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He sought that wicket when the storm

Of persecution rung its blast ;
There His marred visage and His form

Found shelter till the tempest past :
And oh, how sweet it must have been

To mark that holy amity
Which found its most congenial scene

Within thee, Home of Bethany !

We “come and see where Jesus dwelt," — *

Nazareth no more is Home for Him ; And this, his fondest rest he felt

For wounded mind and wearied limb.
Short was that peace ! but when reposed

The Solitary in this family,
On the Incarnate Lord was closed

Thy doorstead, Home of Bethany !

O for a limning of that Brow

Which shone on every inmate there ! O for an echo of that flow

Of gracious words, beguiling care ! He, condescending, sat at meat !

Smiled through each moment amiably! Suffered a votary at His feet,-

Thy Mary, Home of Bethany !

It was the good and lasting part !

And none were strangers to its rest,Only less love had warmed her heart

Who sought a vainer, gaudier, test. And was not he, the brother too,

Who early learnt what 't was to die, Taught by that grace which fell like dew

To bless Thee, Home of Bethany !

• John i. 39.

Other far visits Jesus paid,

When doing good he went about,He brake their bread, enjoyed their shade,

But here he goeth in and out : The all and best of home on earth

He might commune, was found in Thee,Amid his lot's distress and dearth

Sole refuge,–Home of Bethany !

Hallowed excitement found relief,

When His heart thrilled in all its veins ; And there stole on His spirit grief

Deeper than source of mortal pains ; And when He kept the Temple-feast,

Wrapt in its pomp and minstrelsy, Divining all, when all had ceased,

Thou sooth’dst Him, Home of Bethany !*

Angelic envoys ! how ye lent

Your waving plumes to shade that group: On all its mystery intent,

Encamping round, "a blessed troop.” They rested not, nor sought to rest,

Through day and night, from ministry Which all their powers of love possessed,

To guard thee, Home of Bethany !

Deep wailings fill that blest abode!

"T is Death that three-fold cord unties ! The Resurrection, Life, and God

Draws near, and all its power defies ! Heart-broken sisters, clasp again

Your dead,-Death's barriers open fly! Bloom forth with joy, Thou mountain-glen !

Wake Thy songs, Home of Bethany !

Luke xxi. 37.

And honour shall be done the spot

Where Christ could find an earthly calm ! Nor can her memory be forgot,

Who poured on Him the costly balmThe mystic pledge of hastening doom,

Well He rewards that scenery, Leads forth His triumph,-bursts His tomb,

Hard by Thee, Home of Bethany !

Let not the risen Saviour scorn

Our mean abode and worthless name ! Enter Thy rest! Wake us each morn,

And every eve Thine entrance claim ! To dwell among His followers here

The Lord ascended up on high :* We for Him habitation rear,

As Thine was, Home of Bethany !

O may He this our prayer accept,

And in our fragile tent abide,
He, who for dead and living wept,+

And, save his own, all eyelids dried !
Yes! at His feet we 'll only sit,

And yet each active duty ply, In love to one another knit,

Thy copy, Home of Bethany !

Those vine-bound eaves no longer skirt

Yon hill-side and its olive copse : The spoiler came, with judgment girt,

Blasted its scene, hewed down its props. But ere that blow, the happy band

Embraced in realms above the sky; Yet cannot still, in that fair land,

Forget Thee, Home of Bethany !

* Psa. Ixviii. 18.

+ John xi. 35.

O model of domestic joy!

(An earth-revolving star of heaven !)
Be ours Thy peace, and Thine employ,

From dawn to noon, from poon to even !
And Thou, Blest Visitant! assuage

Our griefs till in Thy Home we be !
Compared with that rich heritage

Mean wast Thou, Home of Bethany !


MYSTERIOUS Murmur! Where, and what, art thou ?

Song in the night! Or art thou more than song?

Then more than feathered songster! Here along The fragrant copse thou peal’st melodious vow,— Whether of grief or joy I cannot trow.

A wail of anguish! Who can doubt that strain ?

The thorn is in its breast! And then again That long drawn cadence out yon willow bough! I list once more,--It trills a joyous lay !

Thy pensive sadness now has found relief ! Like canzonet of flow'ret-hooded fay!

Yet seemed those mirth-notes oft constrained and brief. For still, methought, thy joy was never gay,

Perhaps, like me, thou know'st the joy of grief!


“Yea, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also.”

Oh what are all our Nature's ties
To those wound round a Mother's heart?
There glows a love which never dies !
There clings a hold which naught can part !

Long since the Widow steeped the moss
Which covered Joseph's peaceful tomb:
But now the Mother braves the Cross
Where hangs the offspring of her womb !

Strong in maternal love,—the Eclipse,
The Earth's dread shiver,-ne'er she heeds ;
Nor wail nor shriek can pass those lips,-
Her soul is pierced and inly bleeds.

Mother! once fanned by angel-wings!
O'er whom Celestial Influence thrilled !
Couldst thou forget ? thy ponderings,
Dark and mysterious, are fulfilled !

Born of a woman,

-see Him turn
To thee His thorn-bound, sinking, brow :
Still toward His mother doth he yearn,
Owning in death the Filial vow.

Upon the crisis of that hour
Heaven's glory, Earth's salvation, hung !
But there is seen Maternal power !
There speaks the Child's expiring tongue !

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