [1786].
Russell Sturgis [1786].
Samuel Todd [1786].
Capt. Thomas Wells [1786].
Capt. John Johnston [1786].
Jonas Clark Minot [1786].
Maj.-Gen. Benjamin Lincoln [1786].
John Avery, Jr. [1786].
Col. Ebenezer Battelle [1786].
Capt. Francis Green [1786].
Capt. T. Phillips [1786].
Capt. Joseph Ford [1786].
Samuel Gore [1786].
Edward Curtis [1786].
Andrew Cunningham [1786].
John Brazer [1786].
Samuel Hastings [1786].
Thomas Clark [1786].

“At a Meeting at Faneuil Hall, 19th October, 1786. Your Committee report the following members, who now stand on the Company's old Book, delinquent as neglecting their duty, viz: Capt Hopestill Capen [1763], Mr. Thomas Sherburne [1769], Maj. John Boyle [1769], Mr. Levi Jennings [1764], Mr. Thomas Russell [1769], Mr. Martin Bicker [1771], Mr Samuel Searle [1765]; also, your Committee recommend that you reconsider your Vote of the 4th August 1786, giving direction to your Treasurer to invest the Company Monies in Government Securities, and order that he retain the same in his own hand until further orders. N. B. The above accepted.

“Attest, William DAwes Jr. Clerk.

“At a meeting of the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company, 25th October, 1786. Wednesday Evening.

“His Excellency, Capt General, by the Gentlemen Selectmen of the Town of Boston applied to the Company for their aid in the present emergency of Public Affairs. The Company immediately unanimously Voted, their readiness to exert themselves in everything in their power in support of the Government of the Commonwealth, and to hold themselves in readiness on the shortest notice to turn out in defence of the same. Voted, unanimously, that the Company be reviewed at Faneuil Hall on Saturday 5 o'clock, 28th inst: and that it be strictly enjoined on every member to appear compleat, with twenty-five rounds of powder & Ball, with every equipment necessary to compleat a soldier for immediate service, & agreeable to His Excellency's request, the Company appoint a Committee consisting of five members of the Company, viz: Maj. Ephraim May [1773], Capt Henry Prentiss [1786], Col Josiah Waters [1769], Col John May [1786], Capt Caleb Champney [1762] to find gentlemen, who, upon the present emergency of publick affairs, to accept of the command of the several companies of Militia of the Town of Boston. The Committee appointed on this Business, & the gentlemen who were recommended accepted their appointments.

“At a Meeting at Faneuil Hall, 26th Oct. 1786. Voted, Col. Josiah Waters [1769], act as Adjutant of the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company until the Muster day in April 1787. Attest; WILLIAM DAwes Jr. Clerk.

“At a Meeting, Saturday Evening 28th inst. Voted, Doctor John Warren, Esq, be Surgeon of the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company — Unanimous in said vote. Voted, the Company meet on Monday Evening for exercise at six o'clock instead of Wednesday Evening as was Voted 11th inst.

“Saturday, The Company met agreeable to orders, when the members were compleat according to orders, and again declared their readiness to comply with the orders of the Commander in Chief on the shortest Notice, and adjourned to Monday evening the 3oth inst. when William Dawes Jr. [1768] was appointed Commissary of ye Company & John Lucas Esq. [1786] Qr. Master. Oct. 30th. Voted, the Clerk be directed to procure black & white ba/s for the admission of Members, & that persons be proposed for admission on next Monday evening. Those persons who are admitted, to comply with all the Rules & Regulations of the Company. & to be legally admitted as members on the first Field day, if the Company approve their conduct through the winter. r

“Nov. 6th. Voted, no Member of the Company be put on the Honorary List except on Muster days. Voted, That no person be admitted a Member of this Company unless he has the Yeas of three-quarters of the Members present.”

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