The Poetical Calendar, Containing a Collection of Scarce and Valuable Pieces of Poetry: With Variety of Originals and Translations, 3권

J. Coote, 1763

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103 페이지 - And by th' approaching summer season, Draws a few hundreds from the stocks, And purchases his country box. Some three or four mile out of town, (An hour's ride will bring you down,) He fixes on his choice abode, Not half a furlong from...
47 페이지 - midst the stars inscribe Belinda's name. ELOISA TO ABELARD ARGUMENT ABELARD and Eloisa flourished in the twelfth Century; they were two of the most distinguished Persons of their age in learning and beauty, but for nothing more famous than for their unfortunate passion. After a long course of calamities, they retired each to a several Convent, and consecrated the remainder of their days to religion.
109 페이지 - To draw the Eye, or to allure the Heart, Poor were the Praife in Fortune to excel, Yet want the Way to ufe that Fortune well.
104 페이지 - Our house beholders would adore, Was there a level lawn before, Nothing its views to incommode, But quite laid open to the road; While ev'ry trav'ler in amaze, Should on our little mansion gaze, And pointing to the choice retreat, Cry, that's Sir Thrifty's Country Seat.
85 페이지 - O'er the river, rock, and hill, Cannot catch a single sound, Save the clack of yonder mill. Cattle court the zephyrs bland, Where the streamlet wanders cool, Or with languid silence stand Midway in the marshy pool.
7 페이지 - Why elfe the fmiling infant-train fo bleft, " " Ere de'ar-bought knowledge ends the peace within, Or wild defire inflames the youthful breaft, Or ill propenfion ripens into fin ? .As to the bleating tenants of the field, As to the fportive warblers on the trees, To them their joys fincere the feafons yield, And all their days and all their profpe&s pleafe; Such joys were mine when from the peopled ftreats, Where on THAMESIS...
8 페이지 - For them ev'n vernal nature looks more gay, For them more lively hues the fields adorn; To them more fair the fairest smile of day, To them more sweet the sweetest breath of morn. They feel the bliss that hope and faith supply; They pass serene th...
112 페이지 - Alas! what a folly, that wealth and domain We heap up in sin and in sorrow! Immense is the toil, yet the labour how vain! Is not life to be over tomorrow? Then glide on my moments, the few that I have, Smooth-shaded, and quiet, and even; While gently the body descends to the grave, And the spirit arises to Heaven.
23 페이지 - A flowery altar to thy name we'll raife; " There, firft and laft, on each returning day, " To thee our vows of gratitude we'll pay.
112 페이지 - To chafe the fawns, or in deep groves To wound admiring fwains. With their bright miftrefs there they ftray, Who turns her carelefs eyes From daily triumphs ; yet, each day, Beholds new triumphs in her way, And conquers while fhe flies.

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