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List of Officers removed from the 2d to tire 1st Battalions of Regiments, in consequence of vacancies occasioned in tlie latter.—

Ensigns William Keown, J. M.Wood, Arthur Orrasby, James. R. Smith, A. Cooper, Joseph Bowiby, Assistant Surgeon James Trigge, of the 14th Regiment of Foot, from the 2d to the 1st Battalion.

30th Foot. Captains Robert Douglas, John Powell, Robert Howard; Lieutenants Andrew Baillie, George Teuton, Robert Daniel, Park P. Nevill, John Roe; Kositfns Jobn Stewart, Wm. B. Fregell, WuuWarreu, Frederick Prosser.George L. Backhouse, Joseph Berridge, Charles Lardner, Charles Liardert.

34th Foot, Captains Wm. Baker, Philip G.Wroughton; Lieutenants Henry Taunt, Thomas Thomson, Thos. Hearn ; Ensigns Joseph Fletcher, Richard Chambers, Wm. Lax, Francis Stanford..'

47th Foot, Ensigns William Marriot, Jobn Riddell.

53d Foot. Lieuts. William Harrison, Josepli C. Heathcote, J. C. Brodie, Wm. Baxter -Ensigns Charles Williams, Jacob Stiver, James Stewart, John Ingleby, Edward Brown, Robert F. Davis, James Poingdestre, James Sweeny.

56th Foot, Lieutenants Robert Robertsou, Benjamin Mason; Ensigns Thomas Mitchell, James E. Taylor.

S9fh Foot, Lieutenants PeterMc Lauchlan, Henry Hertford; Ensign Robert White.

66th Foot, Captain John Jordan; Lieutenants John Usher, J. E. Waring; Ensigns Charles Mitchell, William Rhynd, WHliam Morton, John Clarke.

67th F»ot, Captain Colin Campbell; Lieutenant* William Jones, William Webster, Herbert Vaughan, Francis Agar; Ensigns A. K. Hurston, William Jones, James Thompson.


Tlie following extraot of a letter from a friend of the late Lieutenant General Palmer, together with the General Order, is copied from the Bonibay Paper, 22d June, 1816.—

"In the death of Lieutenant General Palmer, which happened at Barampore, <m the 20th instnnt, we have to lamvm the loss of au officer, equally, respeoted and beloved for his amiable character as •a man, as distinguished for his eminent talents as a public servant. During a long period of years Lient.-Gen. Palmer filled ■mauy of the most important stations in India, with the highest honour to hta*elf and advantage to his country, while the virtues of his private character endeared him to all who had an opportunity of appreciating his worth, and are now left to lament his loss. The following

general order has been issued by Government in the testimony of the able and upright services rendered to tba Company by this distinguished officer —

"Fort William, May 24, 1316.—Hi, Excellency the Right Honourable tlie Governor General in Council has received with sentiments of the deepest concerathe melancholy intelligence of the decease at Berampore, on the 20th instant, of Lieutenant General William Palmer of the Honourable Company's service.

." The character and distinguished po_ htical services of Lieutenant - General Palmer have been repeatedly noticed hy the Supreme Government in terms of the highest approbation and applause; and the loss must be felt with proportionate regret. His Lordship in Council, as a peculiar mark of the sense entertained by Government of the merits of this able and upright public officer, and as^'a testimony of respect due to his memory, is pleased to direct that serenty-six minute guns, corresponding with the age of the deceased, be fired this evening from the" ramparts of Fort William; the flag beine hoisted halt-mast high.

"C. W. GAJtDlNEIt,

Secretary to Govt. Milit. Dep."




April 4th. Robert Charles Stevenson, Esq. Captain in his Majesty's 59th rest to Alicia Maria, daughter of the late Cant" Leeke. "^

— Philip York* Lindsay, Esq. of the civil service, second son to the Right Hon and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Kildare, to Helena ttliza&etfi, only daughter of Charles Bianey, Esq,

16th. Mr. Taoai&s Christie, to Miss Sarah Noyes.

Lately, at Rsngpore, at the house of C. G. Blagrave, Esq. by the Rev. Mr. Efltes, Nathaniel John Halhed, Esq. of the civd service, to Miss Caroline Twaneaa.

March 1th. At Madras, the Rev. Ghiw J.IE. Rhenins, to Miss Anne Van Somcren.

At Cannanore, Wm.Scot, Esq. Sargent, 2d regt. L. C to Miss Helen OJoIdie, the third daughter of Thomas Goldie, Esq. of Craignevie, Scotland.


March 34W. Tlie lady of James Kelly

sq. of a son.

The lady of R. H. Cabell, Esq. of a daughter. n

April 3d. Mrs. Coverdale, {the widow 01 the late Mr. John Coverdale of Ked, geree), of a daughter.

8th. Mrs. Moffat, widow of Mr. J. Moffat, engraver, lately deceased, of asoa;

14th. The lady of Lieut. John Betham, of the Bombay Mariue, of a daughter.

THe lady of Lieutenant J. Hales, of the 21st Native Infantry, of a son.

loth. The lady of G. P. Bagram, Esq. of a son.

ifjt/t. Mrs. J. Silverton, of a son.

March \2th. At Meerut, the lady of Major Ludlow, of a sou.

At Mirzapore, the lady of Major Rose, of the I4th Native Iufantry, of a son. 'Utfi. At Keitab, the lady of Lieut. H. C. Barnard, Adjutant and Interpreter, 1st battalion 26th regiment Native Infantry, of a son.

17/A. At Cliinsurah, at the house of her father, D. A. Ovetbeck, Esq. the lady of B.' D. Knight, Esq. Assistant surgeon, 12th regt. Native Infantry, of a daughter.

2lst. At Cavvupore, the lady of Captain C. J. Doveton, of the 19th Native Infantry, of a sou.

7Ttth. At Tipperah, the lady of T. Mainwariug.Esq. of twius,a boy and a girl.

30th. At Chandernagore, Mrs.Salmiuihac, junior, of a son.

3Ut. At Mozuflerpore, in Tirhcot, the lady of G. Nevill Wyatt, Esq. civil surgeon, of a daughter.

, April Id. At Kurnaul, the lady of Major William Innes, 2d battalion, lath regiment, of a daughter. . 7th. At Nocolla Factory, iu Jessore, Mrs. A. Carlow, of a daughter.

8/A. At Colgong, Mrs. J. L. Turner, of sson.

A'oo. 18/A. At the Cape, the lady of Lieutenant-colonel Wane, of a son.

Dec. lid. At the same place, the lady of C. Hughes, Esq. of a son.

Feb. 28th. At Madras, Mrs. Martin, widow of the late Colonel Martin, of that establishment, of a daughter.

March 'id. At Bombay, the lady1 of L. Ashbourner, Esq. of a son.

10/A. At Bombay, in Prospect Lodge, the lady of Lieutenant-colonel Johnson, of the Engineers, of a son.

11 th. At Major-general Innes's Garden, the lady of Lieutenant Henry S. Mathew, 19th Native Infantry, of a daughter.

At Bellary, the lady of Captain Wilkinson, of the Madras establishment, of a son.

12///. At Madras, the lady of J. Goldingham, Esq. of a daughter.

I3/A. At Uoorgong, the lady of Cornet John Mackenzie, of a son.

28/A. At Madura, the lady of W. O. Shakespear, Esq. of a son.

Lately, at Jacatra, the lady of Captain T.R Smith, Master Attendant of Batavia, of a daughter,


March 23d. Miss Harriet White. At Boitacouuah, Master Henry David Wilson, aged 16 years. 2S/A. Miss Mary Spratt. B&th. Miss Mary Add Foster.

29/A. Mr. John Petrin, of the Hon. Company's Marine, aged 23; leaving a wife and child to lament his loss.

31*/. The infant daughter of Mr. R. Sevestre, aged 18 months.

April 1st. On board the Wellington, just arrived from Bombay, and laying 08" theBankshall, Capt. Archibald Nathaniel Bertram, of the 1st battalion, 17fh regiment Madras Native Infantry, and lately commanding the 1st battalion of Madras Pioneers.

5/A. John Francis, the youngest son of Mr. A. Heberlet, junior, aged 1 year 4 months and ts days.

6/*. Mr. David Jones, proprietor of the rum distillery at the Old Powder Mills.

Sth. Mr. William Grant Williams, aged 25 years.

12/A. Mr. William Turner, police constable, aged 60.

Mrs. Anna De Silva, aged 116 years.

I.')//;. Susannah Sophia, the infant daughter of Mr. T. M. Howe, aged two. years one month and six days.

25th. Mrs. Sarah Manners, aged 52 years.

18/A. Mrs. Behiana Potelho Baptist, aged 44 years.

Jan. 23rf. At Cawnpore. the mother of. the unfortunate Alexius Browne, late of the Deputy Quarter Master General's department.

March %th. At Furreidpore, S. Marston, Esq.

\2th. At Mirzapore, the infant son of Major Rose, of the '4th Native Infantry.

I7l/i. AtChinsurah, the infant daughter of R. D. Knight, Esq.

1U/A. At Sydpore, near Benares, Harriet, eldest daughter of Henry Babona, Esq. Deputy Commissary of Ordnance, aged 13 years and six months. 1

23d. At Bankipore, Mr. W. Tomlin.

28/A. At Sultanpore, Oude, George Nugent, the infant sou of Major A. Duncan, of the 2d Native Infantry, aged one year, four mouths, and sixteen days.



BIETHS. I ady Lowe, at St. Helena, of a son, on 2d Oct. On llie 30th of November, the Viscountess Tor

rington, of a Son. At Ringmer, Sussex, on the 6th Dec. the lady of

Lieut-Col. Dowuman, Rtiyal Horse Artillery,

C. B. nla still.born child. In Argyll.sirect. the lady of Ottywell Robinson,

Esq. of a daughter. In George-street, Hanover-square, the lady of

John Craufurd, Esq. of Auclitnamet, of a son

and heir, and shortly afterwards of a still-born

son. On the 39th Nov. at ilognor, Sussex, the lady of

Dr. Woodman, of a son. In Hirlev-street, the lady of Joseph Lautour,

Esq. .'i a eon. On the 9lh Nov. at West Town, Somerset, In*

lady of Colthuist Bateman, jnn. Esq, of a.

son. Lately, the lady or T. Clutterbuck, Esq. of Wid

awmbe House, (eu Bath, of a daughter.

At his hnute in Sackville-street, the lady of the Hon, Warwick Lake, of a son.

X)n the 27th Nov. at Passy, near Paris, the lady of John Talbot, Esq, of a son and heir.

At Torquay, the lady of William John Campion, Esq. of Danny, in the county of .Sussex, of a son.

On the «9th Nov. at Havre de Grace, the lady of of John Fireoraci, Esq. of a daughter.

In the Alpha Koad, Mr*. Charles Tatham, of a daughter, and t lie tenth child.

Dec, 3d.—At the Chateau D'EskeWjecque, near Woinhout, Pas de Calais, the lady of MajorGeneral Sir C. Grant, of a daughter.

7th.—At Liverpool, the lady of William James, Esq. of Barrack Lodge, Cumberland, of a son and heir.

In Wimpole-street, the lady of Edward Majoribanks, Esq. of a daughter.

Mrs. Stevens, of Oid Windsor Lodge, Berks, of a son.

9th.—The Marchioness of Sligo was safely delivered of a daughter, at Westport House.

Ilth.—in Doughty street, the lady of John Gifford, Esq. of a daughter.

On the 10th Dec. at Clifton, the lady of the Rev. H. Ridley, Piehendary of Bristol, of a son.

In Montague-square, the lady of R. Wilkinson, Esq. of a daughter.

Mrs. Osborne, of Clapham-road, of a son.

On Dec. the 12th, the wife of the Rev. Mr. W, GuooVnough, of Ealing, of a still-born child,

Dec lo'Hi.—At I'imlico Lodge, Mrs. Elliot, of a daughter.

In Montague-placr, the lady of J. Cross Starkey, Esq. of Wrt-nbury Hall, Cheshire, of a sun.

17'h.—The lady of John Watson, Esq. of Upper Bedford-place, Russell-square, of n daughter,

At ArchclirV Fort, Dover, the lady of Capt. H.

Scott, Royal Artillery, of a daughter. The lady of "Edward Shaw, Esq of Bussell-place, Fitiroy-square, of a daughter.

lately, at Hereford, the lady of the Rev. Henry , Gipps, of a daughter.

On the 26th Nov. in the Island of Jersey, the lady of Major Roberts, Royal Artillery, of a son.

On the 14th Dec. the lady of John Bacon, Esq. of Frveti House, Colney Hatch, of a ton.

At Little Berkhainpstead, Hens, the lady of Thomas Daniel), Esq. of a daughter.

At her house in Upper Groavenor street, the lady of the Hon. Gerard Vanneck, of a daughter.

At the house of J. H. Tremaync, Esq. New-street, Spring.gardens, the lady of George Hart Dyke, Esq. ol a daughter.

The lady of George Henry Fielding, Esq, of the General Post-ofhce, of a son.

At Worthing, Sussex, the lady of John Charles Bnsiow, Esq. of a daughter.

In Dublin, on the pin Dec. the lady of D. S. Kanaldson Dickson, Esq. of Blair Hall, Perthshire, of a son.

The lady of J. Curwood, Esq. Barrister at Law, of a daughter.


At Gittjsham, Devon, Edmund Wm. Shuldham, Esq. of t lie Hon. East India Company'-" Military Service, and eldest Son of Arthur Shuldham, Esq. oTDeer Park,to Harriet, voungestdaughter of the late Thomas Rundell, Itsq. of Bath.

At St. George's, riloumsbury, Be. jamin G. Babinglnn, E?q. of the Madras Civil Service, to Anna Msrv, youngest daughter of Benj. Fayle, Esq. of Bloomsbury-square.

At Glasgow, on Monday, eist of October, 1816, Michael Cnnnal, Esq, of the Hon. East India Company's Service, t* Eliza, daughter of the late W. Wright, Esq. of Broom, Sterlipgshire.

At Paris, in the Ambassador's Hotel, by the Rev. Eduiond Fnrster, Frederick Grey Cooper, E*q. late Lieutenant-Colonel in the 1st. Grenadier Guards, of Warlington, in the county ofSulfulk, to Josepha Sophia, relict of the late Col. Wheat, of Barton House, Somersetshire.

On the 26th ofOctob-r, at St. Ann's Church, Liverpool, Lieut. John Jackson, Royal Marines, to Miss Ann Jane Gretn, only child of William Green, Esq* of Pool Hall, i.ear Bury, I ancasuire.

Jit Southampton, John Mono Stephens, Esq. of the Royal Artillery, to Emily, second daughter of the'late Tims. Malton, Esq.

Captain Janus Gfeej), R. N. to Miss Robb, of iXutluid.

At St. Marylebone Church, Thomas Webb Dyke, Esq. of Upper George-street, Portman-square, to Mias Harriet Hayier, only child ot Mrs. Hill, of Foley treet.

The Rev. Thomas Pugh, of Kensworth, near Dunstable, to Miss Bnyly, of Redhouriie.

At Lambeth Church, William Walter Gretton, Esq. of the Lodge, South Lambeth, to Miss Wright, of Siockwell place, Surrey.

William Comber Hood, jun. Esq. of Lewishamhill, to Frances Kuox,olEarUstreet, M lack friars.

At How.tk Castle, Mr. Lamb ton to Lady Louisa, Grey, one of the daughters of Earl Grey.

At the Church of St. Marylebone, Edward Elton, Esq. of Gloucester-place, New-road, to Esiher God bold, second daughter of Nathaniel Godbold, Esq. Bernard-sUeet, Uussel square.

At Broadwater Church, Sussex, Edward, "ayne, Esq. of Broadwater, to Mrs. Inglis Hamilton, relict of Col. Inglis Hamilton, of the Scotch Greys.

At Prittlewell, Essex, W. Kingdon, of StoukwelL. place, Surrey. Esq. to Anna, only daughter of G. N, Prentice, Esq. of Earl's Hall, in the former county. .,

At Ply unlock Church, Major H. B, Harris, second son of John Harris Esq. of Radford, in tint

county of Devon, to Anne, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Hillersden Bulled, Esq. of Bellevur, in the same county.

At St. Pancrass Church, by the Rev. Archdeacon

. Rlcbupp, Chaplain to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant ol Ireland, C, W, Dance, Esq. Ma

, jor of his Majesty's 2d Regiment ol Life Guards, to Habella Ann, youngest daughter of Al.eu Cooper, Esq. of Upurr Gower-street.

At Marylebone Chinch. Wm. Grant, Esq. R. N, to Louisa, onlv daughter of Mrs. Esoaile, of Baker-etreet, Portman-square, and niece of General Glasgow, R. A.

At Marylebone Church, Abel Ram, Esq. eldest eon of Stephen Ram, Esq. of Ramsfort, in the couuty of Woxford, and of Portswood-lodge, Southampton, io Eleanor Sarah, only daughter of the late Jerome William Knapp, Esq, of Bedford-row.

At Hammersmith, Mr. James Senois, jun. qf

Fore-street, to Miss E. Springthorpe, second

daughter of the late Daniel Springthorpe, Eso.


In thr 69th year of his age, at his seat. Grange Hali, near Rot her hum, the Ri^hi Hon. Richard Howard, Earl Effingham, F.S.A. Treasurer t» the Queen.

Barbadoes papers communicate the death of Sir Jamei Leith, the Governor of Barbadoes. He was attacked on the 10th of October with a fever, which proved fatal to him on the kith. Sir James was buried with military honours on the 17th of October; the troops, inhabitants, and every human creautre, being anxious to pay him this last sad tribute <-f respect,

Dec. 15, at his seat at Chevening, in Kent. Charles Stanhope, Earl Stanhope. His Lordship was born Augusta, 1753; succeeded his father Philip, the late Earl, March 7. 17M? and married, in December, 1774, Hester Pitt, eldest daughter of William, first Earl of Chatham, sister of the present Earl and of the late Ri^htHon. William Pill, by whom he had issue Hester Lucy Griselda, married to John Tickell, Esq. of Havnbledon, Hants; and LucyEachael, married to Thomas Taylor, Esq. of Sevenoaks, Kent, since dead. His Lordship married, secondly, in 1791, Louisa, only daughter of Henry Grcuvillc, Esq. late Governor ol Barbadoes, and uncle to George, first Marquis of Buckingham, by whom he had issue, Philip Henry, Viscount Mahon, now Earl Stanhope, And two other sons. His loss will, on many account?, make a chasm In public life which will not be easily supplied. The great and useful work for which he was peculiarly qualified, and to which he had for a long time applied the most earnest attention, will, we fear, now fail to the ground; we allude to a Digest of all thr Statutes-"* work of such stupendous labour as well as information, that few persons can be expected to set abqut it with vigour, unless, like Lord Stanhope, they had acquiied a sort of parental fondness for the subject, by brooding over it for years. He was in hi* 6*th year. His Lordship had been long confined by aiivtr complaint and dropsy, which baffled every effort of medicine.

At Paris, of a decline, aged 16, Ellenor Sarah, daughter of Lard Carrington

Thomas Baskerfteld, Esq. of Colchester, Essex, aged 65.

At Clapton, aged 07, Mrs. Oliphant, relict of the late Lancelot Oliphant, Esq. of Broadneldhouse, Hi the county of Cumberland

in liw 76th year* John'Morris, Esq. of Amp thill, Bedfordshire.

At Lympsfield, Surrey, Robert Gale, Esq. aged 75.

At Brighton, Nath. Bogle French, Esq. aged 58.

Mrs. Eustace, wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Ens-. taqe, only daughter of Colonel Talbot, M. P. for the county of Dublin.

At the Vicarage House, Watthamstow. deeply lamented, the Rev. Wm. Sparrow, M. A. aged 73 years.

At Loxley Park, Staffordshire, Matilda, the eldest daughter of Thomas Sneyd Kynnersley, Esq.

At Kermington, Johu Fisher, Esq. late of Deptford, aged 70.

At her house in Middlesex-place, New-road, Mrs. Schweitzer, relict of the late John Schweitzer, Esq.

Aged 72 years, Mr. Richard MHhj of Claphamroad-place, formerly of Bedford-street, Bedford-row.

.At his house, in Queen Square, Bloomsbury, Colonel John Hamilton, who Whs for 22 years his Britannic Majtsty's Consul, resident at Nor fork, in Virginia,

Aged 52, Mrs. Gibson, wife of Mr. John Gibson, Wardrobe-place, Doctors*- Common a.

Aged 73, Mr. William Smith, of Coppice-row, Cterkenwell. •

At her sou's house, Rothamsted, cotintv of Hertford, Mrs. Mary Lawes, in her 92d year.

At her house on Clapham Common, Anne, relict of John- Bradney, Esq.

At Eladong's Hotel, in Ox ford-street, m the .gtli year of his age, Aretas Akerit, E-<j, of Brighton.

Urt. Katharine Duffin, relict of the late Wm. Duffin, Esq. of Bromley, in the county^ Kent.

Aged 63, Mr. Henry Powell, of the Bear Inn, Woodstock.

At her son's estate. Mangrove, Barbadoes, Mrs. Sfceete, relict of the late John Brathwaite Skeete, Esq- of that Island.

At Kentish Town, Middlesex, Richard Heald, Esq. of Horncastle, in the county of Lincoln.

In the fl3d year of her age, Sarah, widow of the late Brook Allen Bridges, Esq.

At her son's, in her 6Mh year, Mrs, Ann Kirk, late of Chase-side, Enfield.

At Cimrnhiiton, in his 09th year, Adam Pryden, of that place, a distant relation of Drvden the poet.

In London-street, Fitzrov-square, Mrs. Sarah Sydenham, Ei*|. in the doth year ef her age.

JHrs. Medley, wife of William Medley, Esq. of fit. Oeorge*irow, Oxford roal.

Mr. Wilson, many years wardrobe-beeper to Drury lane Theatre, suddmly dropped down, and expired insiantly in the Theatre, while pursuing his business in preparing the dresses tor the revived spectacle of Ramah Droo%.

In is 1 afford-place, Pimlico, aged 22, Louisa Frances, the only daughter of the late Mr. George Lyell, one of his Majesty's n essengers.

After a short illness, at his house in Stanhopestreet, Georgians, the wife of Roger Kynaston, Esq.

At his house in Dorset-street, Portman-$quare, Sir William PeppereH, Bart, aged 70.

Mr. Edward Tute, of Captl-coun, aged 73, nearly 50 years In the house of Down, Thornton, and Co.

At Aiungabad, East Indies, Doctor El>- a. Your g, of the Company's Service (from Berwickshire) aged 57, lamented by all who kn«w h\m.


Twftthnj, Jjtec. t+, 1816. Cotton.—The advices from the United States mention, that no extensive shipments are expected §>t some weeks; the holders of Cotton both here and at Liverpool -were in consequence askitif biffcer pfieee, wWk the trade seem un

willing to. comply with. The East-India Company have declared a sale of Cotton on the lOtl* proximo^ the quantity is expected to be very extensive, from b to 0,000 bags of each description; 1,380 bags Bengal, and 1,126" Surats are already declared.

Sutrar.—The export houses evince a disposition to secure goods at the present currency, hut the refiners decline the oners, except at a considerable advance: there being no bonding allowed, and the length of time that must elapse before the spring snipping commences, added to the further delay in recovering the bounty, appear great obstacles to the arrangements between the trade and the extensive exporters; good* for immediate delivery can be purchased lower than parcels deliverable in February and March next. In foreign Sugars there is tittle variation, the prices nominal; last week l,C64 bags East-India description* were brought forward in Minting Lane; the prices were us. n 3s. lower. The India Company brought forward above it,O00 bags. The following are the particulars;—Benares 3,900 bags, fine yellow 41s. to 4is, 6d.; low white 44a, to 4&s. «d.; good white 46s. to 49s. 6d.; nearly fine white 60s. to 52s. 6d.—Java 3,699 bags, soft yellow 38s. to 44s. j dry yellow and grey 46s. to 47s. fld.—Bourbon 5,131 bags, soft brown 3«s, to 37s.; dry brown 38s. to 403,; soft yellow 4lS. to 41s. 6J,; dry 42s. to 47s.

Coffee.—There continues to be great fluctuations in Coffee; Java and other East India descriptions, with the exception of Mocha, are 3s. to 4s. higher; Dutch Coffee remains without variation j the ordinary qualities of Jamaica may be quoted at a decline of 2s, per cwt, East-India descriptions sold in Mincing. Lane — 112 bags Mocha (no drawback of 5a. tercwt.on exportation allowed) sold at 97s. a 102s, aecording to quality; 522 bags Java, fine yellow 77s. 6d. a 78s. equal to 88s, The East-India Company brought forward nearly 3,000 bags, selling in the usual manner, with the drawback of Ss. on exportation —274 bales Mocha 109s. a uos. lid.; 2,634 bags of other descriptions} yellow and dark brown Java 85s. a 85s. 6d.; Bourbon 78s. a £5s.; Bourbon and Cheribon mixed 79s.; damaged Java 74s. a 80s. 6d.; about a fourth of the Coffee was elated to be taken in for account of the proprietors.

Saltpetre.—"By public sale last week, 1,255 bags Saltpetre, 40S. 6d. a 4is. 6d.; a considerable propun ion taken in at the former rate.

Spicet.—The enquiry after Spices has considerably increased, and there is every appearance of a reviving trade.

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The following official notification of the establishment of lights at St. Michael's Isle, has been received at the Admiralty :—

"Consul General's Office for the Azores, at St. Michael's, Nov. 10, 1816.

"Notice is hereby given to Navigators, that the following Light Huuscs are now establishing on the south side of this Island, viz. on the top of the Cathedral 8teeple of Fonta Delgada City, at an elevation of one hundred and ten feet above the surface of the water, a Light House is completed, and lighted up with eight glass lamps and reflectors* At the east point of the bay, called Pont a da Galera, another Light House is begun, which bears S,E. by E. from the Cathedral Lights, distant about nine nautic miles, will be completed about the loth of December; and a 'third Light House on a peak, situated at the S. W. quarter of the island, near Ponta de Ferreira, is expected to be ready by the 1st of January, 1817* and, in the event of the funds collected being sufficient, it is in contemplation to erect a fourth Light at the north-east point of the island.

11 The following rates are established for the maintenance thereof.—Vessels under fifty tons burthen, half a dollar, or five hundred reis.— From fifty to one hundred tons, one dollar, or one thousand reis.—From au hundred tons, upwards, one dollar and a half, or one thousand

five hundred reis. The said lights will be shewn

every night throughout theyear,frnm half an hour after sun-set, to half an hour before sun-rise." (Signed) "JVUliam Harding Read, Consul-General."

Bombay.— Arrived, May 14th, Charlotte, Brown, from London.

15th.—Samaranir, Capt. Glover, from England. Passenger, Mr. Beck

Upton Castle, Beyts, from England. Passengers, Mr. Wybrow, Surgeon of the 17th Dragoons, Mrs. Wybrow, two Misses Goodhew, B. Howies, Esq. and Assistant-Surgeon Hall, from the Cape.

The hon. Company's ship Cabalva, from England. Passengers, Mr. Reade and Mr. Stubbs, Writers; Mr. Pollock. Assistant-Surgeon.

The hon. Company's ship Cumberland, from England. Passengers, Capt. Byers, Mr. Rogers, Cadet; Mr. Whiteside,,Free Mariner.

The hon. Company s ship Ladv Melville. Passengers, Mrs. Backhouse, Miss C. Bayncs, Miss A- S. Anderson, Capt. M'Neil, Lieutenant Gravenor and Cornet Backhouse, Lieutenant Mahon, Ensigns Fenier, Watts, Newhouse, Assistant-Surgeons M' Giegor and Radford, Dr. A.Bell, AssisTant-Suxgeon j J. Murdock, Mate of the Buckinghamshire, J. Morris and J. Reed, Free Mariners.

The hon. Company's ship Marquis of Huntly, Passengers, Major Dunbar, Lieutenant Manson, Messrs. Bell, Crawford and E. Elliott, Writers. Mr. S. Preicott, of the Buckinghamshire.

The hon. Company's ship Castle Huntley. Passengers, MiijoMJen. Browne, Capt'. Browrie, Cant. Meal and'lady, (apt. Lewis and lady, Mr. Aloerton, free Manner.

Free Trader, Princess Charlotte, Lushman, from England.

May leta — Bombay Anna, from England.

Home Ports.

Plymouth. Nov. 29<A.—Arrived, the Revolutionnaire frigate, from the Cape of Good Hope.

Dec. 7*A.—Came in to-day, the Eliza, King, from the Isle of France in three months, bound to London, with loss of rigging, sails, and boats, and her cargo damaged; in lat. 40, Ion. 20. spok« a Portuguese brig Tram Maranhain to Oporto, with lo*» of boats and suilfc,

8*A.—Capt, King, of the Eliza, (arrived here from the lale of France), reports, that on the 5ih September the ship Orion arrived at the Isle of France from Catcutta. On the 26th September spoke two whalers off the Cape of Good Hope, «ne called the Reward, Richards, the name of the oilier is unknown ; they informed him that the ship to leeward was the Union ixtra shipi forty days from Bombay, all well.

4siatic Joiirn>—No* 13.

9th.—Came in, the Amphitrite frigate and Elk sloop of,war from the East Indies.

Portsmouth, Dec. 5th.—Arrived his Majesty's shins Alpheus from Bombay, Acbar from Halifax, ana Hope from a cruise; the Alpheus sailed from Bombay 38th May, Jsle of France 14th August, the Cape 27th September, and St. Helena 17th October; in lat. 17-49. long, 15.22. spoke the Mary Ann from Bengal and the Isle of France for London, all well. The Ocean sailed from St. Helena fcr England i.sth October. Capt. Campbell, late of the Hesper, and Mr- Langford, late collector of the customs at the Mauritius, cama passengers in the Alpheus.

Dec. 6iA.»-..rrived the Alexander, London, and Ocean transports, from Deptford for the Cape and Isle of France j Dorothy, Foster, from the Downs for Jamaica; William from the Downs for Trinidad; and Isabella, Downing, from North Yarmouth for the Mediterranean. Sailed, his Ma-. jesty's ship Hope, on a cruize, and Sprightly, Blair, for London.

Dec. S(4.—Arrived, his Majesty's ship Horatio, from the Cape of Good Hope; .'-poke on the 15th Augu3t, the Orpheus, Findlay, from London, for Bombay -, on the 19th October, the Surry, Beadle, from Batavia to I .ondon ; and on the 25th October, the Sea Lion, Wall, from Batavia, for Boston, Passed by for the river, the Partridge, Anderson, from Bombay.

Dec. wtk.—Arrived his Majesty's ship Zebra, from the Cape. •

Dec, \\th.~Arrived the Albinia, Witherall, from . Java; she is for London, but put in here, being in want of water and provisions. Sailed 13th for London.

Dec. 121%,—Arrived his Majesty's ship Cameleon, from the East Indies,

Dee. 13(A.—The Shipley, for Botany Bay, ran. foul of the Ocean transport, and carried away her bowsprit, sprit sail-yard, &c. The Milwood, . Bayly, from Canton, has arrived at Cowes, bound to Amsterdam.

Dec. 167A.—Arrived his Majesty's ship Amphitrite, from Indiaj Yiolet, Allen, from Uuetioi Ayres.

Dealt DecAth.—Sailed, the Loudon, Ocean, and Alexander transports, for the Cape of Good Hope and Isle of France.

Dec. 6th.—Came down the river and remain, Morley for New South Wales, Duke of Marlborough for Cape of Good Hope, and the Hyperion for Bombay.

Dec. lor/i.—Arrived and sailed to the river, Ocean from Batavia, Orient from Bengal, Venn* from the South Seas. Came down the river and remain, Cornwallis for the Cape, Admiral Gain* bier foV Ceylon.

Dec. 1UA.—The extra ship James Sibbald arrived in the Downs on the 1 ith irfst. from Bengal and the Moluccas. She left Bengal the 6th February, Batavia the 20th March, Bauda the 21st June, Amboyna the 16th July, and St. Helena the 10th October.

Dec. 16/A.—Arrived Thomas Grenville from, China, Surry from Batavia. Came down the river and remain, Lord Melville for Bengal, sailed 19th.

Dec. nth.—Arrived the Union from India, and sailed with the Thomas Grenville for the river.

Dec. 19th.—Came dowti the river, the Moffatr, for Madras and Bencoolen.

Margate* Dec. 16(A.—The Lord Melville nut- . ward-bound East lndiaman, was supplied last * night with an anchor, having lost three in the late gales; she proceeded this morning for tit e Downs j the James Sibbald, outward-bound East lndiaman, is riding in Pan Sand-hole, and has sent a-shore for a supply of provisions; the ships in Pau Sand-hi-le remain all well.

The Conqueror, 74, under the command of Captain Davie, is fitting out at Sheei ness for the reception of the flag of Rear-Admiral Plampin, lately appointed commander-in-chief at St. Helena.

His Majesty's ship Cameleon is arrived from India.—On the 4th July the Company's ship Surrey was about to proceed to Indramayo, from whtnee she was to return to Batavia, and afterwards to be dispatched to England. The Cornpnny's ship Europe was about to proceed from Batavia to Bengal in July.

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