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paraphrase of a very simple fable from Pilpay, and abounded in all those terms of expression to which the natives affix a Value when expressing themselves in the Persian language. Had the colloquial powers of Lieutenant Smith been equal to his skill in translation we should have had no hesitation in placing hiui very high among the first of those who have come before us. Lieutenaut Smith's style in conversation, however, is far from defective, and his pronunciation is not liable to any particular objection."

"The translations of Lieut. Rankin and Knsigu Prescott into Hindustani were executed in a very respectable style, which, without holding forth any claims to distinguished elegance, possessed the substantial merit of being extremely clear and intelligible. Mr. Prescott's translation was without a fault, and Lieut. Kankin's exhibited very few, and those of a trifling description.

"In the colloquial part of the ex

animation, Lieut. Rankin was sufficiently successful, and Ensign Prescott particularly so; and adverting to the very short period which has elapsed since the arrival of the latter in the country, and the still shorter term of his studies, (only nine months) we cannot forbear expressing our high sense of the talents and assiduities, which have led to such acquirements in a space of time so comparatively trifling. The result of our examination is, that we consider these three gentlemen particularly .entitled to the usual honorary reward, to which we beg leave to recommend them accordingly."

The Governor in Council has conferred on Lieut. Smith of 24th regiment Native Infantry, the further reward established by the general order of 17th Nov. 1812, for his proficiency in the Persian language, and the usual donation for tlie acquirement of the Hindustani, on Lieutenants R. Young and A. Rankin, and Ensign F. A. Prescott.


We have been favoured with the following account of the proceedings at Hertford College, on the 19th of December, when a deputation of the Court of Directors visited that institution, for the purpose of receiving the report of the College Council as to the result of the general examination of the students then recently concluded, and of presenting the prizes awarded to such of the students as had distinguished themselves.

The deputation on their arrival at the college proceeded to the council room, where the under-mentioned documents were laid before them.

A report on the state of the discipline And literature of the college.

The several examination lists.

A list of the students who had been awarded prizes, and had obtained other honourable distinctions at the late examination, and

A list of the twelve best Persian writers.

A list of the students then leaving the college for India, with the rank assigned to each by the college council, according to his industry, proficiency, and general good behaviour.

The report afforded the deputation very great satisfaction ; it appearing thereby that the college exhibited a gratifying aspect of propriety and order, and that the term then on the point of conclusion had been remarkable for a praiseworthy spirit of industry and emulation, the evidence of which was found in the honourable and distinguished attainments of many

individuals, in the various departments of literature in which the students are instructed

The Oriental visitor also bore testimony to the veiy great proficiency which some of the studentshad made that term,, in the Oriental languages.

The deputation had thus the gratification of learning, that the institution was rewarding the enlightened liberality of its founders, by forming habits of application, and laying foundations of knowledge, which could not but highly conduce to the honour and prosperity of the Company's service. .

The deputation afterwards proceeded to the hall, where tlie students had previously been assembled, and the following proceedings took place:—

The clerk to the committee of college read the list of the students, to whom prizes and other honourable distinctions had been awarded, as well as a list of the twelve best Persian writers, both of which lists are annexed to this account.

Mr. Charles James Barnetf, a student in his second term, read an English Essay of his own composition, the subject of which was as follows:—" The causes of the superiority of Great Britain are noless moral than political;" in which that gentleman displayed a considerable share of talent.

Reading and translating in the Sanscrit, Bengalese, Arabic, Persian, aud Hindustani languages took place, in which the several students, who, in consequence of their merits were selected for that p.urpoge, acquitted themselves to the great satisfaction of the deputation.

-Specimens of Oriental writing were exhibited.

Prizes and Honourable Distinctions awarded at the public Examination at the East India College, December 1816.

_ Prizes were presented agreeably to the list before-mentioned.

The clerk read the rank of the students leaving college this term, as settled by the 'council, &c.

The business of the day terminated with the Chairman (T. Reid, Esq.) addresssing the students to the following effect:—

Hesaid, this was the second time he had had toe honour to address that respected and interesting assemblage—respected from- the character, the talents, and superintendaoce of the principal and professore, and the Oriental visitor; and interesting from the occupations the progress, and the prospects of the students.

He stated, that it was with regret that. he had to remark upon some irregularities on the part of some of the students, in not attending at chapel and elsewhere; fcut with that exception, which he- trusted would not be necessary to remark upon on any future occasion, it was a source of great satisfaction to the other members of the committee of directors and himself, to receive such favourable accounts of the good order and morality which prevailed, and to learn, ami to observe, that such great progress had been made in the general literature of the college; but especially in the acquirement of the native languages, which must prove in the future situation of the students of the utmost use p.nd importance. He was particularly desirous of marking his sense of the attainment" of Mr. Boulderson and Mr. Morris in the Sanscrit, and lamented that the rules of the college did not permit prizes to be awarded to them on that point. They might be assured, however, of the essenfial use this additional acquirement might be to them, and he exhorted the other young gentlemen to follow their example.

To those who had yet some time to remain in the collet"', be anxiously and earnestly recommended to continue more and more in the pursuit of the advantages which they had in part acquired, and in that orderly and moral conduct on which toe had previously remarked.

Tt> those who were about to depart, many of whom bad markedly distinguished themselves, he advised in terms of euetgy the ose and remembrance of the wtdlent education they had received, and as '.key were now to embark on (he ■tide ocean of Life, he trusted tbey would deserve, and he earnestly hoped they would receive, the countenance and protection ef a, beueficent Providence.

Asiatic Journey—So. 13.


1. Mr. Andrew Robertson, mcrlnl lu law, and with great credit In other departments.

2. Mr. Daniel Kllott, medal in political economy, and with great credit In other departments.

3. Mr. Charles Frassr, prize in Bcngalesc, and highly distiuguished In other departments.

4. Mr. Thomas Randall Wheatley, highly distinguished, and a prize awarded by special vote of council for his general industry and proficiency.

5. Mr. I.estork Robert Reld, medal In classics, medal In mathematics, medal in Persian, prize of hooks in Hindustani, first prize in drawing.

ft. Mr. George Stanley Hooper, prize for Persian writing, second prize in drawing, and highly distinguished in other departments.

7. Mr. John Collins Munro, medal in Sanscrit, and highly distinguished In otherdepartments.


Mr. Charles Crawford Parks, prize isv classics, prize in French, and with great credit in other departments.

Mr. George James Morris, prize in, political economy, in history, in mathematics, in Persian, and highly distinguished in other departments.

Mr. Henry Smith Bouldcrson, prize in flengalese, and highly distinguished in other departments.

Mr. George Clerk, prize in law.

Mr. Alexander Falrlie Bruce, prize in Hindostanni, and with great credit la other departments.

8£C0*D TERM.

Mr. JoimSef moor Kenric Biteoe, prize in history, prize in classics

Mr. Charles James Barsett, medal for an English essay.

Mr. Henry Fetherstco, arize in mathematics.

Mr. Sydenham Clarke, prize In few, prize in French, aad whh great credit in other departments.

Mr. Colin Lindsay, prize in Persian, prize in Hiadustaani, and with great credit in other departments.

Mr. Brian Houghton Hodgson, prne in Bengalese, aad highly distinguished in other departments.


Mr. John Pollard WinYmghhy, prise i« Persian, prize in Hinshtitonaj.

Vol. IIL M

Mr. George Robert Gosling, prise iu classics.'

Mr. William Raikee Clarke, prize in Bcngalese, third prizj in drawing.

Mr. John Trotter, prize in mathematics, and highly distinguished.

Mr. William, Parry Okedon, prize in French.

•- The following students were highly distinguished :—

Mr. John Campbell,
Mr. William Page,
Mr. Lestock Davies,
Mr. William Gordon.

The following students passed the ex-Hiuinatiou with great credit:—

Mr. Richard Woodward,

Mr. Cornelius Cardew,

Mr. Robert Barlow,

Mr. Frederick Currie. Mr. Maclean was first of his cl;iss in Sanscrit, and with great progress; but forfeited the prize.for want of good proficiency in other departments, according to the regulations of the College.

Mr. Dampier would have had great credit, but lost this distinction by giving up the departments of Hindustani and Bengalese.

List of the best Persian Writers. Mr. Hooper, Mr. Cardew. The undermentioned students, being of equalmerit, are alphabetically arranged:—

Messrs. Brnce, Clarke, Davisou, Davis, Grote, Hodgson, Reid, Shore, Smith, Temple,, Wiilock.

The foregoing account of the proceedings at Hertford College, on the ISlli of last moath, seems of itself to furnish no slight vindication of that Institution from the reflections which have been cast upon it, by persons who represent it as an uninterrupted scene of riot and disorder, and as not answering any of the purposes for which it was founded.

Having likewise been favoured with tl(e rank of the students now about to proceed to India, as fixed by the College Council, we beg leave to lay the same before our readers.

Mental Students. 1st Class.—Mr. Frazcr.

2<l Class.—Mr. Campbell, Mr. Woodward, Mr. Turner..

Ad Class.—Mr.Towusend, Mr. Franco.

Madras Students \st Class.—Mr. Muuro, Mr. Wheatly, Mr. Elliott.

2d Class.—-Mr. Robertson, Mr. Hooper, Mr. Wiilock.

'Ad Class.—Mr. Gordon, Mr. Huddleston, Mr. Grant, Mr. Davison, Mr. Clemeutson.

Hombinj Students. 1st Class.—Mr. Lestock Robert Reid, Mr. George Giberne.

3d Class.—Mr. Richard Torin, Mr. John Forbes, Mr. Richard Mills, Mr. Charles Maitland Bushby, Mr. Edward liiiclgiiian Mills.



March 16, 1816.—The Honourable Edward Garduer, Resident at the court of the Rajah of Nipaul.

Mr. Gerald Wellesley, First Assistant to the Resident at the court of the Rajah of Nipaul.

March 2!Hh, 1816.—Mr W. 0. Salmon, a Member of the Board of Revenue.

Mr. A. Wright, Collector of Shahjehanpore.

Sir F. Hamilton, Bart, ditto Benares.

Mr. W. Rennell, Deputy ditto of Government Customs and Town Duties at .Benares.

Mr. C. W. Steer, Collector of Bhaugulpore.

Mr. A Campbell, ditto of Midnnpore.

Mr. M. Ricketts, ditto of Goruckpore.

Mr. H. G. Christian, ditto of Agrah.

Mr. R. Barlow, ditto of Government Customs and Town Duties atFurruckabad.

Mr. P. Y. Lindsay, Assistant to the Collector of Tirhoot.

April 19,1816.—Mr.Benjamin Tucker, Collector of Jessore. ■ .-■•-*•.

April 6, 1816.—Mr. Benjamiti Taylor, Assistant to the Secretary to the Board of Trade in the Commercial Department.


W. Tolfrey, Esq. to be Chief Translator to Governor, vice the Honourable J. D'Oyly, resigned.

S. Sawers, Esq. to be Revenue Agentfor the Interior.

S. D. Wilson, Esq. to be Third Assistant to the Resident, and Judicial Agent and Magistrate of Kandy.


17th Light Dragoons.—Troop Quarter Master Thomas Nicholson, to be Cornet without purchase, (vice T. McKenzie, removed to the 24th Li^ht Dragoons) 23th. March, 18I6.

2Jth Light Dragoons. Cornet R.J .Shaw, to be Lieutenant without purchase, vice E. Picard, resigned.—1st March, 1816.

25th Light Dragoons.—Cornet Charles Wethcrall, from the 8th Light Dragoons, to be Lieutenant without purchase, vice H. C. Ainicl, removed to the 17th, LigtaJ Dragoons,-»-2d January, 181S> ..

I7th Foot. — Ensign M. Mulkern, to

be Lieutenant without purchase, vice 11.

Laclilan, promoted.—1st Felmrary, 1816.

24th Foot.—Ensign Jolin Norman, to

be Lieutenant without purchase, vice

Russell, deceased.—21st November, 1815.

59th Foot.—EJisign J. F. Macklean, to

be Lieutenant without purchase, vice E.

Mitchell,deceased.—20th Febraary,18l6.

'84th Foot.—Ensign George Byne, to

be Lieutenant without purchase, vice H.

Scott, resigned.—1st March, 1816.

Ensign H. W. Burn, to be Lieutenant without purchase, vice James Hingstou, discharged by the sentence of a General Court Martial.—2d March, 1816.

87th Foot.—Lieutenant J. Turner, to be Captain of a Company without purchase, vice W. King, deceased. — 20t!i March, 1816.

'Eusign O'Grady, to be Lieutenant without purchase, vice S. Mitiuey, deceased. —3lst January, 1816.

89th Foot.—Lieutenant It. Sheeby, to be Captain of a Company without purchase, vice Oakes, promoted.—1st Jan. 1816.

Ensign J. Oughton, to be Lieutenant without purchase, vice B. Sheeby, promoted.—ditto.

87th Foot.—N. B. For H. V. Lloyd, Gent, to be Ensign without purchase, vice J. Carroll promoted; read H. V. Lloyd, Gent, to be Ensign without purchase, vice O'Grady promoted.

HeadQ'iarteri, Calcutta, April I, 1816. The Bight Honourable the Commander in Chief has been pleased to appoint Assistant Surgeon G. M. Callow, of the 8th Lizht Dragoons, to take charge of the Medical Duties of the 24th Light Dragoons, and to act as Surgeon to that corps during the absence of Surgeon Huston, on leave to Europe.

Head Quarter!,Calcutta, Aprils, 1816. The Right Honourable the Commander in Chief has been pleased to make the following promotions and appointments until the pleasure of bis Koyal Highness the Prince Resent, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, shall be known. 22d Light Dragoous. — Ensign M. C. Dh'hton, from the 24th Foot, to be Cornet bv purchase, vice Warrand promoted. —1st" April, 1816.

C9th Foot. — Lieutenant H. D. Courtavne's commission i6 antedated to the yt'h January, 1BI4, that Officer will accordingly rank immediately below Lieutenant L. M. Prior of that regiment.

April 12, 1816.—His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name and ou the behalf of his Ma

jesty, to make the following promotions and appointments.—

22d Light Dragoons— Alfred Davis, Gent, to be Cornet by purchase, vice Boalh, promoted—2lst September, 1815. Royal Scots—Lieutenant CharlesThos. Grant to be Paymaster, vice Forlnuui, who rtsignf—3d May, 1815.

Assistant Surgeon P. Jones, from the 52d Foot, to be Surgeon, vice Galliers, promoted on the Staff—7th September, 1815.

21th Foot.—Lieutenant George Sumbol:', from halt-pay of the regiment, to he Lieutenant, vice Erratt, who exchanges —Mth September, 1815.

30th Foot—Lieutenant Ricl.ard Hca

viside, to be Captain by purchase, vice

Chamlicrs, promoted —15th June, 1815.

Eusign Edward Drake, to be ditto by

purchase, vice Heaviside—15th ditto.

Lieutenant Henry Stephens, from halfpay of the 14th Foot, (with temporary rank) to he Ensign, vice King, who retires upon half pay as Ensign—14th ditto. Lieutcnaut Peter S. Barron to be ditto, vice Ellard, deceased — 21st September, 1815.

Eusign Francis Pope, to be Lieutenant, vice Davison—22d June.

Ensign Henry Trewhitt, from the half pay of the Regiment, to be Ensign, vice Pope—22d June.

47th Foot—Major Byse Moleswortb, from half pay of the regiment, to b* Major—25th May, l8lj.

lircvet Major William Sail, from half pay of the Regiment, to be Captain—25th ditto.

Captain James Pickard from half pay of the Regiment, to be ditto—ditto.

Captain George F. Sadlier, from half, pay of the Regiment to be ditto—ditto.

Lieutenant Anthony Malion, from half pay of the Regiment, to be Lieuteuaut—• ditto.

Lieut. T. X. Cochrane, from half pay of the regimeut, to be Lieutenant—26tU May, 1S15.

Lieut. Robert Butler, from ha1fp»yof the regiment, to be ditto—27th ditto.

Lieut. John It. Nason, from half pay of the re.'in:uit to be ditto—28:h ditto.

Lieutenant R. W. Macdonnell, from half pay oi the regiment to be ditto—29th ditto.

Lieutenant John Liston, from half pay of the rcvinjeut, to be ditto—30th ditto

Ensigu William Marriott, from half pav of the regiment, to be Ensign—25th May, 1815.

Eusign John Biddell, from half pay of the regiment, to be ditto—ditto.

Ensign Robert Ridge, from half pay of the regiment, to be ditto—ditto.

53d Foot.—James Gardner, gent, to b* Ensign by purchase, vice Scott, promote^ in the 8bth Foot—27th Julv. 1815.

56th Foot.—Ensign J. F. Nelson, to be Lieutenant without purchase,' vicg Nugent, deceased—^27th ditto.

Ensign Richard Watts, from half pay of the regiment, to be Ensign, vice Leslie,— 26th July, 1815.

Ensign F. O. Leighton, from half pay of the regiment, to be ditto, vice Nelson —— 2"th ditto.

Assistant Surgeon Henry W. Radford, from the 45th Foot, to be Assistant Surgeon, vice Jobson, who exchanges—10th August, 1815.

59th Foot—Lieutenant William Gillespie, from half-pay of the 86th Foot to be Lieutenant, vice Steward, who exchanges —15th June, 1815.

Lieutenant Abraham Dent, to be Adjutant, vice Campbell, who resigns the Adjutancy only—14th September.

66th Foot—Lieutenant James B. Hose, to be by purchase, vice William Baird, who retires—31st August, 1815.

Ensign Henry D. Dodgin, to be Lieutenant by purchase, vice Rose—ditto.

William Hartford, Gent, to be Ensign toy purchase, vice Brown, who retires— 22d June.

'Robert McDougall, Gent, to be ditto, vice Dunn, promoted in the 2d Garrison Battalion—22d ditto.

Serjeant John Stevens to be QuarterMaster, vice King, promoted in the 2d Royal Veteran Battalion—14th ditto.

67th Foot—Lieut. George Mathers, to be Captain, vice Walker, appointed to the 2d Royal Veteran Battalion—14th Sept.

Lieutenant William Ronald, to be Captain by purchase, vice Beck promoted— 21st September.

Ensign and Adjutant William Blair, to have the rank of Lieutenant.—15th ditto.

J. Kernander, Gent, to be Ensign by purchase, vice Hannah, promoted—22d May, 1813.

Hugh Brady Gent, to be ditto, without purchase, vice Everet—14th Sept. 1815.

69th Foot —<• Captain Peter Willatts, from the Bourbon regiment, to be Captain, vice Carey, who retires upon half pay of the Bourbon Regiment—1st June, 1815.

Alexander Sinclair Hoech, Gent, to be Ensign by purchase, vice Cuyler, promoted in the 95th Fool>—22d June, 1815.

Assistant Surgeon Gerald Fitzgerald, from the 27th Foot, to be Surgeon, vice Banks, promoted on the Staff— 7th Sept. 1815.

80th Foot—Brevet Major W.H. Taynton, from the 60th Foot, to be Captain vice Stepney, who exchanges—4st June, 1815

84th Foot. — Lieutenant John Alien* from half pay, to be Lieutenant, vice Skel"ten, who exchanges— 7<hSeptember,I815.

. 89th Foot—William Drummond, Gent. . to be Ensign by purchase, vice Leslie, Who retires—8th June, 1815.

Ensign John Masters, from the 60lb Foot, to be Ensign, vice Imlach, who exchanges—22d June, 1815.

N. B. Lieutenant A. Morison of the Royal Scots, promoted in the York Light Infantry Volunteer, without purchase— 21st September, 1815.

Lieutenant William J. Rea, of the Royal Scots, promoted in the 60th Foot, without purchase— 22d June.

Lieutenant A. Macdonnell of the Royal Scots, appointed to the 3d Royal Veteran Battalion—28th August.

Lieutenant J. Fowler, of the Royal Scots, appointed to the 1st Royal Veteran Battalion—30th August.

Assistant Surgeon W. J. Parker, of the 14th Foot, promoted in the 19th Foot— 3d ditto.

Lieutenant and Adjutant Hugli Fleming of the 24th Foot, appoiuted to the 2d Royal Veteran Battalion—22d ditto.

Lieutenant J.R. Cochrane, of the 47th Foot, has resigued his commission—11th August, 1814.

Major Forsteen of the 12th Foot, is promoted to be a Lieutenant Colonel in that regiment—31st August, 1815.

Lieutenant M. Cairnes of the 56th Foot, promoted in the 60th Foot without purchase—7th September, 1814. . , Lieutenant W. B. Hook of the 67th Foot, appointed to the Staff Corps of Cavalry—ictli August, 1815.

Quarter Master William Henry, of the 69th Foot, appointed to the 5th Royal Veteran Battalion—25th May.

Ensign W. Drummond of the 89th Foot, promoted in the 41st Foot by purchase—loth August.

Troop Serjeant Major George Armstrong, of the 8th Light Dragoons, is appointed to an Ensigocy in the 5th Royal Veteran Battalion—7th September, 1815.


Colonel Henry P. Lawrence, to be Major General in the East Indies only—4th June 1815.

Captain Alexander Fair, to be Major in the East Indies only—4th June, 1815.

Captain James Basden, of the 89th Foot, to be Major in the Army—24th August, 1815.


Major the Honourable Francis Leicester Stanhope of the 17th Light Dragoons, to be Deputy Adjutant General to the King's Troops serving in the East Indies, (with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Army,) vice Johnson who resigns— 29th June 1815.

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